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Brief - Two young lovers change the lives of their parents forever when the parents learn from the joyful experience of their kids, and allow themselves to again find their love. . release Year - 2020. Country - Italy. Actors - Iain Glen. Love it do more. I'm the girl from Vietnam lol. What about love free full fight. AHHHH LLEVO AÑOS BUSCÁNDOLA AHHHH❤️. What about love free full episode. What About Love free fall.

What About Love Free full. What about love free full form. What happened to the good Justin Bieber voice this vid in the future vids. Awesome beats. got here from an ad from insta nd the song is epic. What About Love free full version. OMG. Could literally listen to this all all night long. What About Love Free full article. What about love free full version. What about love free full game. What about love free full song.

What about love free full size. Who is listening to this between October, November & December 2019. 👋🎧🎶🎵. For 17 years I've been a fan of Kyla and I never regret every single day of being one. You know why? This. No one does it like my Queen. She always serve heavenly vocals. What about love free full length. Love   (lŭv) n. 1. A strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship. 2. A strong feeling of affection and concern for another person accompanied by sexual attraction. 3. a. A feeling of devotion or adoration toward God or a god. b. A feeling of kindness or concern by God or a god toward humans. c. often Love Christianity Charity. 4. Sexual desire or activity: the pleasures of love; a night of love. An instance of being in love: Teenage loves can be as fleeting as they are intense. 5. A person for whom one has strong feelings of affection: She met her new love at the restaurant. Used as a term of endearment for such a person. 6. An intense emotional attachment to something, as to a pet or treasured object. 7. An expression of one's affection: Send him my love. 8. A strong predilection or enthusiasm: a love of language; love for the game of golf. The object of such an enthusiasm: The outdoors is her greatest love. 9. Love Mythology Eros or Cupid. 10. Sports A score of zero, as in tennis. v. loved, loving, loves v. tr. To feel love for (a person) We love our parents. I love my friends. To feel sexual love for (a person. To feel devotion to (God or a god. To feel or show kindness or concern to (a person. Used of God or a god. To have an intense emotional attachment to: loves his house. To embrace or caress: They were loving each other on the sofa. To have sexual intercourse with. To like or desire enthusiastically: loves swimming. To thrive on; need: The cactus loves hot, dry air. intr. To feel love or sexual love for another. Idioms: for love Out of compassion; with no thought for a reward: She volunteers at the hospital for love. for love or money Under any circumstances. Usually used in negative sentences: I would not do that for love or money. for the love of For the sake of; in consideration for: did it all for the love of praise. in love 1. Deeply or passionately enamored: a young couple in love. Highly or immoderately fond: in love with Japanese painting; in love with the sound of her own voice. no love lost No affection; animosity: There's no love lost between them. love ( lʌv) vb 1. tr) to have a great attachment to and affection for 2. tr) to have passionate desire, longing, and feelings for 3. tr) to like or desire (to do something) very much 4. tr) to make love to 5. intr) to be in love n 6. an intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness, and regard towards a person or thing b. as modifier) love song; love story. a deep feeling of sexual attraction and desire 8. wholehearted liking for or pleasure in something 9. (Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity a. God's benevolent attitude towards man b. man's attitude of reverent devotion towards God 10. Also: my love a beloved person: used esp as an endearment 11. informal Brit a term of address, esp but not necessarily for a person regarded as likable 12. (Individual Sports, other than specified) in tennis, squash, etc) a score of zero 13. fall in love to become in love 14. for love without payment 15. for love or money ( used with a negative) in any circumstances: I wouldn't eat a snail for love or money. 16. for the love of for the sake of 17. in love in a state of strong emotional attachment and usually sexual attraction 18. make love a. to have sexual intercourse (with) b. archaic to engage in courtship (with) Old English lufu; related to Old High German luba; compare also Latin libēre (originally lubēre) to please] love (lʌv) n., v. loved, lov•ing. n. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, esp. when based on sexual attraction. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. a person toward whom love is felt. a love affair. sexual activity. cap. a personification of sexual affection, as Eros or Cupid. affectionate concern for the well-being of others: love of one's neighbor. a strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking: a love of books. the object of such liking or enthusiasm: The theater was her great love. the benevolent affection of God for His creatures, or the reverent affection due from them to God. 11. a score of zero, as in tennis. t. 12. to have love or affection for. 13. to have a strong liking for: to love music. 14. to need or require: Plants love sunlight. 15. to embrace and kiss as a lover. to have sexual intercourse with. i. 17. to feel the emotion of love. Idioms: 1. in love (with) infused with or feeling deep affection or passion (for) enamored (of. make love, a. to have sexual relations. to neck; pet. to court; woo. [before 900; Middle English lov(i)en, Old English lufian, c. Old Saxon, Old High German lubōn, Old Norse lofa] love - From Old English lufu, connected with Sanskrit lubh, to desire. and Latin lubere, to please. See also related terms for please. Love the doctrine or practice of having sexual relations without marriage or any other commitment to an obligation. a female lover or a woman who is loved. a male lover or a man who is loved. Obsolete, self love; an excessive regard for oneself. Obsolete, natural love or affection. Love   See Also: FRIENDSHIP; LOVE, DEFINED; MEN AND WOMEN Absence in love is like waters upon fire; a little quickens, but much extinguishes it —Hannah More All loving emotions, like plants, shoot up most rapidly in the tempestuous atmosphere of life —Jean Paul Richter Amorous as Emma Bovary —James G. Huneker Could love forever run like a river —Lord Byron Falling in love is something you forget, like pain —Nina Bawden Felt love like a lottery prize —Geoffrey Wolff First and passionate love, it stands alone, like Adams recollection of his fall —Lord Byron The force of her love … is bulky and hard to carry, like a package that keeps untying —Louise Erdrich Going through life without love is like going through a good dinner without an appetite; everything seems flat and tasteless —Helen Rowland Her love was like the swallows, whose first thought is for its nest —Italo Svevo If love were what the rose is, and I were like the leaf, our lives would grow together —Algernon Charles Swinburne I love you as New Englanders love pie —Don Marquis Infatuation like paralysis, is often all on one side —Helen Rowland It [love] could, like grief, grow forgetful and weary and slowly wear away —Alice Mc Dermott Knew as much about love as a pig knows about St. Valentines Day —Harry Prince Like the water of a deep stream, love is always too much —Wendell Berry This line from a poem entitled The Country of Marriage is followed by: “We did not make it. Though we drink till we burst we cannot have it all, or want it all. ” Love as an old man loves money, with no stomach —William Shakespeare Love burst out … all over our bodies, like sweat —Yehuda Amichai Love can die of truth as friendship of a lie —Abel Bonard Love … comes as a butterfly tipped with gold —Algernon Charles Swinburne Love comes into your being like a tidal wave … sometimes it withdraws like a wave, till there isnt such a thing as a pool left, and every bit of your heart is as dry as seaweed beyond the waves reach —Phyllis Bottome Love comforts like sunshine after rain —William Shakespeare The original simile as used in Venus and Adonis had the word ‘comforts spelled as ‘comforteth. Love doesnt just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new —Ursula K. Le Guin Love … entered the room like a miracle —Milan Kundera Love had seized her as unexpectedly as would sudden death —Elizabeth Taylor (Our cook is in love. Love hangs on the house like a mist —Phyllis McGinley Love hung still as crystal over the bed —Louis MacNeice Love is fierce as death — The Holy Bible/Song of Songs Love is flower-like —Samuel Taylor Coleridge Love is … fresh as dew when first it is new —British folk song, “The Water Is Wide” ( The Good Times Songbook, Abingdon Press, 1974) The complete refrain includes yet another simile: “Oh, love is sweet and love is fair, fresh as the dew when first it is new, but love grows old and waxeth cold, and fades away like morning dew. ” Love is like the moon; when it does not increase it decreases —Joseph Alexandre Pierre Segur Love is … lone as the sea, and deeper blue —Dorothy Parker Love … it makes him [the lover] fluent as a tin whistle, as limber as a boys watch chain, and as polite as a dancing master —Josh Billings Parts originally in the Billing phonetic dialect: ‘whisseF and ‘perlite as a ‘dansing. Loveless as the multiplication table —Sylvia Plath Love life … just about as interesting as the love life of the desert horned toad —William Saroyan Love, like a tear, rises in the eye and falls upon the breast —Publius Syrus Love like chicken salad or restaurant hash, must be taken on blind faith or it loses all its flavor —Helen Rowland Love, like death, a universal leveller of mankind —William Congreve Love, like death, changes everything —Kahlil Gibran Love, like fire, cannot subsist without constant impulse; it ceases to live from the moment it ceases to hope or to fear —Francois, due de La Rochefoucauld Love, like money, is probably best kept in the family —William Gaddis, New York Times Book Review, May 24, 1987 Gaddis used this simile to conclude his review of Saul Bellows novel, More Die of Heartbreak. Love passed between them like a field of light —Ellen Gilchrist Love … pricks like a thorn —William Shakespeare Love … roots up the will like a leaf —Gustave Flaubert Lovers are always in a hurry … like a racing river —Ben Ames Williams Lovers fail like seasons —F. D. Reeve Loves dominion, like a kings, admits of no partition —Ovid Love sometimes is like the flower of the wild poppy: you cant carry it home —Jaroslav Seifert Love was a treadmill, like churchgoing —Elizabeth Hardwick Love washes on me like rain on a dead mans shoes —Ellen Gilchrist Love without grace is like a hook without bait —Anne de Lencos Love without respect is cold as a boa constrictor —Marge Piercy In her poem, Witnessing a Wedding, Piercy continues with its caresses as choking. Loving someone that much younger is like taking a trip to a foreign country —Ellen Gilchrist Making love to a woman too many times is like scratching a place that doesnt itch any more —Anon, Playboy, 1965 A man in love may behave like a madman but not like a dunce —Francois, due de La Rochefoucauld Man has been substituted for gentleman to give the simile a more modern tone. The man who is not loved hovers like a vulture over the sweetheart of others —Victor Hugo My heart simmered with angry love like chicken soup on grandmas stove —James Atlas My love is like foliage in the woods. Time will change it as winter changes the trees —Emily Bronte The love described is Cathys for Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Once love is purged of vanity it is like a feeble convalescent, hardly capable of dragging itself around —Sebastien Roch Nicolas de Chamfort Our love is like our life; theres no man blest in either till his end —Shackerley Marmion Our love is like the misty rain that falls softly … but floods the river —African proverb (What I want … is something organic …) potato love, natural as earth, scruffy and brown, clinging to your roots, helping you grow fit and firm —Daphne Merkin Romance, like a ghost, eludes touching —G. W. Curtis Romance, like alcohol, should be enjoyed but must not be swallowed to become necessary —Edgar Z. Friedenberg Romantic love is ephemeral and occasionally unavoidable … like the viral flu —Marcia Froelke Coburn, New York Time Book Review, September 14, 1986 A rush of love swamped her heart … like a tide —Vita Sackville-West The science of love demands delicacy, perseverance, and practice, like the piano —Anatole France The simple accident of falling in love is as beneficial as it is astonishing —Robert Louis Stevenson (She was long married … but she had recently) stepped out of the country of love; briskly, and without a backward glance, as if she had spent too much time in its steamy jungles —John Cheever This was a game, like bridge, in which you said things instead of playing cards. Like bridge you had to pretend you were playing for money or playing for some stakes —Ernest Hemingway Threw herself into love like a suicide into the river —Guy De Maupassant To love a woman who scorns you is like licking honey from a thorn —Welsh proverb To talk of honour in the mysteries of love, is like talking of Heaven or the Deity in an operation of witchcraft, just when you are employing the devil: it makes the charm impotent —William Wycherley Trapped in love … like a great tortoise trapped in a heavy death-like shell —Joyce Carol Oates It [being loved by affectionately possessive wife] was like being loved by a large moist sponge —Phyllis Bottome Without love our life is … unprofitable as a ship without a rudder … like a body without a soul —Sholom Aleichem With true loves as with ghosts: everyone speaks of them, but few have seen them —Francois, due de La Rochefoucauld (I) wore my heart like a wet, red stain on the breast of a velvet gown —Dorothy Parker Love   get under [someones] skin See IRRITATION. heartthrob A lover, paramour, or sweetheart; a romantic idol. This common expression describes the exhilarating cardiac pulsations that supposedly accompany every thought, sight, or touch of ones true love. Heartthrob may also refer to a celebrity of whom one is enamored. Rudolph Valentino was the great heartthrob of the silent screen in the nineteen-twenties. Listener, June, 1966) hold ones heart in ones hand To offer ones love to another; to make an open display of ones love. In Shakespeares The Tempest (III, i) Ferdinand offers his hand to Miranda, to which she responds in kind: And mine, with my heart in it. Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of Shakespeares, also used this expression. With this hand I give to you my heart. Dido, III, iv) look babies in the eyes To gaze lovingly into anothers eyes; to look at closely and amorously. Two unrelated theories have been advanced as to the origin of this expression. One states that the reference is to Cupid, the Roman god of love, commonly pictured as a winged, naked baby boy with a bow and arrows. The other maintains that the phrase originated from the miniature reflection of a person staring closely in the pupils of anothers eyes. In use as early as 1593, the term, now obsolete, was used to describe the amorous gaze of lovers: She clung about his neck, gave him ten kisses. Toyed with his locks, looked babies in his eyes. (Thomas Hey wood, Loves Mistress, 1633) love-tooth in the head A propensity to love. This obsolete expression implies a constant craving for romance. I am now old, but I have in my head a love-tooth. (John Lyly, Euphues and His England, 1580) rob the cradle To date, marry, or become romantically involved with a significantly younger person. This self-explanatory expression, often substituted by the equally common term cradlesnatch, usually carries an implication of disapproval. I dont usually cradlesnatch. But there was something about you that made me think you were older. (J. Aiken, Ribs of Death, 1967) take a shine to To take a liking or fancy to, to be fond of, to have a crush on. This colloquialism of American origin dates from the mid-19th century. Perhaps shine refers to the “bright and glowing” look often attributed to love. I wonst had an old flame I took sum thin of a shine to. Davy Crocketts Almanac, 1840) wear ones heart on ones sleeve To make no attempt to hide ones lovesickness; to plainly show that one is suffering from unrequited love; to publicly expose ones feelings or personal) wishes. This expression is said to come from the practice of a knight wearing his ladys favor pinned to his sleeve when going into combat. In Shakespeares Othello (I, i) the duplicitous lago says: For when my outward action doth demonstrate The native act and figure of my heart In compliment extern, tis not long after But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve For daws to peck at. love The verb love is usually used to express a strong feeling of affection for a person or place. She loved her husband deeply. He had loved his aunt very much. He loved his country above all else. If you want to say that something gives you pleasure, or that you enjoy a person's company, you usually say like, not 'love. I like reading. We liked him very much. In conversation and in less formal writing, people sometimes use love to emphasize that they like a thing or activity very much. I love your dress. I love reading his plays. Love is usually used in simple rather than progressive forms. For example, you say 'I love you' not ' I'm loving you. However, in informal spoken English, love is sometimes used in the progressive. I 'm loving your new hairdo! love Past participle: loved Gerund: loving Imperative love love Present I love you love he/she/it loves we love you love they love Preterite I loved you loved he/she/it loved we loved you loved they loved Present Continuous I am loving you are loving he/she/it is loving we are loving you are loving they are loving Present Perfect I have loved you have loved he/she/it has loved we have loved you have loved they have loved Past Continuous I was loving you were loving he/she/it was loving we were loving you were loving they were loving Past Perfect I had loved you had loved he/she/it had loved we had loved you had loved they had loved Future I will love you will love he/she/it will love we will love you will love they will love Future Perfect I will have loved you will have loved he/she/it will have loved we will have loved you will have loved they will have loved Future Continuous I will be loving you will be loving he/she/it will be loving we will be loving you will be loving they will be loving Present Perfect Continuous I have been loving you have been loving he/she/it has been loving we have been loving you have been loving they have been loving Future Perfect Continuous I will have been loving you will have been loving he/she/it will have been loving we will have been loving you will have been loving they will have been loving Past Perfect Continuous I had been loving you had been loving he/she/it had been loving we had been loving you had been loving they had been loving Conditional I would love you would love he/she/it would love we would love you would love they would love Past Conditional I would have loved you would have loved he/she/it would have loved we would have loved you would have loved they would have loved love A score of zero. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Noun 1. love - a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; his love for his work. children need a lot of love" emotion - any strong feeling adoration, worship - a feeling of profound love and admiration agape love, agape - selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications (especially love that is spiritual in nature) agape. Christian theology) the love of God or Christ for mankind filial love - the love of a child for a parent ardor, ardour - intense feeling of love amorousness, enamoredness - a feeling of love or fondness calf love, puppy love, infatuation, crush - temporary love of an adolescent devotedness, devotion - feelings of ardent love; their devotion to each other was beautiful" benevolence - disposition to do good heartstrings - your deepest feelings of love and compassion; many adoption cases tug at the heartstrings" caring, lovingness - a loving feeling loyalty - feelings of allegiance hate, hatred - the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action 2. love - any object of warm affection or devotion; the theater was her first love. he has a passion for cock fighting" passion object - the focus of cognitions or feelings; objects of thought. the object of my affection" 3. love - a beloved person; used as terms of endearment beloved, dear, dearest, honey lover - a person who loves someone or is loved by someone 4. love - a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction; their love left them indifferent to their surroundings. she was his first love" erotic love, sexual love concupiscence, physical attraction, sexual desire, eros - a desire for sexual intimacy 5. love - a score of zero in tennis or squash; it was 40 love" score - a number that expresses the accomplishment of a team or an individual in a game or contest; the score was 7 to 0" 6. love - sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people; his lovemaking disgusted her. he hadn't had any love in months. he has a very complicated love life" love life, lovemaking, making love, sexual love sex, sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice - activities associated with sexual intercourse; they had sex in the back seat" Verb 1. love - have a great affection or liking for; I love French food. She loves her boss and works hard for him" love - be enamored or in love with; She loves her husband deeply" cherish, hold dear, treasure, care for - be fond of; be attached to dote - shower with love; show excessive affection for; Grandmother dotes on her the twins" adore - love intensely; he just adored his wife" detest, hate - dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards; I hate Mexican food. She detests politicians" 2. love - get pleasure from; I love cooking" enjoy like - find enjoyable or agreeable; I like jogging. She likes to read Russian novels" get off - enjoy in a sexual way; He gets off on shoes" 3. love - be enamored or in love with; She loves her husband deeply" love - have a great affection or liking for; I love French food. She loves her boss and works hard for him" romance - have a love affair with 4. love - have sexual intercourse with; This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm. Adam knew Eve. Were you ever intimate with this man. bonk, do it, eff, fuck, get it on, get laid, have a go at it, have intercourse, have it away, have it off, have sex, be intimate, lie with, make love, roll in the hay, screw, sleep together, sleep with, hump, jazz, bed, bang, make out, know neck, make out - kiss, embrace, or fondle with sexual passion; The couple were necking in the back seat of the car" have, take - have sex with; archaic use; He had taken this woman when she was most vulnerable" fornicate - have sex without being married copulate, mate, couple, pair - engage in sexual intercourse; Birds mate in the Spring" love verb 1. adore, care for, treasure, cherish, prize, worship, be devoted to, be attached to, be in love with, dote on, hold dear, think the world of, idolize, feel affection for, have affection for, adulate, LUV (S. M. S. We love each other, and we want to spend our lives together. adore hate, dislike, scorn, detest, abhor, abominate 2. enjoy, like, desire, fancy, appreciate, relish, delight in, savour, take pleasure in, have a soft spot for, be partial to, have a weakness for, LUV (S. We loved the food so much, especially the fish dishes. enjoy hate, dislike, scorn, detest, abhor, abominate noun 1. passion, liking, regard, friendship, affection, warmth, attachment, intimacy, devotion, tenderness, fondness, rapture, adulation, adoration, infatuation, ardour, endearment, amity, LUV (S. Our love for each other has been increased by what we've been through together. passion hate, disgust, hostility, dislike, hatred, resentment, loathing, bitterness, scorn, malice, animosity, aversion, antagonism, antipathy, bad blood, abomination, incompatibility, ill will, abhorrence, repugnance, detestation 2. liking, taste, delight in, bent for, weakness for, relish for, enjoyment, devotion to, penchant for, inclination for, zest for, fondness for, soft spot for, partiality to, LUV (S. a love of literature 3. beloved, dear, dearest, sweet, lover, angel, darling, honey, loved one, sweetheart, truelove, dear one, leman (archaic) inamorata or inamorato, LUV (S. Don't cry, my love. beloved enemy, foe 4. sympathy, understanding, heart, charity, pity, humanity, warmth, mercy, compassion, sorrow, kindness, tenderness, friendliness, condolence, commiseration, fellow feeling, soft-heartedness, tender-heartedness, LUV (S. a manifestation of his love for his fellow men. for love or money by any means, ever, under any conditions Replacement parts couldn't be found for love or money. in love enamoured, charmed, captivated, smitten, wild (informal) mad (informal) crazy (informal) enthralled, besotted, infatuated, enraptured She had never before been in love. make love have sexual intercourse, have sex, go to bed, sleep together, do it (informal) mate, have sexual relations, have it off (slang) have it away (slang) After six months of friendship, one night, they made love. Related words adjective amatory Quotations "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" Elizabeth Barrett Browning Sonnets from the Portuguese] All that matters is love and work" attributed to Sigmund Freud] Love's pleasure lasts but a moment; love's sorrow lasts all through life" Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian Celestine] What love is, if thou wouldst be taught. Thy heart must teach alone. Two souls with but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one" Friedrich Halm Der Sohn der Wildnis] Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it" Jerome K. Jerome The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow] Love's like the measles - all the worse when it comes late in life" Douglas Jerrold Wit and Opinions of Douglas Jerrold] No, there's nothing half so sweet in life" As love's young dream" Thomas Moore Love's Young Dream. Tis better to have loved and lost" Than never to have loved at all" Alfred, Lord Tennyson In Memoriam A. H. Love means never having to say you're sorry" Erich Segal Love Story] In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove. In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love" Alfred, Lord Tennyson Locksley Hall] Love is like any other luxury. You have no right to it unless you can afford it" Anthony Trollope The Way we Live Now] Love conquers all things; let us too give in to love" Virgil Eclogue] Love and do what you will" Saint Augustine of Hippo In Epistolam Joannis ad Parthos] Those have most power to hurt us that we love" Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher The Maid's Tragedy] My love's a noble madness" John Dryden All for Love] And love's the noblest frailty of the mind" John Dryden The Indian Emperor] Love's tongue is in the eyes" Phineas Fletcher Piscatory Eclogues] Love is only one of many passions" Dr. Johnson Plays of William Shakespeare, preface] Where both deliberate, the love is slight. Whoever loved that loved not at first sight. Christopher Marlowe Hero and Leander] If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question. Lily Tomlin] Men love in haste, but they detest at leisure" Lord Byron Don Juan] The course of true love never did run smooth" William Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream] Love is not love" Which alters when it alteration finds" William Shakespeare Sonnets] Love is like linen - often changed, the sweeter" Phineas Fletcher Sicelides] O my love's like a red, red rose" Robert Burns A Red, Red Rose] Two things a man cannot hide: that he is drunk, and that he is in love" Antiphanes] Every man is a poet when he is in love" Plato Symposium] one that lov'd not wisely but too well" William Shakespeare Othello] To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god" Jorge Luis Borges The Meeting in a Dream] Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays. Clutch it, and it darts away" Dorothy Parker] Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction" Antoine de Saint-Exupéry] Love ceases to be a pleasure, when it ceases to be a secret" Aphra Behn The Lover's Watch, Four O'Clock] Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it" Bible: Song of Solomon "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" Bible: St. John "O lyric Love, half-angel and half-bird" And all a wonder and a wild desire" Robert Browning The Ring and the Book] Man's love is of man's life a thing apart. Tis woman's whole existence" Lord Byron Don Juan] Whoever loves, if he do not propose" The right true end of love, he's one that goes" To sea for nothing but to make him sick" John Donne Love's Progress] I am two fools, I know. For loving, and for saying so" In whining poetry" John Donne The Triple Fool] How alike are the groans of love to those of the dying" Malcolm Lowry Under the Volcano] Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another" H. L. Mencken Chrestomathy] After all, my erstwhile dear. My no longer cherished. Need we say it was not love. Now that love has perished. Edna St. Vincent Millay Passer Mortuus Est] If I am pressed to say why I loved him, I feel it can only be explained by replying: Because it was he; because it was me. Montaigne Essais] Love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies" John Donne The Anagram] Love thy neighbour as thyself" Bible: Leviticus Proverbs "All's fair in love and war" Love is blind" One cannot love and be wise" Love makes the world go round" Love will find a way" love noun 1. Deep and ardent affection: 2. The passionate affection and desire felt by lovers for each other: 3. An intimate sexual relationship between two people: 4. The condition of being closely tied to another by affection or faith: 5. A person who is much loved: Idiom: light of one's life. A strong, enthusiastic liking for something: verb 1. To feel deep, devoted love for: 2. To like or enjoy enthusiastically, often excessively: Translations حُب حُبٌ حَبيب مَعْشوق صِفْر لا شيء عِشْق غَرام láska milovat nula zamilovanost zbožňovat elske kærlighed nul elsker skat amato ami amo amori nulo armastama armastus rakastaa rakkaus kulta nolla rakas ljubav voljeti szerelem szerelme szerelmeskedik szeret szeretet cinta ást ástfanginn elska elska, òykja vænt um hafa dálæti á ・・・が大好きだ 愛 愛する 사랑 사랑하다 amator amatrix amo amor caritas įsimylėjėlis įsimylėjimas jie nepakenčia vienas kito meilė meilės kamuojamas mīlestība mīlēt mīla mīļais mīļumiņš amor dragoste iubire iubit iubită láska zamilovanosť ljubezen ljubica ljubiti ljubiti se nič voleti älska kärlek noll älskling käresta ความรัก รัก รัก ชื่นชอบ tình yêu yêu cưng không love [lʌv] A. N 1. affection. of person] → amor m I no longer feel any love for or towards him → ya no siento amor or cariño por él it was love at first sight → fue amor a primera vista, fue un flechazo her love for or of her children → su amor m por sus hijos her children's love for her → el amor de sus hijos por ella don't give me any money, I'm doing it for love → no me des dinero, lo hago por amor al arte (hum) to marry for love → casarse por amor for love of her son; out of love for her son → por amor a su hijo, por el amor que le tiene / tenía a su hijo for the love of God or Mike! → por el amor de Dios! to be/fall in love (with sb) → estar enamorado / enamorarse (de algn) they are in love (with each other) → están enamorados (el uno del otro) to make love (with/to sb. euph. have sex) → hacer el amor (con algn) to make love to sb ( o. f. woo) → hacer la corte or el amor a algn there is no love lost between them → no se pueden ver I wouldn't do it for love nor money → no lo haría por nada del mundo it wasn't to be had for love nor money → era imposible conseguirlo 3. in greetings, letters) with) love (from) Jim → con cariño (de) Jim, besos (de) Jim all my love, Jim → con todo mi cariño, Jim give him my love → dale or mándale recuerdos míos lots of love, Jim → muchos besos, Jim he sends (you) his love → te da or manda recuerdos 4. person loved) → amor m. thing loved) → pasión f she was my first love → fue mi primer amor football was his first love → el fútbol era su principal pasión the theatre was her great love → el teatro era su gran pasión he was the love of her life → fue el amor de su vida 5. as term of address) → cariño m yes, love → si, cariño thanks, love ( to woman) → gracias, guapa or ( Sp) maja. to man) → gracias, guapo or ( Sp) majo. to child) → gracias, cielo or cariño my love → amor mío, mi vida 6. adorable person) he's a little love → es un cielo, es un encanto be a love and make us a cup of tea → venga, cielo or cariño, prepáranos una taza de té 7. Tennis) love all → cero cero 15 love → 15 a cero B. VT 1. feel affection for) → querer, amar (frm) you don't love me any more → ya no me quieres I loved that boy as if he were my own son → quería a ese chico como si fuera mi hijo love thy neighbour as thyself → ama al prójimo como a ti mismo (frm) she loves her children/her cat/that car → quiere mucho a or siente mucho cariño por sus hijos /su gato /ese coche she loved him dearly → lo quería muchísimo, lo amaba profundamente I must love you and leave you. hum) → me despido que me tengo que marchar love me, love my dog → quien quiere a Beltrán quiere a su can she loves me, she loves me not → me quiere, no me quiere C. CPD love affair N → aventura f (sentimental) amorío m ( fig) → pasión f her love affair with France began in 1836 → su pasión por Francia comenzó en 1836 she had a love affair with a younger man → tuvo una aventura (sentimental) or un amorío con un hombre más joven que ella love child N → hijo/a m/f natural love game N ( Tennis) → juego m en blanco love handles NPL → agarraderas fpl love letter N → carta f de amor love life N ( emotional) → vida f sentimental. sexual) → vida f sexual how's your love life these days? → ¿qué tal te va la vida últimamente en el campo sentimental or romántico? love match N → matrimonio m por amor love nest N → nido m de amor love potion N → filtro m (de amor) bebedizo m (de amor) love seat N → confidente m, canapé m love song N → canción f de amor love story N → historia f de amor love token N → prenda f de amor, prueba f de amor love triangle N → triángulo m amoroso LOVE Love can usually be translated by querer. •  With people, pets and native lands, querer is the most typical translation: I love you Te quiero Timmy loves his mother more than his father Timmy quiere más a su madre que a su padre When he lived abroad he realized how much he loved his country Cuando vivió en el extranjero, se dio cuenta de lo mucho que quería a su país •   Querer is commonly used with mucho in statements like the following: I love my parents Quiero mucho a mis padres He loved his cat and was very depressed when it died Quería mucho a su gato y tuvo una gran depresión cuando murió •  Use amar, especially in formal language, to talk about spiritual or elevated forms of love: To love God above everything else Amar a Dios sobre todas las cosas Their duty was to love and respect their parents Su deber era amar y respetar a sus padres •  Use the impersonal encantarle a uno to talk about things and people that you like very much: He loved playing tennis Le encantaba jugar al tenis I love children (A mí) me encantan los niños love [ˈlʌv] n (for person) → amour m sb's love for sb → l'amour de qn pour qn his love for his wife and children → son amour pour sa femme et ses enfants, l'amour qu'il a pour sa femme et ses enfants no love lost There is little love lost between them → Ils se détestent. not for love or money, for love nor money You can't get a ticket for love or money → Il n'y a pas moyen d'obtenir des billets. (for thing) → amour m love of sth. music, literature, animals, football] → amour de qch (in greetings) to send one's love to sb, to send sb one's love → adresser ses amitiés à qn give my love to. Give Delphine my love → Embrasse Delphine pour moi. love from Anne → affectueusement, Anne love, Rosemary → amitiés, Rosemary. dear) addressing loved one) → mon chéri (ma chérie. addressing stranger) Are you OK, love? → Ça va, madame? Ça va, monsieur? TENNIS) 15 love" → "15 à rien. 15 à zéro " vt. lover, partner, child, parents] → aimer I love you → Je t'aime. to feel loved → se sentir aimé (e) to love each other → s'aimer. thing, activity] → adorer I love chocolate → J'adore le chocolat. I love skiing → J'adore le ski. to love doing sth, to love to do sth → adorer faire qch We both love dancing → Nous adorons danser tous les deux. (expressing wishes) I'd love. would like) → j'aimerais beaucoup. I would love a hot bath and clean clothes → J'aimerais beaucoup prendre un bain et me changer. I'd love you to. I'd love you to come → J'aimerais beaucoup que tu viennes. His wife would love him to give up his job → Sa femme aimerait beaucoup qu'il démissionne. (with idea, activity) → passion f love vt → lieben. like) thing → gern mögen; they love each other → sie lieben sich; I love tennis → ich mag Tennis sehr gern; to play) → ich spiele sehr gern Tennis; he love s swimming, he love s to swim → er schwimmt sehr gern or für sein Leben gern; dont be sad, you know we all love you → sei nicht traurig, du weißt doch, dass wir dich alle sehr gernhaben; Id love to be with you all the time → ich wäre so gerne die ganze Zeit mit dir zusammen; Id love a cup of tea → ich hätte (liebend) gern (e) eine Tasse Tee; Id love to come → ich würde sehr or liebend gern (e) kommen; I should love to! → sehr or liebend gerne. wed all love you to come with us → wir würden uns alle sehr freuen, wenn du mitkommen würdest; I love the way she smiles → ich mag es, wie sie lächelt; I love the way he leaves us to do all the work (iro) → ist es nicht toll, wie er uns die ganze Arbeit überlässt (iro) shes going to love you for this (iro) → das wird sie dir nie vergessen (iro) shes going to love that (iro) → na, da wird sie sich aber freuen (iro) love: love child n (dated) → Kind nt → der Liebe (dated) love: love game n (Tennis) → Zunullspiel nt; Rosewall lost 3 love s → Rosewall verlor 3 Spiele zu null loveless adj life, marriage → ohne Liebe; home, family, environment → lieblos love: lovemaking n (sexual) → Liebe f. dated. flirtation) → Flirt m. dated. courting) → Liebeswerben nt (dated) his expert love → sein gekonntes Liebesspiel love match n → Liebesheirat f love nest n → Liebesnest nt love philtre (old) love potion n → Liebestrank m love: love seat n → Zweiersofa love set n (Tennis) → Zunullsatz m love token n → Liebespfand nt love ( lav) noun 1. a feeling of great fondness or enthusiasm for a person or thing. She has a great love of music; her love for her children. strong attachment with sexual attraction. They are in love with one another. a person or thing that is thought of with (great) fondness (used also as a term of affection. Ballet is the love of her life; Goodbye, love! 4. a score of nothing in tennis. The present score is fifteen love (written 15–0. verb 1. to be (very) fond of. She loves her children dearly. to take pleasure in. They both love dancing. ˈlovable adjective ( negative unlovable) easy to love or like; attractive. a lovable child. ˈlovely adjective 1. negative unlovely) beautiful; attractive. She is a lovely girl; She looked lovely in that dress. delightful. Someone told me a lovely joke last night, but I can't remember it; a lovely meal. ˈloveliness noun ˈlover noun 1. a person who enjoys or admires or has a special affection for something. an art-lover; He is a lover of sport; an animal-lover. a person who is having a love affair with another. ˈloving adjective ˈlovingly adverb love affair a (temporary and often sexual) relationship between two people who are in love but not married. ˈlove-letter noun a letter expressing love. ˈlovesick adjective sad because of being in love. a lovesick youth; lovesick glances. fall in love (with) to develop feelings of love and sexual attraction (for. He fell in love with her straightaway. for love or money in any way at all. We couldn't get a taxi for love or money. make love to have sexual intercourse. there's no love lost between them they dislike one another. love → حُبٌ, يُحِبُّ, يَوَدُّ láska, milovat, zbožňovat elske, elsker, kærlighed gern mögen, Liebe, lieben αγάπη, αγαπώ amar, amor, encantar rakastaa, rakkaus aimer, aimer beaucoup, amour ljubav, voljeti amare, amore ・・・が大好きだ, 愛, 愛する 사랑, 사랑하다 houden van, liefde elske, kjærlighet miłość, pokochać, uwielbiać adorar, amar, amor , älska, kärlek ความรัก, รัก, รัก ชื่นชอบ sevgi/aşk, sevmek tình yêu, yêu 喜爱, 爱 love n. amor, cariño, afecto; v. amar, querer; to fall in. → enamorarse; to fall in. with → enamorarse de. I love. Yes, I'd love to I love you love n amor m; in — with enamorado de; to fall in — with enamorarse de; to make — hacer el amor; vt, vi querer, amar; loved one ser querido or amado.

What is true love all about? Everyone wants to know what true love is, and many people think they can feel it when it happens, but do they? Are they experiencing true love or are the experience infatuation, lust, or even wishful thinking? Moreover, is true love something that is actually possible, or is it all in our heads? What Is Love? In order to understand true love, we need to understand love. Love is defined as an intense feeling of affection for someone, which means that you view someone as awesome and desirable based on your beliefs, judgments, and experiences. Once you decide that someone is attractive to you mentally and physically, love also becomes a biological process. Your body takes over and reinforces what your mind already knows – that this person makes you feel amazing! The physical reactions of love are a neurological condition where we feel bonded to something or someone else. When we feel attached to someone else, our brain releases chemicals such as serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. All of these chemicals cause us to think loving thoughts and feel the physical sensations that we associate with love. These hormones include: – Serotonin: This hormone increases your mood; in fact, if you take drugs such as Ecstasy, you cause a huge rise in serotonin levels. You might as well just find someone to love instead – its healthier. – Oxytocin: This has been referred to as the biological basis for love. This hormone is released during cuddling and sex and it helps to give you the feeling of attachment to someone else. – Vasopressin: Along with oxytocin, experts believe that this hormone is responsible for feeling attached to someone. – Dopamine: This hormone is responsible for desire and reward, which means you feel an immense amount of pleasure when you are rewarded with loving actions, such as kindness, touch, date night, or whatever makes you feel fulfilled and happy. – Norepinephrine: This is released when you are falling in love and feel stress for things to work out and go well. It gives you the physical sensations you feel while falling in love, such as sweaty palms or a racing heart. In other words, among many other things, hormones regulate our behavior in mating and falling in love. Does the fact that feelings of love are a hormonal process make love not as impactful as we think? No! The feeling of love is a powerful emotion that benefits us in a big way. It helps us maintain relationships, do good things for others, do good for things for ourselves, protect others, and feel a sense of belonging and safety in life. Without the emotion of love, we would feel lonely, scared, selfish, and abandoned. What Is True Love? Lets leave the biology behind and say that true love is the state you are in when you feel connected, attached, and happy with someone. It is a place where you feel a permanent sense of connection with someone else, regardless of what happens. In addition, the definition of true love goes far beyond what your body does and feels, or how you view someone in a relationship. True love can also be defined as you how you act in a relationship with someone. True love is about meeting each others expectations and loving each other with trust, acceptance, and support. True love is about treating someone with the kind of respect that they deserve because you view them in a loving manner. 11 Signs That You Have Found True Love True love is about the way you perceive someone. If you can step outside of your ego and see the value in someone else and the value in forming relationships with some give-and-take, then you can develop the mental attitude towards someone that results in a loving bond that cant be broken. If you are not sure if you are experiencing true love or not, then following are 11 signs of true love to watch for. 1. Nothing Is Hidden People who are experiencing true love dont hide stuff from each other. They openly share their lives because they want to share their lives with that person. That is a part of being in a loving long-term relationship with someone. You dont want to hide anything from them because you want them to share in your life – the good and the bad – and understand what you experience. 2. You Dont Play Games People who are living in a state of lust, a false sense of admiration for someone, or a total sense of selfishness, will play games. When you are thinking more about yourself and your needs and pleasure than someone else, you are not in a state of true love and you will do ridiculous things with a lack of seriousness and respect for the other person. For instance, if someone feels like they want to keep someone in their lives, solely for the purpose of fulfilling a need they have, then they are going to play games in order to do that. Someone pretending to be pregnant or suicidal in order to keep someone are just two examples of games that are not a part of true love. 3. There Is Complete Respect If you have found true love, then you will give and receive respect. You will respect them for who they are and what they do in the world, including with you. You will see the good in them. You will treat them as a human being and view them as your equal, not your superior or someone who is lower than you. And, they will treat you with the same level of respect. 4. You Care About Each Others Welfare When you have found true love, you care about each others happiness and health. This means that you dont try to hurt their happiness or health in any way. For instance, you dont abuse them, physically or mentally. You dont put them down, stress them out, or make them feel bad about what they do. Instead, you support them and make them feel good about themselves and what they do. You encourage them to do things that make them feel happy and healthy. And you do things for their happiness and health without them always having to ask you to. 5. You Dont Focus On Their Flaws This is not what a lot of people believe it to be. I hear many people (many in my direct life) who say that their abusive relationship is what true love is all about because they are willing to look past their partners faults and accept them for who they are. They are willing to take the physical and mental abuse, but it shows their partner just how much they care. Thats not true love, thats being a victim. Accepting someones flaws means accepting that they are not perfect. It doesnt mean accepting that they treat you poorly. A flaw is something that they have not perfected yet, such as a weakness in putting their laundry away or a lack of commitment to things that could really benefit their lives. It is not something that they do to you to make you feel bad or hurt you. 6. You Are Kind When you feel true love with someone, you are considerate, generous, and friendly with them. You dont try to hurt them; in fact, you dont ever want to hurt them. You are concerned about them and show concern. You think about their needs. You are affectionate and patient towards them. You dont speak harshly or use mean words towards them. I find many people are kinder to strangers than to their loved ones. How you treat others compared to your partner is something to think about when you are considering whether you are feeling true love or just in a relationship with someone who you take out your frustrations on. 7. You Are Dedicated To Improving The Relationship What is true love? It is a dedication to someone and your relationship with them. It is the willingness to do things and compromise for the betterment of the relationship. It is the willingness to put the relationship above other things and remain committed to making it happier, healthier, and more fulfilling. You do this because you recognize that the relationship is already making you a happier and better person, so staying dedicated to improving it is just a no-brainier. This doesnt mean that there wont be issues in the relationship. Humans have emotions, and those emotions can interfere with a relationships happiness. But true love is the willingness to work through arguments. You dont think about breaking up or moving on. Your desire is focused on making things better and working through the anger, hurt, or annoyance that is happening so you can get back to a happy relationship. 8. You Keep Your Promises A promise to someone you truly love has a lot of weight. Promises are an extension of trust. When someone you love promises to do something and breaks it, then they are breaking your trust on some level. This is why someone who truly loves you will inform you of the times they cant make their promises instead of just leaving you hanging in the dust, and vice-versa. 9. You See Things From Their Perspective When the relationship is about you, then your perspective is all that you see. But, when you are in a relationship with someone you truly love, you value that person enough to see things from their perspective. For instance, you can see their true intentions, instead of labeling what you think their intentions are. You can also see where they are coming from and why they need or want what they do in their life, instead of judging them for needing or wanting something different than you. 10. When They Are Happy, You Feel Good When they smile, you feel happy. When they are experiencing joy, you feel joy too. When they are feeling loved, appreciated, or on top of their game, you feel good. Even if you are unhappy with yourself, you feel a sense of appreciation that they are feeling good. Thats what true love is really all about. You value them so much that you want them to be happy in life and free from suffering. Moreover, you dont feel envious when they are experiencing greatness in their life. For instance, you dont get upset that they are making more money than you or having more luck than you. Their value doesnt decrease or increase depending on how much success they are having – or how much success or failure you are experiencing. 11. You Are Willing To Stay During The Tough Times Your partner gets sick, physically or mentally. They are struggling with a life crisis that has pushed them into a different state of being. They are struggling with finding themselves. All of these times can be tough, but if you are experiencing true love with someone, you will stay, support, and find ways to help them through their tough times. This doesnt mean that you take abuse from them. You may truly love them, but if they move into a place where they are not truly loving you, then you shouldnt put up with that. However, if they are trying their best and treating you with the respect that you need, then you should be willing to stay with them through their through their tough time, even when everyone else turns their back to them. Dont Feel Like Its True Love? If you went through the signs above and dont feel like you are experiencing true love, should you get out of the relationship? Not necessarily. True love doesnt always just happen. Because it is a mental state, where you recognize the value in someone and enjoy what they bring to your life, it takes awareness on your part. It takes stepping outside of the ego and moving into a state of compassion where you value other people and connections in a different way. If the person you are with treats you well, and you love them, then dont ditch them just because you are having problems or not experiencing a connection that blows your mind. True love is something to aspire to, not to automatically have. Work on building your relationship. Work on developing more trust, communication, respect, and compromise. And work towards a truly loving relationship with them. 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LOVE IT. SOUND GREAT. What About Love Free full review. What about love free full hd. What about love free full moon. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love First edition Author Raymond Carver Country United States Language English Publisher Knopf Publication date 1981 Media type Print Pages 176 What We Talk About When We Talk About Love is a 1981 collection of short stories by American writer Raymond Carver, as well as the title of one of the stories in the collection. Content [ edit] Why Don't You Dance. edit] In 1977, Carver submitted a story with this title to Esquire, which Gordon Lish subsequently edited and retitled "I Am Going to Sit Down" but no version ever appeared in Esquire. The story was first published in Quarterly West in Autumn 1978 and later in The Paris Review in Spring 1981. The Quarterly West version incorporated many of Lish's suggested changes, while the final version was 9% shorter. [1] It tells the story of a drinking man overseeing his yard-sale. The reader gets the feeling that he may be selling all his possessions, looking to start life anew. A young couple stops by to select furniture for their new apartment. They haggle a little over prices and buy a TV and a bed. The drinking man tells the young girl to put a record on. When the music begins the man asks the couple to dance. Uncomfortably, they comply. Then the drinking man dances with the young girl, and she says to him: You must be desperate or something. Several weeks later, the young girl is telling her friends about the man at his yard-sale. She mocks the record-player and records he gave them, saying: Will you look at this shit. The story ends with her trying to make sense of the man's situation before quitting her wondering altogether. The story was adapted in the 2010 film Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell and written and directed by Dan Rush. [2] Viewfinder. edit] A hook-handed man takes a photograph of the narrator's house from the street, then sells it to him. The narrator asks the photographer in for coffee. The manuscript version of the same title appears in Beginners (2009. "Mr. Coffee and Mr. Fixit. edit] A man reflects "about three years back" on his struggle to come to grips with a couple of troublesome relationships. He was surprised to see his elderly single mother kissing a man on the sofa upstairs. He says his kids were crazy and so was his wife, Myrna, who eventually fell for another man named Ross whom she met at Alcoholics Anonymous. He remembers how his father died and suggests to Myrna that they "hug awhile" and have a "real nice supper. and she responds somewhat lukewarmly. The manuscript version titled "Where Is Everyone. appears in Beginners (2009. "Gazebo. edit] Set in a roomy upstairs suite, motel managers Holly & Duane discuss the disintegration of their marriage. Duane has been having an affair with a cleaning lady, Juanita. Duane tries to convince Holly that their love can be rekindled and reconciled but Holly does not agree. Duane is left hopelessly bemoaning the future he had envisioned with Holly. The manuscript version of the same title appears in Beginners (2009. "I Could See the Smallest Things. edit] Nancy wakes up in the middle of the night because of a noise outside. She realizes it's the open gate, and hesitantly she goes to the kitchen to smoke for a while before going out to investigate, leaving her alcoholic husband Cliff "passed out" and snoring loudly in bed. At the fence, Nancy meets her neighbor Sam, a widower, who is spreading insecticide to kill slugs which are ruining his garden. Nancy & Sam talk and it becomes clear Sam and Cliff, once good friends, have had a falling-out. Lonely and wishing to patch up their relationship, Sam asks Nancy to tell Cliff he said hello. Nancy says she will and goes back to bed, realizing she forgot to latch the gate shut. The manuscript version titled "Want to See Something. appears in Beginners (2009. "Sacks. edit] Les, a textbook salesman, reflects back a year ago on an incident where he met up with his father in a Sacramento airport. It's been two years since his father's divorce from his mother. While the wife was away, the father had been having an extramarital affair with a Stanley Products saleswoman. The father asks Les if everything is okay, and Les lies, saying everything is fine. A fissure seems to grow between the father and son during the uncomfortable, transient, confusing meeting. Fairly sure that his father will play a negligent to nonexistent role in his future, Les boards his flight. The manuscript version titled "The Fling" appears in Beginners (2009. "The Bath. edit] On his birthday, young Scotty is walking to school when he is hit by a car and knocked unconscious. "The Bath" is a predecessor of "A Small, Good Thing. one of Carver's most famous stories, which was published in Cathedral. It is much shorter than "A Small, Good Thing" and ends on an ambiguous note as Scotty's mother goes home from the hospital to take a bath, which is where this version of the story gets its name. "Tell the Women We're Going. edit] Two close childhood friends, Bill Jamison & Jerry Roberts, are out of school and married. After Jerry marries, Bill senses a change in his friend. One Sunday afternoon, the two men leave their wives and Jerry's kids to go out for a drive. They play pool and drink beer at the Rec Center. On their way out, they see two women biking down the road. Jerry proposes turning back and chatting them up. They pull up to the women and Bill introduces himself and Jerry, but the girls, Barbara & Shannon, seem uninterested. They drive ahead and wait for the women to pass. The women, when they arrive, drop their bikes and cut down a path away from the men, which doesn't really bother Bill but angers Jerry, who devises a plan to cut them off. The story ends in a surprise, with Jerry bashing Shannon and Barbara over their heads with a rock, ostensibly killing them both and proving Jerry's deep unhappiness. The manuscript version of the same title appears in Beginners (2009. "After the Denim. edit] James & Edith Packer, an elderly couple, go out for the night to play bingo at the local community center. While there, James is perturbed by a young hippy-like couple dressed in denim who go on to ruin his fun and evening: they take the Packers' parking spot; James sees the young man cheating and confronts him but the man denies the allegation. Later, when the young girl gets bingo, everybody but James claps. James is certain the couple will use the victory money on drugs. That night as the Packers are getting ready for bed, Edith reveals to James that she's been "bleeding" and "spotting. and she'll require medical attention. Restless and upset over his wife's sickness, James wonders why it isn't the young couple who has all the problems. The manuscript version titled "If It Please You" appears in Beginners (2009. "So Much Water So Close to Home. edit] At breakfast, Claire, the narrator, is shocked to learn her husband Stuart and his three buddies found the body of a girl washed up on the rivershore upon arriving in the afternoon for their yearly camping trip, as reported by the morning newspaper. Instead of reporting the body to the police right away, the four enjoy their vacation fishing, eating, and drinking whisky as they sit by the fire. As the quartet packs up the next morning, Stuart uses a payphone to call the body into the police. Claire feels distanced from her husband and cannot stop wondering about the dead girl, whom she feels connected to. She believes Stuart and his friends could have killed her perhaps. Claire wonders why they didn't go fishing locally, why didn't they report the body quickly. Later, after the body is identified and Stuart is at work, Claire reads the funeral plans in the newspaper and decides to attend. On her way to the funeral, a man in a pickup truck pulls her over and asks to talk to her, wants to make sure she's safe. Claustrophobic and frightened, Claire clicks her car locks shut and says she's fine. After the funeral Claire overhears a woman saying they caught the killer, but Claire is not so certain they have the right man. The story ends with Stuart making a sexual advance on Claire in the kitchen. As he reaches for her breasts, she hears water running in the sink and is reminded of the girl floating in the river. The manuscript version of the same title appears in Beginners (2009. "The Third Thing That Killed My Father Off. edit] Jack Fraser, a young boy, tells the story of a local simpleton and outsider named Dummy who worked in the same sawmill as Jack's father Del. Del gets Dummy to fill a pond on his land with bass, but Dummy eventually builds an electric fence around it so people stop coming by. Dummy drifts further into isolation and his wife starts going around with another man. The story ends with Dummy murdering his wife and committing suicide by drowning in his beloved pond. Del impresses upon Jack what a wrong woman can turn a man into. Later, Jack understands Dummy's plight more clearly. The manuscript version titled "Dummy" appears in Beginners (2009. "A Serious Talk. edit] Burt is unable to leave his estranged wife Vera alone. The day after Christmas, Burt comes back to Vera's house to explain away his poor, erratic behavior from the day before. Christmas Day, Burt put too many logs in the fire which could've burned the place down. On his way out to make room for Vera's boyfriend Charlie, who is to arrive after six, Burt steals a couple pies from the kitchen counter. On the 26th Vera does not want to talk to Burt; she doesn't have the time, she has plans. Burt apologizes but Vera does not think it's very sincere. Burt notices cigarette butts that are not Vera's regular brand collected in the ashtray, their ashtray. and feels out of place. While Vera is the bathroom the phone rings and she shouts at Burt to answer it. It's a call for Charlie and Burt responds curtly, saying he's "not here" before leaving the phone off the hook. Vera comes back into the kitchen, and it's clear she cannot tolerate Burt sticking around. The phone rings again (it's for Charlie again) and Vera says she'll answer it from the bedroom. Instead of hanging up when Vera commands, Burt takes a knife from the cabinet and cuts the cord in two. Vera realizes what's happened and yells for Burt to leave, saying she'll get a restraining order. Burt leaves calmly and, as he drives away in his car holding the ashtray, he is deludedly positive that in a few weeks they'll have a "serious talk" and get back together. The manuscript version titled "Pie" appears in Beginners (2009. "The Calm. edit] A man sitting in a barber's chair getting a haircut listens as three men waiting their turn argue about a hunting story one of the men is telling. The manuscript version of the same title appears in Beginners (2004. " Little Things. edit] A man is packing a suitcase; a woman swears and yells at him, glad he's leaving. Their baby is crying. The man decides he wants to bring the baby with him but the woman doesn't want him to. The parents get into a tussle and a tug-of-war over the baby. The story ends with the man and the woman pulling tremendously on the baby, with somewhat ambiguously grim results. Titled "Little Things" in Where I'm Calling From (1988) the manuscript version titled "Mine" appears in Beginners (2009. "Everything Stuck to Him. edit] A father tells his 21-year-old daughter what life was like for their family when she was a young child. The manuscript version titled "Distance" appears in Beginners (2009. "One More Thing. edit] At the kitchen table, L. D. argues with his daughter Rae, age 15, about her beliefs. Maxine, the wife, comes home and notices L. is drunk. Maxine sides with Rae, saying she can like what she likes. In a moment of fury, L. throws a pickle jar through the window, shattering the glass. Maxine gives L. an ultimatum: he must pack his things and go or she'll call the police. L. starts packing, stuffing not only his belongings into his suitcase but also vindictively taking womanly toiletries he could make no use of. Taking one last look around, about to leave for good, L. says he has one more thing to tell his wife and daughter but, suddenly inarticulate, he is unable to put what he feels into words. The manuscript version of the same title appears in Beginners (2009. "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. edit] Main characters [ edit] Mel McGinnis is a 45-year-old cardiologist married to Teresa, also known as Terri. They live together in Albuquerque. The narrator describes Mel as tall and rangy with curly soft hair and Teresa (who is Mel's second wife) as bone-thin with a pretty face, dark eyes, and brown hair. Mel and Terri have two friends named Nick and Laura. Nick is 38 years old and is the narrator of the story. Laura is 35, married to Nick, and works as a legal secretary. Plot [ edit] The story is about four friends—Mel, Teresa (Terri) Laura, and Nick. The setting is Mel's house, around a table with a bucket of ice in the middle. A bottle of gin is inside it. They soon start to talk about love (as the title suggests. Terri has had an abusive relationship; the abuse, she says, derives from love. Ed, Terri's former abusive boyfriend, loved her so much he tried to kill her. Ed would beat Terri; he dragged her around the living room by her ankles knocking her into things along the way. Terri believed that Ed loved her and his abuse was his way of showing it. No matter what Terri said, Mel refused to believe that was "love. Ed also stalked Mel and Terri and called Mel at work with threatening messages. At one point, Mel was so scared he bought a gun and made out a will. Mel even wrote to his brother in California, saying that "if something happened to him" to look for Ed. Terri's abusive boyfriend eventually committed suicide after two attempts (as Terri sees it, another act of love. Ed's first attempt at suicide was when Terri had left him. Ed had drunk rat poison, but was rushed to the hospital where he was saved. In Ed's second, successful attempt he shot himself in the mouth. Someone heard the shot from Ed's room and called the manager. Terri and Mel argued about whether she could be in the hospital bedroom with him when he died. Terri won and was with Ed as he died; as Terri put it, He never came up out of it. " Soon afterward, Mel begins a story about an elderly couple struck by a drunk driver, a teenager who was pronounced dead at the scene. The couple survived the car accident because they were wearing seat belts. Mel was called into the hospital that night just as he sat down to dinner. Once he arrived, he saw how badly the elderly couple had been injured. He said that they had "multiple fractures, internal injuries, hemorrhaging, contusions, and lacerations. 3] The couple were in casts and bandages from head to toe. Mel's point in telling the story was the husband's consternation when the couple was moved into the intensive care unit. Mel would visit the couple daily, and when he put his ear to the husband's mouth-hole, the latter told Mel he was upset because he could not see his wife through his eye-holes. Mel would stray from the topic with more talk about Ed, his personal thoughts about love, hatred toward his ex-wife, and life as a knight. Mel felt even though one loves a person, if something were to happen to them, the survivor would grieve but love again. After finishing the second bottle of gin, the couples discuss going to dinner, but no one makes any moves to proceed with their plans. Publication history [ edit] Earlier version [ edit] Carver's original draft of the story "Beginners" was heavily edited by Gordon Lish, who cut out nearly half of Carver's story, adding in details of his own. Carver's original draft, released by his widow Tess Gallagher and published [4] in a December 2007 issue of the New Yorker, reveals the extensive edits. For instance, the character Mel was originally named Herb, and the abusive boyfriend, renamed Ed by Lish, was originally named Carl. Additionally, Herb's story about the old couple was cut nearly in half, with Lish removing the story of the old couple's home life, love, and reunion in the hospital. In Carver's original version, the two had separate rooms, which caused them to pine for each other and eventually led to a scene when they met again. Lish removed all of this, rewrote the couple into the same room, but in body casts that prevented them from seeing each other, and then explained the old man's distress thus: I mean, the accident was one thing, but it wasn't everything. I'd get up to his mouth-hole, you know, and he'd say no, it wasn't the accident exactly but it was because he couldn't see her through the eye-holes. He said that that was making him feel so bad. Can you imagine? I'm telling you, the man's heart was breaking because he couldn't turn his goddamn head and 'see' his goddamn wife. " Mel looked around the table and shook his head at what he was going to say. "I mean, it was killing the old fart just because he couldn't 'look' at the fucking woman. " Lish also cut out eight paragraphs at the end, in which Terri communicates her worry over Herb's depression to Laura and Nick, and another aspect of love is shown as Laura comforts Terri, tying together all the types of love discussed in the story. Editing [ edit] There was some contention between Raymond Carver and his editor Gordon Lish over several stories in the collection; the author complained about the "surgical amputation and transplant that might make them someway fit into the carton so the lid will close. 4] Eventually, the book was published with Lish's extensive alterations, and received critical acclaim. Shortly before his death, Carver arranged the publication of his own selection of 37 of his stories, Where I'm Calling From: Selected Tales. He included some stories as edited by Lish, some restored from his original manuscripts, and some unpublished stories. Carver's widow, Tess Gallagher, fought with Knopf for permission to republish the 17 stories in What We Talk About When We Talk About Love as they were originally written by Carver. [5] These original versions eventually appeared in Beginners, published by Jonathan Cape in 2009, and in the Library of America volume Collected Stories. [6] Links to other works [ edit] The stories "So Much Water So Close to Home" and "Tell the Women We're Going" were adapted for Robert Altman 's 1993 feature film Short Cuts. The former was also later adapted for the 2006 film Jindabyne. The story "Why Don't You Dance. serves as the basis for the award-winning 2004 short film Everything Goes as well as for the 2010 feature film Everything Must Go. The 2012 film Stuck in Love uses the quote “I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone's heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark” from "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" as the main character's, author Bill Borgens's, favorite quote. They were the last words spoken in the film. Alejandro González Iñárritu 's 2014 film Birdman or: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance depicts an eclipsed Hollywood star, Riggan Thomson, who mounts a Broadway production of "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" as its central storyline. The Broadway production includes several aspects of the Carver story — such as the four friends telling stories over a bottle of gin, and Mel's story about the couple in the car crash — but also includes other, more melodramatic storylines that are not part of the Carver story. Thomson attributes his choice of acting as a profession to a complimentary note he once received from Carver written on a cocktail napkin. The title of the story "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" has been echoed by several writers and artists. citation needed] including: What We Talk About. song by Old 97's that appears on the 1999 album Fight Songs " What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love. 2005 song by Deus What I Talk About When I Talk About Running - Haruki Murakami 's 2007 memoir centered on running The Hip Hop Wars: What We Talk About When We Talk About Hip Hop - and Why It Matters - 2008 book by Tricia Rose What We Talk About When We Talk About Ralph Samson - article by Chuck Klosterman that appears in the 2009 anthology book, Eating the Dinosaur "That of Which We Speak When We Speak of the Unspeakable. Cthulhu Mythos short story written by Nick Mamatas and published in the 2009 anthology Lovecraft Unbound: Twenty Stories (ed. Ellen Datlow) What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank - 2011 book by Nathan Englander What We Talk About When We Talk About War - 2012 book by Noah Richler What We Talk About When We Talk About God - 2013 book by Rob Bell What We Talk About When We Talk About Games - a 2015 academic study on video games and natural language processing [7] What We Talk About When We Talk About Love - Hong Kong author Cheuk Wan Chi 's 2016 book centered on relationship, content generated from 5 nights of Facebook live interacting with audience What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape - a 2018 book by Sohaila Abdulali References [ edit.

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