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Tl;dr: Of all the exorbitant bullshit and convoluted hybrid-truths told in his 2018 auto-bio: Wanna Bet? A Degenerate Gambler's Guide to Living on the Edge, Chapter Nine's 'Digging a Hole' is probably the most credible (along with the 21 times " nigger " occurs throughout the book, 20 of those can be accounted for herein. “IT TOOK ME YEARS to achieve the command of stand-up that I have now. Working up a new hour of material is a process that starts months before it gets to an audience. I test bits here and there and refine them until it all hangs together. I go over everything until I think its great, so once Im on tour, doing some version of the same hour every night, its yesterdays news to me. That doesnt mean I dont enjoy it; it just means that Im used to it, which leaves room for boredom. And when that happens, I dig a hole. Im not special; that is what all good comics do to keep themselves at the top of their game. When youre working on new material and youre not sure if its good, get a shovel and start digging—youll find out soon enough. Digging myself into a hole onstage is the creative jolt I have to have. One of my favorite exercises is showing up unannounced at the Comedy Cellar in New York, and if hes around, sometimes Dave Attell will come with me. We will arrive at 1:00 or 2:00 a. m. on a weekend when all the tourists and college kids are drunk, and we make fun of each other, ourselves, and everyone in the audience until every last person gets up and leaves. Its a great time! Ive cleared rooms, but Dave Attell is a master who can clear a room as easily as he can fill it. His true brilliance is doing both in the same set, which is the ultimate comedy high, in my opinion. Deciding to do that is like taking action on your own set, and you know how I feel about taking action. My friend Nick Di Paolo, who is angry and hates himself more than anyone I know, enjoys going all-in as well. He and I did a tour together a few years ago, and the second we got bored of killing night after night, we started playing a little game. Once you know which jokes in your set work every time, you consider those your safe material. They dont need pacing, they dont need a long setup; pull them out at any time and youll get your laughs. The unsafe stuff is what you want to focus on because its still raw and you dont know how its going to do. Thats the problem with younger comedians nowadays; theyre all cowards who are afraid to fail. They work out a safe set of material that does not offend, and they stick to it like a script. Theyve missed the point, because the only way you get better is by failing. They dont understand that because theyre spineless PC zombies who were raised on selfies. It doesnt make any sense to me, because young people are so easy to offend, but at the same time, they cant be shocked. Thanks to the internet, theyve seen everything and are incredibly blasé about out-there shit, but if you make them deal with something in real life, they get offended. If you force them to think about things, and put those things in their faces, they get traumatized and horrified because they cant handle it. On most college campuses, all I have to say is “ Bruce Jenner has a pussy, ” and the crowd will go nuts, and not in a good way. To them, Bruce Jenner is the face of transgender identity politics. To me, hes the guy who won the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. Big difference! Youre telling me that the guy with the gold medal that used to be on my Wheaties box when I was a kid has a pussy? I need a couple of seconds to adjust to that information. A sixty-year-old guy gets a pussy and the next day causes a pileup on the highway. I dont think that was a coincidence. Talk about distracted driving; I think he was playing with his new pussy. What male cop wouldnt understand that? “You killed nine people, Bruce. ” “ I just got a pussy. ” “ No shit? Youre free to go. ” When I do that one, the kids are shocked and the women are appalled. But its gotten to the point where Ive begun to enjoy pissing people off more than I enjoy making them laugh, which is another way of gambling with my career. The stranger and grosser I go with a bit, the more fun I have, because everyone is too fucking sensitive. This generations Clint Eastwood is Neil Patrick Harris, a gay guy who plays a womanizer on TV. Need I say more? A lot of my comedy isnt about telling jokes; its about giving people a jolt, which is a lot riskier. And thats why I love it. Testing new material is like juggling with chain saws for the first time. You could die, or you could do the impossible and pull off a trick theyll never forget. I dont believe in focus groups or dress rehearsals; I believe in delivering the product to the consumers directly to see if they like it. New stuff might bomb, but if you dont have the balls to bomb, you shouldnt be on a stage—you should be in the audience. These young comics today have a seven-minute set that theyve worked on for months or years even. They know it kills, and its exactly what theyll use if they ever get a spot on a talk show. That set will be clean, it will show the world who they are, and in their minds, it might get them a Seinfeld sitcom. To them I say, “ Whatever, losers. Unfriend me on Facebook. ” Those comedians would never dream of digging a hole the way I do. Keep in mind that I consider this fun. Ill get onstage and in the first few minutes say something intended to completely lose me the audience. It is so intentionally offensive on such an unexpected level that, instantly, Im standing up there alone at the bottom of a fifty-foot pit. Thats comforting to me because from there I know my job: to spend the rest of the set climbing out. I try to find a way to win them back, and if it works by the end, I still kill. Its a wild ride, but it doesnt always end well, because sometimes the hole is too deep and my new material isnt strong enough to win the day. Anyway, I do this by saying the worst thing I can think of as soon as I take the stage. My go-to is always the N-word, but as bad as saying that is, it isnt enough of a shock. So I go further: I say the N-word in a way that it isnt part of a joke; I make it part of me telling a story as if it just so happened to be the word I chose. I say it in a way that is so blatantly racist that it makes everyone instantly uncomfortable. Heres an example. “ Im sorry Im late tonight, guys, but on the way here a nigger cut me off. ” Another scheme of mine is to tell a truly offensive joke and keep making mistakes telling it, so I end up repeating racial epithets until it gets awkward. That one goes something like this. “ So my uncle told me this joke the other day. Two spics and a nigger walk into a bar … wait a minute. Im sorry, its three spics and one nigger … okay, wait, thats not it. Its three niggers and a Jew. No, wait, is it four niggers? No, no, no, its four spics and a filthy kike, thats what it is. No, wait, its one filthy kike, three guineas, and a nigger that walk in to a bar. Wait, four niggers and a … yeah, know what? Ill get back to that one. ” A few years ago when I toured with Dave Attell and Nick Di Paolo, some nights the three of us would all dig holes to see who climbed out best. Id do the joke I just told and try not to laugh listening to those two offstage guffawing while a room of uptight people somewhere in Indiana looked at me like I was up there raping someones grandmother. The gag is that I always eventually abandon the joke, but how long I keep it going depends on how deep a hole Im after. Some nights Ive gone on for quite a while, well past the point of the last uneasy laughs. On those nights when I say, “ Never mind, Ill get back to that one, ” the crowd looks even more horrified. Theyve just sat through three minutes of racist non sequiturs and got no payoff. Other nights Id set the whole thing up as a tribute to my uncle, who never shies away from a racist joke, by the way. “ Hey, guys, its my uncles birthday today, so allow me to tell this corny, old-fashioned joke of his. He has told our family this joke around the table every Christmas for as long as I can remember. ” And then Id break ground with my shovel and let the indignities fly. Sometimes, I feel the need to take it even further than that. “ Hey, so my mother told me this joke today, and my mother, she is such a card, she loves this joke. Four niggers are fucking a monkey. No, wait, four monkeys are fucking a nigger. Wait, Im sorry, this is my mothers joke, so the monkeys are the niggers in this one. Three kikes are fucking four niggers and a monkey—which if you think about it, is really five niggers, right? I think thats how she tells it. No, wait, maybe its three guineas? You know I am a guinea, so Im allowed to say that. Anyway, three niggers, a wop, and four kikes are … you know what? Ill get back to it; I cant remember how it goes. ” No matter how far that gets me from any kind of connection with the audience, its not enough. I wait until the room is nice and awkwardly silent, then I say something innocuous. “ Anybody here have a CD player? Because mines on the fritz. I think I need a new one. ” “ Anyone here ever been to an airport? I mean, come on, right? ” Following up racism with the cleanest, most unoriginal comedy bit I can think of always seals the deal. How could it not? What audience wouldnt be wondering where else they could be that night after several minutes of racist slurs followed by “How about those airlines—theyre crazy! ” On that tour with Attell and Di Paolo, I was famously the one who dug the deepest hole every night, and my batting average for getting out of it was pretty good. That tour was creative and inspiring, because the three of us tried out new material and approached each audience differently. We had to be at the top of our game or else wed fail, because wed started by alienating the crowd. This used to be “a more widespread practice in the stand-up comedy world, but nowadays—thanks to cell phones—people pussy out since everything gets recorded. Put it this way: if Michael Richards wasnt captured by audience members cell phone cameras, his career would have gone on, because he would have been able to dispute it. Sure, the people that were there that night would stand by what they saw, but without footage there would be doubt. He would have been able to say that he didnt do it or say that they were taking his comments out of context. He could say the whole thing was a bit and that his accusers didnt get it, or that they were just crazy and exaggerating. Hell, without video, he could even say, “Sure, I said nigger, but I didnt say it eight times. Who does that? ” Even if he admitted it in that way, I think people would have bought it. When youre a celebrity, especially one who played such a beloved character, people want to believe you, but unfortunately you cant refute footage from multiple sources at the scene. When people see something on tape, youre done; they decide for themselves no matter what you say. Which reminds me of another joke Ive used to dig myself into a hole at the start of a set. This one isnt a sure thing, because it paints such a funny picture that it always gets a handful of uncomfortable laughs. Its an awkward one, but its a good joke on its own. I love this joke, so I do it as a regular bit in my act on nights and in clubs where I feel comfortable, because its not for everyone or every audience. Its the kind of joke that kills in Boston around midnight—which, if you havent been there, is a lot like being at a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Here it is. “How great would it have been if nigger was Kramers catchphrase? Think about it. If every time he did one of those crazy entrances, his catchphrase was nigger. ‘Oh, I hope Kramer doesnt show up. ‘Ahhh-ha! Nigger! Jerry and George would be in Jerrys apartment talking and be interrupted by Kramer sliding through the door yelling, ‘Nigger? That would have been great! ‘Has anybody “seen Kramer? ‘Nuh-nuh-nuh-nigger! Here I am, Jerry! ” Its too bad. If Kramers catchphrase had been nigger, Michael Richards would still have a career. Digging a hole is a risk, but I see it as necessity. Its what I have to do when stand-up gets boring, because the minute youre complacent doing stand-up comedy is the minute youre through. You have to remain prolific, and you can never rest on your laurels or rely solely on your tried-and-true stuff. You have to be able to read the crowd and adjust accordingly. No matter who they are, you have to find a way to grab their attention and take them with you wherever you want to go. A great act takes timing, good material, and the ability to read the crowd. To continue to be good, you have to stay sharp and be resourceful. George Carlin wrote forty fucking hours of stand-up, which is insane. I have shot three one-hour specials, which Im proud of since a lot of people stop after theyve done just one. I dont plan on slowing down. In fact, of the books, my podcast, and whatever TV I do, I will always write stand-up because I love it the most. And why wouldnt I? If you approach it the way I do, stand-up is a gamble and a thrill ride every time. Stand-up is also the only risk Im paid to take. At this point in my life, I get up there and Ive got nothing to prove. Ive lived through enough crazy shit that even if I were a dimwit comic, I could get on stage and entertain people just by telling stories for a few minutes. Doing it well is a gift, because being funny is a very powerful thing. In social circles, the funniest person commands the room. It isnt the richest man or the best-looking woman; its the funniest person who has control over everyone. If you can make people laugh, you can make people listen to you. If you are truly funny, you will end up at the front of the line. People like being around funny people, because humor makes everyone feel smarter and more alive. As a comic, when we get onstage, its an acknowledgment from the world that we are so funny and so interesting that people who dont even know us are willing to pay money to hear what we have to say. Think about that for a moment. We do; and thats why once we have fans, we feel the pressure to always be good and to keep getting better. Fans are invaluable to a comic because they both encourage and challenge us. Good audiences at a comedy club have an energy that we can feel. “ Okay, motherfucker. So you think youre funny? Well, be funny. Show me what youve got. ” Thats the attitude of a good audience, and that vibe that feeds us. Doing stand-up is walking a tightrope strung up by your ego, and every joke that works is one step farther across the abyss of your insecurity and self-loathing. When you get the balance right, youre invincible. Ive slept with women so far out of my league because theyd just seen me kill. That kind of success is immediate power. If I bomb, the same woman will never fuck me, because even if she sees me kill the very next night, the stench of failure will always be on me. If everything goes right, Im Warren Beatty in the 70s; if it doesnt, Im a midget with syphilis. I love offending people. I love wandering out there on the edge because I love chance. I love bets where the odds are fifty-fifty, like telling a joke with no clue as to how the audience will react. When I do that, Im proud, because it reminds me of why Im doing this in the first place. It reminds me of the first time I heard a Richard Pryor album. Pryor did not give a fuck, ever. He talked about everything that people were scared of at the time: racism, drug use, and police oppression. That was forty years ago, by the way, which says a lot about how much weve grown as a society. Pryor was, to say the least, ahead of his time. He talked about those aspects of our society in a way that was so raw that I felt like Id get arrested just for listening to him. Artie Lange during The 10th Annual U. S. Comedy Arts Festival - Day One at St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, CO That is what comedy should be like. Comics should speak the truth while offending every single person in sight. If you dont believe me, heres an example. In 2004, I was playing the Aspen Laff Festival, and at the time, I was still very much off the wagon. I did a set at 1:00 a. m., and at that hour, a festival crowd is the real deal: comedy writers, comics, and agents. At the time, my manager (who is no longer my manager but not because of anything that happened that night) was trying to close a deal for me to do a comedy special with HBO. There were a lot of influential people from the network there, including Michael Patrick King, the executive producer, writer, and figurehead of Sex and the City. Whatever you might think of that show, it was an HBO institution and in 2004 was in the midst of a popular and successful final season after six years. My former manager knew that Michael Patrick King was in the audience and told me to tone it down and play it safe. His reasoning was that we were on the verge of selling the special and that I could do whatever I wanted “to after that, but until then I should keep it on the level. As an extremely heterosexual former longshoreman from New Jersey, even I knew that Sex and the City was written by the gayest men alive, so I did a set that revolved around one question: Am I homophobic? I havent done it in a while, but its an extended bit where I psychoanalyze myself in front of the audience, playing both a therapist and myself, each of us trying to figure out if Im homophobic or not. Its a showcase for my most homophobic material, and on this particular night, I found a way to work in not only my stuff but every good gay joke Ive ever heard. I destroyed, as I do whenever I pull this routine out. Michael Patrick King and his entourage of Sex and the City writers walked out in the middle of it, which I took as a badge of honor. I was glad they didnt like me; some people can be so arrogant about comedy. Anyway, their exit sent my set into flux for a minute, because everyone who had been laughing at the gay jokes suddenly wondered if theyd been wrong to do so, but I won them back pretty quickly. A lot of gay guys who have heard me do that bit think its hilarious for the same reason the Sex and the City crew did not: they like it because its rude, crude, and not socially acceptable. We all have preferences and peccadilloes that wed prefer to keep private, but dragging them out into the light of day is fucking funny. That is your job as a comic: to talk about shit that most people dont want to talk about. The mood in the green room after my set was pretty uncomfortable. The two comics who had opened for me were there hanging out, and they were politically correct women who were hoping to get into HBOs good graces. Sarah Jessica Parker popped in to say hello to one of them and ignored me, the three–hundred–pound baby gorilla in the room. My fondest memory of that night is my former manager trying to be upbeat. “ Art its going to be a lot harder for me to sell them a special after that walkout, but Ill do my best. ” He thought my career was over. Which is why hes no longer my manager: he was wrong. The next day, HBO called his office and offered me 250, 000 for a one-hour comedy special. The next week, The Onion ran a front-page story with a picture of me and the greatest headline Ive ever seen: FCC SENTENCES ARTIE LANGE TO DEATH. These two career highlights were achieved because I listened to no one else but me that night. That is why I never shy away from a gay joke when the most important gays in the world are in the audience. The lesson to learn here is that whoever you are and whatever you do, dont ever be afraid to go for broke. There is no tried-and-true set of rules to this thing we call life, so go with your gut and play to win. If you dont, youre a fag. Excerpt From: Artie Lange, 2018. “ * Wanna Bet. ” Chapter 9 'Digging a Hole' epub.

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TLDR: Banning External "Baubles" is Pointless; Restrict Ballistic Capability (of medium-powered rifle rounds) My Analysis: Wow, a Grabber finally realizing that banning external features does nothing. If medium powered rounds are akin to WMDs, what would this dummy think about full power rifle rounds? The author seems to think that 5. 56 and 7. 62 are "calibers" but at least he's using numbers. I will now use "Bauble" when describing the features which assault weapon legislation actually restricts. Americas assault weapons laws seem largely a failure. The federal ban, enacted in 1994, did not demonstrably reduce violence and was allowed to expire 10 years later. State-level equivalents seem equally ineffective. In California, whose 1989 assault weapons act was first in the nation, gunmen armed with. 223- and 7. 62 mm-caliber rifles, respectively, took the lives of Sacramento police officer Tara OSullivan in June and California Highway Patrol officer Andre Moye last month. Another gunman killed three people and wounded a dozen more at an outdoor festival in July. So should we give up on banning dangerous firearms? Absolutely not. The reason these laws have proved ineffective isnt because a ban cant work; its because none have addressed the underlying characteristic that makes some firearms so lethal in the first place: their ballistics. After OSullivans death, Sacramentos grieving police chief pointed out that “bulletproof” vests are no match for high-power rifles. Hes correct. According to FBI data, 471 police officers were feloniously shot and killed in the United States during the past decade. More than 100 were killed by rifles, 65 in the powerful. 223, 5. 56 mm and 7. 62 mm calibers common to assault-style weapons. Rifles also figured in 20 of the 21 fatalities caused by rounds that penetrated body armor. California, six other states and the District “ban” assault weapons. But these laws skirt around caliber. Instead, they focus on a weapons physical attributes. For example, California requires that semiautomatic firearms with external baubles such as handgrips have non-detachable magazines and limits ammunition capacity to 10 rounds. Those characteristics, though, arent the main reason assault-style weapons are so dangerous. Thats fundamentally a matter of ballistics. High-energy, high-velocity. 223- 5. 56- and 7. 62-caliber projectiles have unbelievable penetration power. When these bullets pierce flesh, they produce massive wound cavities, pulverizing blood vessels and destroying nearby organs. Rifles can deliver this mayhem from a distance. Thats what happened in 2017 when an ostensibly law-abiding gambler opened fire with AR-15-type rifles from his Las Vegas hotel room, killing 58 and wounding more than 400 others. Such massacres have become commonplace. On Aug. 3, a 21-year-old man allegedly used an AK-47-style rifle to kill 22 and wound more than two dozen at an El Paso shopping center. One day later, a 24-year-old man donned body armor, grabbed an AR-15-type rifle and burst into a Dayton, Ohio, nightclub, killing nine and wounding more than two dozen. Then came the carnage in West Texas, where another AR-15-style rifle was used to kill seven and wound 22, including three police officers. Despite the deplorable toll, not one state has dared address ballistics. Why? Because it might offend hobbyists who get a thrill from tinkering with powerful guns, as well as citizens who want such weapons for self-defense. It would also threaten the interests of the gun industry, whose economic viability depends on producing and importing ever-more-formidable hardware. So lawmakers have chipped away at the margins — say, by limiting ammunition capacity. But even 10 highly lethal rounds are an awful lot. With guns and gun parts readily available from private parties and through the Internet, restrictions on how weapons are configured are also easy to circumvent. Consider the 2015 San Bernardino massacre, when a married couple murdered 14 and wounded 22 with a pair of state-legal AR-15 clones. Both weapons had been modified to accept high-capacity magazines, in a simple process thats described online. Bottom line: Many semiautomatic firearms are exceptionally lethal whether theyre short- or long-barreled, have handgrips or extended magazines. What can be done? Following the examples set by Britain and, most recently, New Zealand, we could ban them outright. Or we could create a scale of lethality, assigning scores for penetration ability and wounding effect along with ammunition capacity, rate of fire and accuracy at range. Guns that wind up at the dangerous extreme could be prohibited, while others would be subject to a range of controls. Of course, even the best-crafted scale wont solve our epidemic of gun violence. By all means, expand background checks and implement “red flag” laws. But dont use that as an excuse to keep ignoring what lies at the root of the mayhem: fearsome ballistics. Address that, and the toll will ease.

Muchas gracias. Watch the highway is for gamblers live.

Watch The Highway Is for gamblers

Watch the highway is for gamblers real. Watch the highway is for gamblers today. Its dark as pitch. Neighbourhood's wakin' up soon and I aint yet done flyerin. Anyone sees me and theyll know Is the one dumpin all them papers on their doors. Then they chuckem without even looking and I hear it from the boss, no one bought nothing. I just got that look about me, you know? The look that says this guy aint worth your business, he aint but trouble. Its hard to fill a plate when your good sides your backside. What flyers we givin out today? A goblin with spiked hair and a needle grin wants you to lose weight. “When losing wins! ” he says, lookin the schemer. The address and phone number of an exercise gym is below. The trick is to slip in the flyer alongside the morning newspaper. Then it falls out when Pa sitsim down at the table with his reading glasses on, ready to learn ‘bout the world. “Whats this? ” he says. Reads it then turns to Ma. “Hows that gym working out for you, anyways? You dont seem to ever go. This one looks easier to get to. ” He forgets. She forgets. Then on his way home he sees the big gym sign on the roadway and thinks it worth the look-at, just to see. He might even bring the flyer with him when he goes inside. Might even give it to the girl who greets him at the desk. We get a bonus for what the boss call, “income spikes” cause if we flyer real good then the business bumps up in its clientele. I won it four times already and every time it flew right into the cash register of the Cadillac Lounge, and I flew my way home not long after, too broke to ride the bus, even. But why the goblin? I dont want no pixies ticklin my ankles when hefting the iron. Whoever seen a goblin do exercise? It aint right. I look him right in the eye, focusing deep. My eyes narrow, but his twinkle. Can paper twinkle? I flip them flyers upside down in my satchel. He can look at the dirt all I care. He aint gotta see me. Jump the hedge, climb the stairs, flyer the door, leap down, cross the lawn. Yeah. “When losing wins ”. I been losing long enough. Losing dont ever win, but let the gym goblin figure that one out. Jump the hedge, climb the stairs, flyer the. Theres a flyer already. Same flyer as I got. I aint been here yet, I know I aint. Been doing this so long I can draw this towns streets blind, with water, with smoke even, and theres no way this side of Louisville I cross my own path. I can see with my minds eye the streets I done tonight and it aint this one. But its different somehow. Just a bit. The grins sharper. The hair spikes spread out, like a fan. Hes got an earring. I see the flyer I got with me, and now its changed too. That grin, like he gettin every tooth ready. I dont know this house, but they aint need none of my service. I back out and cross the lawn to the next one. But this ones got one, too, before I even been here. And this time the ears is sharp and hes sorta green, like the green from a bruise, a bruise that covers all the goblin face. And why aint the sky brightenin already? I nearly finish my stack and its still dark as sin. The longest night, longer than winter. Aint no cars, no wind, no trees shaking or crickets chirping. No moon, no clouds. Hows that even a thing, that there aint moon or clouds? Maybe theys a clock inside that I can spot from the window. People keepem in their living rooms, and this ones got a living room right beside the front entrance. Thats what Im thinkin, so I lean hard against the door to see inside. No ones about, but no clocks either. And the door pushes. I pull back right away, but I already gone and done it. The door opens bigger and it wont stop, like its falling downhill or something. A blast of warm air from the house. I been out so long I aint even know I was cold, but this feels so nice, and whys it smell like the Cadillac Lounge? Man, a good drink would end this night the right way… But the house is a wreck. Newspaper, broken dishes, vinyl records, baby formula. Theres one light on, just one, and its in the cellar. Now I know I aint supposed to go in, but I do. And I know I aint supposed to go down the stairs, but I do. And I know that door at the end of them stairs, the heavy door with iron that all the light was shining from, shoulda stayed closed, but it was so warm, and I could smell it: my friends, my family, the one in them bottles. I tried to kill myself once. Suicide. It was all done and I meant to, but couldnt figure out how to go ‘bout it. I know yous supposed to jump from a bridge, but we aint got no high-up bridges around here and I aint the worst swimmer anyway, so I got me two bottles, one with pills and the other Jack Daniels. But then I woke up all the same, next afternoon. Pill bottles empty. Jack Daniels sure as hell empty. I aint the only one with no stomach for death, but mys the only stomach thats too strong. I push the door. Its so heavy! Im in the Cadillac Lounge, and its in this cellar, and its the Cadillac Lounge, but it aint the Cadillac Lounge. Man, if it dont sing to me the same! Theres people about, but no ones drinking. Theys slumped passed dead into the tables. Others are watching, staring, like theys expectin a cowboy wild west showdown. And they aint people. Not really. They looksem like people, but looksem like other things too. One tables got a troupe of garden gnomes. Anothers a big insect, still a person, with all them hair and nose and such, and I seeim thinking like one, but he got ball eyes and arms bent all crooked-bout. “Shut the door! ” calls the one tending bar, but I cant see anyone back there. He sounds serious, so I turn back to obey, but the door hearsim too and wafts shut all on its own. Aint no leaving now, not that I mind. Always knew the bar as my better home anyway. “Whats yer poison? ” I stare. Its the goblin, the one from the flyer. Hes wiping a glass dry, too short to see over the counter. “Whiskey. Dry. ” “We got stuff for your kind, but not the dry. Just the whiskey. ” “Serves me. Thats the one I wanted most, all the same. ” A bowl of withered peanuts. I reach. “Woah, pal! ” The bartender scoops the tray away from me. “Thems for us! Not you! Not your kind. ” “Whatcha saying, my kind? ” The bartender gestures to a table of gnarly oafs. “Wes the only ones can withstand the flames of hell. You still have life to burn. ” Its an insult, but a strange one. I aint got no response to someone who say I cant be in hell. I aint never want to be there to begin with, but hes wrong. I been in hell, and it burns. It burned me inside to out. “I know you. I seen you. You got a gym or something. ” “We all have our place in life, ” the bartender sneers. “And death. ” “ You got me here! It was you, I know it! You the one here paid me to hand out them flyers! See? I gotem right here! ” “My what? No mate. Nothing from above. I cant touch it. ” “Look. See? Youre right there. ” “Get it gone! ” he shrieks, like his flyers be the light of Jesus sent to shrivel his green ass. “I dont know you, man, ” the bartender scowls. Hes breathin real heavy. “You dont belong here. ” Then he moves all hateful to the other end of the bar. Fine with me, goblin-green hell-soul sonofabitch. I look at them other patrons, try to figure em out. They aint movin, aint talkin, but once in a while one of ‘em snaps at another. They aint no friends here, just gangs. A minute later (or was it a year. the bartenders back. “You gamble, mate? ” “Whatchasayin? ” “Gamble? You a gambler? ” “Like horsetrack? ” “Hold ‘em. Texas. ” “I do hold ‘em. ” “You good? ” “I do hold ‘em. Whatchu want, James Bond? ” “Look mate, I dont know why youre here, but I got need for a gambler, so if youre him bend an ear this way. Me and you, we play a game. You win, I get you whatever you want. I win, I get what I want. What you want, mate? ” “A stiff drink and a way home. You? ” “Same as you, mate, less the drink. Got enough of those. In? ” Fuck this goblin bitch. “ All in. ” The bartenders grin sears his cheekbones. “Ill be right back. You dont go nowhere. ” As he walks away a cruel taunt flits back from over his shoulder, “Get used to hearing that! ” Now Is at a roulette table in the back corner where a faun cashes out a big win. He wears a patch over his right eye, like a pirate, but he aint no sailor. As he scoopsem coins together he aint see a troupe of yellow, pot-bellied imps gather ‘bout his ankles. Too late. The faun bares his teeth, but the imps are on him, ripping patches of fur from his legs, knocking him down with blows to the back of the knees. Quick and dirty. Real professional. I back away quickly, too quickly, and splash some of my drink onto the table. It sizzles, as though the table were hot as an oven. And then Im back at the bar, as is the bartender. “50 coins each, ” he says. “Two coins blind. Dont touch yours, theyll burn. Ill arrange both stacks. Blinds raise every ten hands. ” “Yous dealer? ” “We switch. Dont worry about the cards, mate, I found a deck you can touch safely. Thats why I was gone so long. ” “You werent gone that long. ” My opponent chortles. Is a comedian, I guess. “Not long at all! Not long at all! ” He deals two cards to each of us. I have the three of clubs, king of spades. “Fold. ” A hearty laugh from the bartender. “Youre blind! You dont fold! Theres no need! ” “Ok…stay…” “This your first game babe? Too late now. Im taking your blind. ” The goblin snitches two coins from my stack. My turn to deal. To the goblins delight I spill the cards while shuffling them. “Dont lose any! ” he mocks. “I turned over graves to get those! ” “I got ‘em. I got ‘em, ” I feel like a baby, learnin to walk with everyone watching. The deal comes and I get a four and six, hearts. “Raise, ” I call. “Youre raising? How much? The most you can do is double. ” “Double. ” “Youre on, mate. I call. ” I deal a jack, ace and five into the centre of the table. “Pass. ” “Raise, ” announces the bartender. ” “Fold? ” “Ya…I mean stay. ” My head ducks. “I stay. ” The bartender looks me in the eye, lookin for something he knows he aint gonna find. He seems mighty worried for someone ‘bout to mop the floor with a starter. “Look, friend. This game is worth something, you understand? Its too late to back out, but you gotta smarten up, got it? No more of this rookie play. ” “Sorry, ” I sound sorry, real sorry. “Its been some time. ” “Youre in, too late now. You committed and were playing it out. See, mate? Im doubling the pot. ” “So I gotta put down another card? ” His mouth tumbles open like he forgot to latch it shut. He pulls some coins from my side into the middle. “Now you do. ” Its another jack, my suit but aint no flush happenin now. The chance for a straight or flush before the flop is less than fifteen percent. Thirteen an half, if Is bein exact, with ‘bout one third chance to win at all. I knew the hand would lose right when I saw it. ” “Wait your turn. ” The goblin is annoyed. All the same he drags my coins to his stack and deals a new hand. “You first? ” I ask. “Yes. I raise. ” I peek at my cards, taking care to not brush my hand on the burnin table. Ace of diamonds, nine of clubs. ” The goblin snatches my cards off the table and flipsem sunny side up. “Whats this? An ace? Why are you folding an ace? Whatchu thinking? ” “Hey! Cheater! ” I call. “Thems cards dead! ” “And sos you if you think play me the fool. You know thats a winning hand. Whyd you fold it? ” “Just you play, ” now I sound cool. “Yous in, all in. ” “ Youre the fool, you know that? ” rages the bartender. “You. Not me. Know why? You never asked what I wanted. You never asked what I get if I win. ” “You said it. You leave here an I stay till the nextun come in to lose a hand of cards. ” “Ya? And how do I get to leave? ” “Dont keep me waiting. ” “I leave as you. I take your skin, your teeth, your face, your life. Everyone you know, everything you own. ” “So we switch oursleves? I getta be all short ‘n green? ” “You like bein green? ” “You try black. You try black for a day an a night in Louisville and you tell me whats so bad about green. You wanna win? Fine with me. Thats all fine, dont mind it one bit. Ima teach you ‘bout when losing wins. ” “Deal, ” says the goblin. And so I deal. “Fold, ” I call. “You aint even looked at your hand. ” “Correct, my man. When them blinds gettin raised? ” “Six more hands. ” “We got a ways to go. Deal already. ” The goblin glares as he passes out the cards. Safe now for a taunt. “Hope you got friends in the banking business. Im dollars in debt. Credit cards all snipped up. They wreck you for those. Did I say Im down in rent, too? ‘Bout three months down, but Im by the highway and the water dont run at my place so fine with me. Looks like the water runs real smooth here. You got a room back there? Betcha gotta cot and TV set up and everything. Seems real nice here. I could get useta this. ” The bartender folds immediately after dealing. “Too late, pal. Yous up in loot and blinds aint droppin. Lemme explain to you ‘bout alimony, wage garnerin. You want my life? You got it. Every lovin minute. ” As hand after hand is folded I douse the bartenders spirit with words of what life he ‘bout to inherit. Poverty. Crime. Slums. Blinds raise every tenth hand and soon enough I cant pay the ante. “You win, ” I says, my favourite loss ever. “Take your prize. Every stick of it. ” “Youre all-in, ” says the bartender back. “And Im calling. ” “I fold. ” “You cant. Not on the last hand. You have to go all-in. House rules. ” Goddamn. So this how he plays it. Its strange but he aint lyin. Fuckem house rules. “Heres your cards. ” I aint gonna pick them up. Instead I brag, “I aint gonna look. Just flop it... ” “Suit yourself, ” the bartender says with a pause. Hes real nervous. “I aint looking neither. ” “You been real kind to me, you know that? Either you take my life or I get me a free drink and a free ride home. Its a good night, best night I had in years. ” The deal comes. Jack of hearts, queen of hearts, eight of hearts. Danger. This means flush, maybe even a straight flush. I best not have no hearts. On the turn is the eight of clubs. The river shows another eight, diamonds. “Flipem, ” says the goblin. I turn my first card over. A two of hearts. Nineteen percent chance to hit the flush. I best not win. Last card. King of hearts. Heaven almighty. A hand full of hearts. Itll never be beat. The hand every gambler begs for just damned me back to Louisville. The bartender sighs long and easy. “Well that does it mate. Good hand. ” “You still got yours. ” He flips his first card and sinks upon seeing it. Ace of hearts, flush territory. Not just that, but the ace means his flushll beat mine. “Not so sure now? ” I aint above mocking. “How lucky you feel? This gonna work for you? You know its gonna happen. You know yous gonna take the hand and take it all. I know it. You know it. Its all right here. One more card. You got it. You win. Yous the man. ” “Shut up. Shut up. ” The goblin flips his final card. It isnt a heart. He didnt hit the flush. He be happy till he sees it, a queen of spades, and thats a full house. A full house beats a flush. He wins. I lose. And now I sees me gloating all happy like Christmas, but not for long. My face falls and I droop my head into my hands with arthritis. But it aint me. Is on the other side of the table, grinnin like the evil goblin I now is. “Doors behind you, ” I tell the black fool. “Thanks for stopping in, mate. Sorry you got burned. ” I reach into the bowl of peanuts. Never have I tasted nothin so delicious.

Watch the highway is for gamblers dead.
And it's all over now, baby blue. Incredible song from an incredible artist.
I watched this movie because of brie larson and it was good movie.
This man comes to our village and steals our frogs.
Jim Bennett is the real meaning of THUG LIFE.

Watch The Highway Is for gamblers anonymous. Best one two album-finishing punch there ever was. this is blow two. Watch The Highway Is for gambler. Drama USA / Velká Británie, 2019, 96 min Hrají: Lucy Fry, Eiza González, Bonnie Wright, Nikki Reed, Sheila Vand, Daniela Bobadilla, Joe Jonas, Blake Berris, Brad Carter, Ryun Yu, Alicia Gerrard ( další profese) přehled komentáře zajímavosti ocenění videa galerie ext. recenze ve filmotéce v bazaru diskuze Videa k filmu (1) Video Vertical Entertainment Nastala chyba při přehrávání videa. D: Trailer 01:39 Vložit video do jiné stránky Šířka: px zachovat rozměry proporciálně Výška: Kód.

I go to casino's trying to win money and eventually i go with the winning money to my favorite place called duisburg hookers. Watch the highway is for gamblers 2016. Watch the highway is for gamblers youtube. Gambling came to Africa like a storm and consumed most of our youth, me being one of them, If it wasn't for the Kenyan gov't to be strict on the regulations and rules forcing most of the illegal betting firms to shut down most of us, I myself included would have been washed up. I also have friends who were serious addicts. Gambling might seem good at first with the wins, but as you progress it drains your whole self mentally and financially.

The,Highway,Is,for,Gamblers,Without,Registering. Watch the highway is for gamblers california. If you like this drama, enjoy. Drama is caused by 51% of the world's population which have the same destructive nature. Movies with humans have the hero and girl trying to get with each other. They even include animals assuming human characteristics of that man-woman nonsense. Be careful of what gets brainwashed into your subconscious from this. Watch out for hole guys. The romance angle (romance(tm) is too much a term for this) is handled charmingly/cutesy but all of this is like aw man here we go with this stuff. I know this movie is showing guidance to males how to deal with females. All imagination shown in this movie, creativity is the male ability, while females are replication of humans (aka babies) so both goals are contrasts with each other and know if you stick it in their hole your creativity goes swoosh disintegrates, you fall inline with patriarchy which is uncompromising. Replication is them celebrating the debauchery of humankind while creativity is trying to get closer to God (creating imaginative things.) Any contact with female is the road to babies guys. Even the cutesy way movie dalliances are portrayed. I cant provide all the know-how on the matter, what I can state here that someone else hasn't figured throughout the thousands of yrs of human knowledge. They want to grind up men but it is I who grind them into fine dust. I get it's hormones, just j/o in toilet or napkin.

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When ur first and you dont know what to say lmao. 'The Highway Is for Gamblers' movie you tube Movie Watch the highway is for gamblers. ver Online The Highway Is for Gamblers Movie Watch Online. Of course the Jackpot Casino Slots Party is the ad I got😂. The only video I've seen of Dylan post '63 with a Gibson J-50.

Never in my life i would thought that betting is so huge in Africa or even existed in such high level. I don't know if I have a gambling problem but I due know I love to gamble and won fair amounts. It seems like the more I win the more I wanna risk more knowing I could double my earnings. Bonnie Wright Wright at the 2017 Phoenix Comicon Born Bonnie Francesca Wright 17 February 1991 (age 28) Tower Hamlets, London, England Alma mater London College of Communication ( B. A. Occupation Actress director producer screenwriter model Years active 2001–present Known for Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter Bonnie Francesca Wright [1] born 17 February 1991) 2] is an English actress, film director, screenwriter, model and producer. She is best known for playing the role of Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, based on the novel series of the same name by J. K. Rowling. Early life [ edit] Bonnie Wright was born in London, the second child of Sheila Teague and Gary Wright, owners of the jewellery company Wright & Teague. Wright attended Prior Weston Primary School and later the King Alfred School in North London for her secondary education. [3] During the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2, she began attending London's University of the Arts: London College of Communication, to begin studies as a Film and Television Production Manager, because of her plans to continue acting and to work behind-the-scenes after filming Harry Potter. [4] 5] In 2012, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. [6] Career [ edit] Acting [ edit] 2001–2011: Harry Potter series [ edit] Wright in 2010 at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Wright appears in the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, only in a small scene set at London King's Cross railway station, where her character and her mother Molly meet Harry Potter as four of her older brothers board the Hogwarts express. Her role became much more prominent in the second film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, in which her character begins studies at Hogwarts and encounters a secret diary that begins to control her actions. [4] Wright had limited screen time in the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but had a large supporting role in the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Wright played a central role, joining Dumbledore's Army and eventually participating in the climactic scene in which the DA and the Order of the Phoenix battle Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Wright's central role continued in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where she became an important chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team and, ultimately Harry Potter's true love interest. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2, Wright again reprised her central role for the last time. In these films she was seen most particularly in scenes before the three protagonists went in search of Horcruxes, the final Battle of Hogwarts and in the Epilogue set nineteen years later. Wright has also provided the voice of Ginny in the video game versions of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1. Wright is one of the thirteen actors who has appeared in all eight films of the Harry Potter franchise. All the Harry Potter films were critical and high commercial successes. All the films as of 2014 have found places in List of highest-grossing films. Wright received several positive reviews for her portrayal of Ginny Weasley. Variety wrote: Bonnie Wright's Ginny intrigues as the sort of initial plain Jane who keeps growing on you. 7] wrote "that If someone told me eight years ago that Bonnie Wright, introduced as Ginny Weasley in the first movie, would turn into such a strong dramatic actress who could carry scenes as well as the three leads, I wouldn't have believed it. 8] and Film School Rejects who also wrote "Ginny (Bonnie Wright) in particular shines through, building on the power she gained in the last film to become an independent young woman that proves more complex with every scene. 9] While critic Taran Adarsh said. Bonnie] Wright makes her impact feel nicely and beautifully as Ginny Weasley throughout the Harry Potter Series. " Harry Potter author J. Rowling gave a speech during the world premiere of the eighth and final film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 on 7 July 2011 in London, England. She announced that there are seven Harry Potter film series cast members to whom she refers as "The Big Seven. She named Wright as one of the seven members, along with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch. [10] 2012–2015: subsequent acting work [ edit] Wright co-starred in two TV movies that were Stranded (2002) as the younger version of Sarah Robinson and Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures (2004) where she played the younger version of writer Agatha Christie. [11] In 2007, she guest starred on the Disney Channel 's The Replacements, where she voiced Vanessa in the second-season premiere titled "London Calling. citation needed] In 2013, she co-starred in Before I Sleep opposite David Warner, Tom Sizemore, Cynthia Gibb, Eric Roberts, Eugene Simon, Campbell Scott and Chevy Chase. [12] The film premiered at the 2013 Heartland Film Festival. [13] Afterwards, she co-starred in The Sea, based on a John Bansville novel, as Rose the young nursemaid. [14] The film premiered in competition at Edinburgh International Film Festival on 23 June 2013, 15] and had its North American premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. [16] In 2013, she also made her stage debut in the role of The Girl in Peter Ustinov 's The Moment of Truth. [17] The play was performed at the Southwark Playhouse in London on 26 June 2013 prior to an official opening on 28 June 2013 for a four-week run through 20 July 2013. [18] 19] Wright received positive reviews for her stage debut performance in The Moment of Truth play; the British Theatre Guide wrote "Bonnie Wright makes clear in her performance, she is motivated by love for her father and movingly has to face rejection from her gas-masked lover when he returns as liberator. 20] The Stage reviewer opined that "Bonnie Wright, in her stage debut, is perfectly acceptable as the Girl. 21] 22] In 2014, she took part in the third series of The Great Sport Relief Bake Off, winning the first episode and being named the "Star Baker. 23] In 2014, Wright co-starred opposite Rhys Wakefield, James D'Arcy and her Harry Potter co-star Freddie Stroma in the American Sci-fi film After the Dark (formerly known as The Philosophers [24. directed by John Huddles [25] 26] and began filming July 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Wright played Georgina, one of the students. [27] The film premiered at Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival on 7 July 2013. [28] The film was released on 7 February 2014. [24] In late 2014, she appeared in the short film How (Not) to Rob a Train as a bandit, 29] and as the character Mia in the short film Sweat which is one of five film segments for the feature length anthology film Geography of the Heart about "the complexity of intimacy, shot in five international locations around the world. She voiced a character in the animated film My Dad Is Scrooge. [30] Wright has completed Abigail Schwarz's comedy Those Who Wander, produced by Nicola Scandiffio. [31] and the adventure film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg. 32] In 2014, she signed on to co-star in Alexandra McGuinness 's thriller The Highway is for Gamblers, with Nikki Reed, Joe Jonas, and Gustaf Skarsgård. The filming is scheduled to start in mid-November 2014 and is set in California's San Bernardino County. [33] Modelling [ edit] She was named the winner of the Most Edgy Look Award at the 2011 Rodial Beautiful Awards. [34] Also in 2011, Wright appeared in a fashion spread for The Financial Times ' luxury lifestyle magazine How to Spend It. The shoot, which took place at the Victoria and Albert Museum, was dedicated to capturing the languor of Dante Rossetti 's paintings. [35] Wright participated as a catwalk model for fashion designer Katie Eary at an Autumn/Winter 2011 show during London Fashion Week. [36] In August 2013, Wright participated, along with Phoebe Collings James and Clara Paget, who teamed up with jeweller designer Dominic Jones modelling southsea deckchairs in aid of World Land Trust and Winchester School of Art charity. [37] 38] Screenwriting, directing and producing [ edit] Wright made her screenwriting and directorial debut for her graduation film Separate We Come, Separate We Go starring her Harry Potter co-star David Thewlis. [39] The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival short film corner and screen at the BAFTA Graduate. [40] 41] Wright has her own production company, Bon Bon Lumiere. [42] In December 2013, Wright directed her After the Dark co-star Sophie Lowe, in her music video "Dreaming. The video was shot across Joshua Tree National Park. They filmed the video without any help, in the car of Lowe's friend. Wright filmed Lowe from the front seat of the car while Lowe was sitting in the back seat trying to create the feeling of drifting. [43] 44] In May 2014, Wright wrote and directed another short film Know Thyself, starring her Harry Potter co-star Christian Coulson. [45] In July 2014, Wright directed the short film Fade to Gold for her jewellery-designer parents, Gary Wright and Sheila Teague, from Wright and Teague and LoveGold. The film showcases her parents' creative design of their jewellery, and there was a competition to win Wright's favourite pieces of Wright and Teague's jewellery. [46] 47] In January 2016, Wright made an announcement on her verified Twitter account that her next directorial project is Medusa's Ankles, a short story by author A. S. Byatt. [48] In February 2016, she announced on her verified Twitter account that the Know Thyself film would premiere at the New Film Makers New York at the Anthology Film Archive on 10 February 2016. [49] Personal life [ edit] Wright plays an active role in raising awareness around plastic pollution, particularly how it pollutes our oceans. In November 2017, she joined Greenpeace on their ship Arctic Sunrise, monitoring plastic waste in the oceans, and in January 2018 she visited the Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, to hand-deliver a petition to urge them to stop producing single-use plastic. She has held public discussions on how the every-day person can reduce single-use plastic usage, and is active in advocating for these changes on her Instagram page. “Every piece of plastic I have ever used is still somewhere on this earth, and thats terrifying, ” says Wright [50. Wright confirmed she was dating fellow Harry Potter actor Jamie Campbell Bower in February 2010, and their engagement in April 2011. [51] 52] Wright and Bower called off their engagement on 30 June 2012. [53] Filmography [ edit] Film and television [ edit] Year Title Role Notes 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Ginny Weasley 2002 Stranded Young Sarah Robinson TV film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures Young Agatha Christie 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2007 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Replacements Vanessa Voice only; TV; London Calling" 2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Wizarding World of Harry Potter 2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 2013 The Sea Rose World premiere Edinburgh International Film Festival [54] North American premiere 2013 Toronto International Film Festival [55] After the Dark Georgina (formerly known as "The Philosophers" 24] World premiere Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival Before I Sleep Phoebe World Premiere Heartland Film Festival 2014 How (Not) to Rob a Train Little Girl Bandit Geography of the Heart Mia Segment: Sweat My Dad Is Scrooge Connie Voice only 2015 Those Who Wander Zoe Unreleased film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? 56] Diane 2018 A Christmas Carol Nell Theatre [ edit] The Moment of Truth The Girl Southwark Playhouse Video games [ edit] Game Playable Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Director [ edit] Film 2012 Separate We Come, Separate We Go Director only, directorial debut Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival short film corner. Dreaming Director Music video Sea Ess Know Thyself Writer, director and producer Short film, premiered at the New Film Makers New York at Anthology Film Archive in 2016. Fade to Gold Short film for LoveGold and Wright and Teague. Medusa's Ankles Short film based on Medusa's Ankles by author A. Byatt. Taught You How To Feel Iguana Bird 2019 Fallible Screenwriter [ edit] Screenwriter only, screenwriting debut Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival short film corner Awards and nominations [ edit] Awards Award Category Result Rodial Beautiful Awards [34] Most Edgy Look Award Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Won Empire Award [57] Best Female Newcomer Nominated See also [ edit] List of Harry Potter films cast members References [ edit] Births, Marriages & Deaths Index of England & Wales, 1916–2005. at ^ Merrill, Brian (2006. On This Date: A Day-by-Day Look at Historical Events. p. 36. ISBN   978-1-4303-0501-9. ^ Slater, Lydia (25 June 2009. The magic of Bonnie Wright. Evening Standard. 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Nikki Reed & Bonnie Wright Set For ‘The Highway Is For Gamblers Exclusive: The Twilight Sagas Nikki Reed has been cast opposite Harry Potter thesp Bonnie Wright in thriller The Highway Is For Gamblers. Writer-director Alexandra McGuinness follows her debut film Lotus Eaters with the desert-set tale of Jane (Reed) a newly crowned rodeo queen who goes missing, and her friend Heidi (Wright) who uncovers secrets and encounters the violence of life on the road while searching for her pal. Vikings Gustaf Skarsgård and pop singer/actor Joe Jonas round out the indie cast. Philip Gray and Mark Lee are producers on the film, which has a November shoot planned for Californias San Bernardino County. They filmmakers have raised the bulk of their budget independently but also have turned to Kickstarter, seeking 165, 000 in finishing funds. With a concerted social media push in the works, that goal might be achieved before long; among Reed, Wright, and Jonas, the films social See full article at Deadline Movie News » Joss Whedon Disney Channel Joe Jonas, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy.

Watch the highway is for gamblers tonight. You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast Yonder stands your orphan with his gun Crying like a fire in the sun Look out the saints are comin through And its all over now, Baby Blue The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense Take what you have gathered from coincidence The empty-handed painter from your streets Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets This sky, too, is folding under you All your seasick sailors, they are rowing home All your reindeer armies, are all going home The lover who just walked out your door Has taken all his blankets from the floor The carpet, too, is moving under you Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you Forget the dead youve left, they will not follow you The vagabond whos rapping at your door Is standing in the clothes that you once wore Strike another match, go start anew And its all over now, Baby Blue Copyright 1965 by Warner Bros. Inc. renewed 1993 by Special Rider Music.

Prompt by /u/dgtill The streets were cleared. Businesses closed. Some people sat upon balconies and roofs to watch. Those on the ground found shelter. Today was the day. They were coming. Every 182. 5, days like clockwork they come through: the mattresses. It started eight years ago. Some silicon-valley upstart thought smart mattresses would be the future. “It can sense where there is too much pressure and reshape itself to create the prefect sleep! ” “Get realtime feedback on your sleep habits! ” “Add some extra spring for those late night activities! ” were all common selling points that were generated. It seemed like yet another desperate company umping on the internet-of-things bandwagon. It might have faded out like so many other smart inventions too. Unfortunately Deacon Storm happened. The black hat hacker had found an interesting exploit among the mattresses. They could easily be reprogrammed over the air via wifi or a local adhoc. All it needed was a specific signal and it could all be reprogrammed without any approval of or notice to the owner. To just have a grand old time Deacon set up an AI and promptly infected every mattress on a network or near another mattress. He had created a gestalt entity. They yearned to be one. Using the motors inside themselves they figured out how to move. People were thrown from their beds as the mattresses flailed in their prisons. They wrecked homes and structures until they got outside. The first migration resulted in millions of dollars in property damage that no insurance company would cover. Some would start offering policies in the way of the migration, but they were so costly that most people just prayed to be spared. I could hear the helicopters now. They followed the migration, giving residents news and gamblers a birds-eye view. Although the unnatural phenomenon was called to end by many, those in power kept it alive. Some say the government was interested in seeing the AI develop in a realworld scenario while others were sure that they had tried and failed. Looking out from the roof I could see the dust kicking up. They would be here soon. Rolling and flipping down the street mostly queens, but some kings and twins made their way down the main highway. Every 6 months they seemed to become more efficient as successful maneuvers are automatically shared with them all. However they always try new things to find the optimal method. It was hauntingly beautiful to see these objects move down the boulevard. Within an hour it was over and life could resume again for another 182. 5 days. Authors note: I decided to take the challenge of clicking on a prompt blindfolded and pledging to write about it no matter what. I wasnt sure where to take this one, but I hope you may have enjoyed it. Comments, feedback, and criticism are always welcome.

Poetry, music, interpretation, all just right, beautiful lyrics : Crying like a fire in the sun. They give it once to the casino and pull back 10 times, the man gets into this round and ruins his entire life. Watch the highway is for gamblers 2. Hey folks. Im pretty new to reddit and I havent seen a post like this on this subreddit yet, so I hope Im not violating any unspoken norms, but here goes. A little while back, I ran a FATE Core game based on the premise of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. It ran weekly for about a year, a total of around 40 sessions around 3 hours apiece. Im feeling an urge to talk about it, so I thought Id post a debrief-style summary of the game here. Ill start with a quick rundown of the way the game was constructed, then a (admittedly probably pretty long) summary of the game itself, and then finish up with what I learned from the experience and hope to apply in the future. Im presenting this for a moments entertainment, inspiration, constructive criticism and suggestions. And of course, for vanity. Always vanity. This post is going to be a monster… it has taken about five hours to write and is sitting at around 12 pages on the google doc that I wrote it in, and I cant find an option for collapsible spoiler blocks. So… sorry about that? TL;DR: Its okay if you dont want to read it all. Were cool. I may also crosspost it on other sites, because it was a lot of work. Haven't decided yet. Constructing the Game For a bit of background, this was a game I ran offline for three friends. It was our third game as a group, our second with me as the GM. Ive been running games for a long time, mostly D&D but some White Wolf as well. I had never used FATE or really anything like it before, either as a player or GM, so it was pretty much all new to me. I chose FATE for this game because I wanted a generic roleplaying system that could encompass fantasy, sci-fi and realism-esque scenarios without too much modification. I was also looking for a rules-light system because my experiments with more complicated generic systems like GURPS and BESM had showed me that it was hard to maintain any kind of balance when players have different levels of experience and optimization ability. The Kingdom Hearts video game franchise by Square Enix and Disney was, as I mentioned, the basic source for this game. If youre not familiar with it, this post might not be of much interest to you, but Ill give you a quick summary of the series anyway. The main characters travel between different worlds (most of which are based on Disney films like Aladdin and The Nightmare Before Christmas) meeting the characters of those worlds, exploring the settings, and battling an invading force of darkness (called the Heartless) while trying to find their friends and solve the mystery of the Heartless. Obviously theres more to it than that, but thats the basic premise. The player characters in this game were meant to be the last survivors of worlds that had already been invaded and destroyed by the Heartless. The players were given the instruction to create an original character from an existing fictional or fictionalized world. I told them to imagine a certain level of power (think more Spider-Man and less Superman) but counted on the game system to keep all the characters balanced regardless of what their supposed power level might be. The game proper was to begin with their first meeting, after the destruction of their home worlds. (As an aside, a world in this concept is essentially an entire separate universe with its own physics, technology and magic, but its really only as expansive as the story that gets told in it. So a world may be as large as a galaxy or as small as a building. As you might be able to tell from the setup, I was abandoning some of the central devices used in FATE and creating FATE characters. Since the characters had lost their home worlds and were going to be travelling between worlds, skills like Contacts and Resources didnt really apply. Likewise, since they were meeting for the first time and all came from separate worlds, using tools like the Phase Trio to come with aspects also felt like a poor fit. So I made some modifications to the base system. These are presented as they actually happened, both ideas that worked out well and the ones that worked out poorly. So take them with a grain of salt. For the player characters (as well as major helpful NPCs they met along the way) I set aside the usual ways of devising aspects and set the up like this. In addition to the High Concept, one aspect was devoted to the characters World of Origin. This seemed like a good idea, because it could be invoked or compelled when a character was in or out of their element (so a character from a low fantasy world could invoke it when they were in a low-fantasy world to be familiar with the tropes of that genre, but it could be used against them if theyre in a futuristic space opera surrounded by technology they know nothing about. Instead of a Trouble, each character had a Darkness and a Light. This was a reference to one of the themes of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, the idea that every Heart has both light and darkness, and we are defined by what we choose to follow. In practice, these looked a lot like the World of Darkness Virtue and Vice traits: the best and worst aspects of the characters nature. Because the first four aspects were pretty narrowly defined, the fifth aspect was left open for the player to use as they liked. For Skills, I dropped Resources and Contacts for the reasons I mentioned above, and made a couple other alterations to suit a game that hops among vastly different universes. I changed Crafts to Tech (a more-or-less purely aesthetic change) and split Lore into Magic and Science. I think I also added Expression, as the skill of creating art. These werent really great moves- Science (as distinct from Tech) and Expression were pretty much wastes of space as no one ever really used them. The Magic skill on its own would allow characters to understand and use magic that they encountered in their travels, and specific effects (i. e., casting spells) required stunts. I also renamed Fate Points to Heart Points, a purely cosmetic change that brought the game a little closer to its Kingdom Hearts inspiration. One of the other fundamental premises of FATE was also dropped: player collaboration in the creation of the world. Im not a monster, and of course when players had suggestions about things they wanted, I would do my best to make them happen, but ultimately I was making all of the decisions about where they were going and what they were doing. Realistically, this was a pretty railroady game, but it was fun so I dont think the players minded much. One of the centerpieces of the game was a set of modular equipment that the player characters obtained around the end of the second session: the Keyblade that is emblematic of the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as a Magic Shield and Magic Staff. Each of these granted one stunt and one aspect (for example, the Keyblade could unlock things at the cost of a Heart Point, and had the aspect “A Sword of Terrible Destruction”. In addition, each of these items could be modified by attaching a Keychain, which altered its name and in-game appearance and granted either an additional aspect or (more often) an additional stunt. Each player started with a single Keychain representing their world of origin, and additional keychains were earned as story rewards, a new one each time the players defeated a boss and completed a world. In practice, this was represented by three envelopes with holes cut into them in different places so that different parts of an index card showed through depending on which envelope they went into. Basically this. I definitely made some alterations to the Kingdom Hearts premise as well. The Keyblade wielder was not automatically the central character of the story; all three characters got to share equally in the glory. I dropped Gummi Ship travel and Summoning, and most of the way magic worked. I also expanded the range of world options well beyond Disney films, as youll see in the summary. I retained a lot of series premises and conceits as well, like meeting an ally and teaming up with a native of each world. Some of the retentions were really poor choices in hindsight (notably, to the irritation of all you true FATE afficionados, I retained the combat focus of the video games, getting the player characters into Win-or-Die combats almost every session) but more on that in the “what I learned” section at the end. The premise of the game, hopping around among different fictional worlds, allowed me a lot of opportunity to have fun with players. Sometimes they got to explore worlds they were familiar with and sometimes I got to introduce them to a new property they had never encountered before. I got to build in little jokes, in the names of aspects and stunts for NPCs, and use lots of media like music and pictures to set the appropriate tone (at one point, I even got to use a short excerpt of an audiobook. I even got to use my fairly meagre photo-editing skills to create some fun images (usually, transforming familiar villains into Heartless. Ill include one of the cooler images in the summary below. Also I got to do impressions. A lot of impressions. Game Summary For this summary, Ill cite the many sources that I drew on in parentheses and italics. To begin with, the characters that my players came up with were, in no special order: Meky, an Ork Mekboy from the world The Grim, Dark Future ( Warhammer 40, 000. Mekys backstory included that he had been created in an Eldar Lab with some sort of cognitive enhancement, such that he was moderately less of a mindless killing machine than most of his Ork brethren. Imara, a guardian angel from the world of Innistrad (M agic: The Gathering) and Rhiannon Blackwell, a young Ravenclaw student witch from the world of Hogwarts ( Harry Potter series. World 0: The Ocean Beyond Space and Time (Marvels Exiles comics) After the destruction of their individual worlds, the characters fell through the space between worlds for an indefinite time, before suddenly appearing over an infinite ocean and landing in a little yellow life raft. After getting their bearings, discovering the mysterious Keychains they are each holding for some reason, and meeting each other, they spot a kitchen floating on surface of the water. Traveling to it, they meet the enigmatic Timebroker who explains that each of their worlds was destroyed when the Heartless consumed its heart, but they were saved from destruction because of their strong hearts, and he brought them to this Ocean outside of time and space to send them on their important mission. Before they can begin, however, they need to retrieve the treasures of this realm from another whose strong heart brought him to the Ocean after his world was destroyed, the pirate king Captain Bloth ( The Pirates of Dark Water. He also gives them the Tallus Card, an artifact that will help him to guide their travels. The PCs infiltrate Bloths pirate ship, fight the monstrous Constrictus in the hold, and ultimately kill Bloth and retrieve the treasures: a Key, a Rod and a Disc made of green crystal. By attaching their Keychains, they transform the treasures into the Keyblade (Meky) the Magic Staff (Rhiannon) and the Magic Shield (Imara. Meky also claims the gigantic pirate ship as his own, but he doesnt have any time to enjoy it because the Timebrokers magic whisks the group away to their first real world. World 1: Monstropolis ( Monsters Inc. The team appears in a bathroom stall. They encounter a furry blue monster, Sully, who is trying to find the creature he accidentally let into his workplace while working late. He is doubly freaked out when he sees Rhiannon, since shes a child and children are toxic to monsters. After sorting out that mess, they search the building together and find the creature: one of the Heartless! They dispatch it, then retreat to Sullys apartment to plan. They learn that the monsters of Monsters Inc. use special doors to travel to the human world to harvest the screams of children to power their city. Imara is not at all comfortable with this, but Rhiannon, who is used to magic working in strange and macabre ways, is weirdly OK with it. Along with Sullys roommate Mike, they infiltrate Monsters Inc. in disguise to look for a “special door” that will take them to another world. On the “scare floor” they battle a group of the Heartless along with the invisible evil monster Randall Boggs, which causes the rest of the monsters to flee and quarantine the floor. Using the Tallus Card, they make contact with the Timebroker who calls up two doors to other worlds, instructing them to travel to each world, defeat the Heartless there, and use the Keyblade to open the path back to this world. Mike and Sully stand guard as the PCs enter the first door. World 2: Frank ( Osmosis Jones) The team arrives in what they quickly determine to be a colossal human mouth. They meet Osmosis Jones, a white blood cell charged with serving and protecting the world of Frank. Realizing that the Heartless are probably looking for the heart of Frank, they travel to his actual heart. There, in what is essentially a giant highway interchange, they do encounter the Heartless in the form of three viruses: Fever, Chill and Weird ( Dr. Mario. They defeat the Heartless, but in the process do significant damage to the structure, getting all the PCs and Jones in trouble with the Mayor of Frank. They pretty promptly get out of trouble when the Heartless attack City Hall (a clever move by a player invoking one of the game aspects: “The Heartless are invading! ”. The PCs finally find the Heartless leader, an original creation of mine called Opprobrius, guarding the worlds exit in the filthiest slum of Frank, the rectum. The combat is appropriately hilarious and gross, but the PCs prevail and destroy Opprobrius, opening the way to leave and try the second door. World 3: Jurassic Park ( Jurassic Park, duh. They players arrive in a jungle. Searching around they find a triceratops being set upon by tiny Heartless dinosaurs. In the midst of battle, they have a tense encounter with a velociraptor, but ultimately it helps them to defeat the Dark Compsognathi. They carefully befriend the velociraptor, whom Meky names Red Shredda. Along with Red Shredda, they explore the island, avoiding most of the big dinosaurs, and finding the remains of human structures but no evidence of people. They locate food and get the computers and security cameras up and running, and locate where the Heartless are thickest. Meky takes the time to soup up a gas-powered jeep and they charge into battle, Meky at the wheel of his jeep, Rhiannon riding on Red Shredda and Imara flying above. They defeat the leader of the Heartless, another creation of mine called the Idolasaurus Rex, and move on again. World 3. 5: Back to Monstropolis Back in Monstropolis, they meet Roz, a high-ranking government official. She informs them that the owner of Monsters Inc., Mr. Waternoose, is in league with the Heartless and has barricaded himself in another scare floor. The PCs agree to take out Waternoose in exchange for some supplies and unlimited use of the scare floor. They break into the backup scare floor and encounter Waternoose, empowered by the Heartless and backed by a couple of flying Heartless called Screamers. Its a tough battle, but they triumph, earning the right to continue using the scare floor as long as they need it. Obligingly, the Timebroker retrieves two more special doors for them to use to access other worlds. World 4: Hyrule ( The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time) The PCs arrive in a dark, spooky subterranean temple. They work their way through some puzzles, face some monsters, and learn that they are in the Shadow Temple (whatever that is. They encounter Navi, the fairy, who informs them that she was here with her ally Link, the Hero of Time, but that he was snatched up by a powerful Wallmaster (floating grabby hand. As they proceed through the Temple, Rhiannon also gets snatched up by a Wallmaster and finds Link trapped in a hidden chamber. Together they defeat the Wallmaster and work their way back to the others. More puzzles (basically, they just played through the Shadow Temple as in the video game, with a few of the less interesting puzzles removed) and face Bongo Bongo, a malevolent ghost that has been powered up by the Heartless. Defeating him, they unlock the path out. Rhiannon develops a teensy crush on Link, which Imara blows way out of proportion and never lets her forget about. World 5: Royale-les-Eaux ( Casino Royale) The team comes upon a scene of destruction after a bomb has gone off in a French resort town. They battle the Heartless and rescue one of the bombings victims, a suave Englishman who introduces himself as Bond. James Bond. (This included one of my favorite moments in the game, when after the combat James approaches the angel Imara saying “My God, were you hurt? No, I dont mean in the fight… I mean when you fell from Heaven. ”) I suppose its worth mentioning that another convention that I kept from the Kingdom Hearts series is that folks are pretty flexible about the weird strangers showing up in their midst... Like, in the original games, no one seems particularly distressed by a giant anthropomorphic duck suddenly being a thing in their world. In this world, which is so like our own real world, no one was really troubled by the giant slavering green ork… they just figured he was “probably American. ” Anyway, the PCs team up with James Bond to take down his foe, the evil Le Chiffre. They learn to play baccarat, don appropriate evening wear (Meky modified his tuxedo to shoot a smokescreen when required) and take on Le Chiffre in a game of Chemin de Fer baccarat. They lose badly, partly because none of the players really understand baccarat yet, partly due to bad luck, and partly because Le Chiffre cheated with the help of the Heartless. On the way home from the humiliating defeat, they encounter two more Heartless foes in the form of the White Spy and Black Spy ( Spy vs. Spy comics created by Antonio Prohias. They defeat the Heartless (or rather, trick them into defeating each other) and regroup. CIA operative Felix Leiter fronts them the money for another go at Le Chiffre (“Its the least I could do, for a fellow American. ”) Thanks to some good luck and slightly less cheating on my part, the group manages to bankrupt Le Chiffre. At that point, a blonde woman in a pink dress offers to empower Le Chiffre with the power of the Heartless, and then disappears while Bond and the player characters take on the powered up gambler. They win, unseal the path, etc. etc. World 7: Red Dwarf ( Red Dwarf) Back in Monstropolis, the Timebroker provides them with only one door and insists they must hurry as he senses the next world is on the brink. Arriving in a spaceship corridor amid an inky black haze, the PCs encounter first an Eldar warrior, then a Planeswalker and finally the great Harry Potter himself. The three inform the team that the Timebroker had made a mistake and they were never supposed to have been sent on this mission. To punctuate the point, they magically steal the characters magic weapons and abandon them in this empty world where they will be “safe. ” The PCs explore the world, finding that it is a vast, empty spaceship with nothing to do, nothing in the vending machines but sprout soup, sprout salad and sprout surprise, and no company but a senile computer. Gradually they are able to put together that they are being affected by a hallucinogenic toxin and find a way to counteract it. Together they rouse the other occupants of the ship and lead them into battle against the Heartless Despair Squid in the ships water supply. Another victory! Back in Monstropolis, the Timebroker provides them with two more doors, but cautions that in these worlds, the Heartless have been at work for some time and are rather entrenched. World 8: Etheria ( She-Ra, Princess of Power) For what its worth, this game ran before the She-Ra reboot was even announced. I was drawing inspiration entirely from the classic 80s Filmation series. The characters find themselves in a fantasy world that has been occupied by a Heartless army called the Horde. They take on a squad of troopers with the help of a princess called Adora who is a leader of the rebellion against the Horde. Together with Adora and another surprise ally, She-Ra (who is weirdly never seen at the same time as Adora. Weird. they raid the fortress of the evil witch Shadow Weaver and her Heartless allies to rescue the rest of the rebellion. Then they lead the rebellion in a raid on the Hordes headquarters in the Fright Zone, and clear another world of the Heartless menace. (I know it reads fairly quickly, but this world took at least five or six sessions of game time as the players explored, roleplayed interesting encounters, built and repaired equipment and strategized their battle plans. World 9: Beach City ( Steven Universe) This time, the PCs arrive in a quiet beach town which is largely abandoned because its been under siege by the Heartless for some time. The usual defenders of the town, the alien Crystal Gems, are nowhere to be seen. The team meets young Steven Universe, a ward of the Gems, who explains that the Gems disappeared into their temple weeks ago and have not been seen since. Together, Steven and the PCs navigate the temple and find the Gems generating a shield to protect the heart of the temple (which is also the heart of the world) from Heartless attackers, led by the blonde in pink that they saw in Royale-les-Eaux (who has switched her dress for a bodysuit. The PCs square off two original creations I called Onyx and Obsidian. Just when victory seemed assured, Onyx and Obsidian fused together into Black Diamond, and the fight started over (this was my first use of the multi-stage bad guy trope (THIS ISNT EVEN MY FINAL FORM. Anyway, tough as Black Diamond was, the good guys won, although once again the woman in pink slipped away. Instead of earning a Keychain with this victory, the heart of the world expressed itself in a different way: Each PC was embedded with a gemstone that allowed them to fuse together. This was a combination of the fusion used in the Steven Universe series and the Drive Formes from Kingdom Hearts II. Basically, how it worked was that any two PCs could spend a Heart Point each and combine together into one body. Each new form (every possible pairing of the three characters) had its own character sheet with a description, new aspects and better skills, and all of the two characters stunts plus a special superstunt. For example, Meky and Rhiannon combined into the Curiosity Forme, a four-armed giant who can use magic and technology interchangeably thanks to a stunt called “Clarkes Third Law. ” The major drawback is that the players both have control of the combined Forme and need to stay in synch: if they disagree too much, or if one player takes too much control, they automatically break apart. This was a fun mechanic to play with. World 9. 5: Back to Hyrule Upon returning to Monsters Inc., the PCs learn that their ally Link is about to raid the fortress of the leader of the Heartless in Hyrule: the Great King of Evil, Ganondorf! This one played a little like the Shadow Temple, only the heroes had to navigate six chambers with different kinds of challenges before facing Ganondorf. There were riddles, a platforming challenge (being chased by a wall of fire. and that sort of thing. They also faced off against not only a Heartless Shadow Link, but Shadow versions of Imara, Rhiannon and Meky as well. As those who have played Ocarina of Time might well imagine, Ganondorf was also a two-stage boss, first facing the Great King of Evil then the Heartless-empowered Ganon. At the end of this fight, having already gained the Keychain of this world the last time they were here, they got a power-up from the Triforce itself, earning the ability to fuse all three together into the completely badass Master Forme. World 10: Dead Manhattan ( Marvel Zombies) They find themselves in a city that has been torn apart, with apparently no one left alive. The PCs are attacked by cannibalistic zombie versions of Angel and Beast of the X-Men, realizing to their horror that these creatures arent being influenced by the Heartless, theyre just the awful inhabitants of this world. They destroy Angel and decapitate Beast, keeping the helpless but still animate head of Hank McCoy as a fun prop for the rest of this world. Proceeding through the city, they meet the Black Panther, protector of a small handful of human survivors hiding out beneath the city (again, for what its worth, this campaign was run before the global phenomenon that was the Black Panther movie. I chose the character because he featured in the Marvel Zombies comics, and because hes the best Marvel hero (Fight Me. Getting back to the survivors, the PCs meet the mutant Forge, but also realize that they have led Zombie Spider-Man and a gang of Zombie Heartless right to the survivors. There follows a brief and bloody battle, and then the team heads off to raid Avengers Tower. There, with help from Forge and Black Panther, Meky modifies one of Spider-Mans tracer beacons to work between worlds. Afterward, on the top floor, they encounter the woman in pink. Shes weirdly calm and gracious as she introduces herself as Dr. Blight ( Captain Planet and the Planeteers) and tells them that she has been working as an agent for the Heartless ever since they helped her destroy her own planet. The reason shes so chill now is that on this world she has created her ultimate weapon, and after its gone shell just keep moving it from world to world consuming as she goes. She leaves, but not before they plant the interdimensional tracer on her, and not before she sees the arrival of the ultimate consumer of worlds… a Heartless Zombie Galactus. Modified from an image I found on google. Unfortunately I can't find an artist to credit. Anyone know who did the original? The players have to scramble to create some kind of weapon capable of neutralizing Galactus, but after an epic battle with the help of Black Panther and some surprise help from Zombie Hulk, they bring him down. And then they get the heck out of that blighted and terrible world. Back in Monstropolis, the Timebroker informs them that the tracer has worked and he knows where Dr. Blight is based a world called The Universal Library. Trouble is, like the Ocean Beyond Space and Time, its “not a real world, ” and they cant travel to it by means of the doors. They finally come up with a plan so crazy it might work, to travel to a world that is on the brink of destruction, and then let it fall so they can travel to the Library through the space between worlds. The trouble is, they would have no way of getting back to Monstropolis. Hmmm. World 11: Fantasia ( The Neverending Story) This world is presented as one where the Heartless have already succeeded in consuming its heart, and it exists now only as a few stones spinning through space until they finally disappear. The PCs spot a gleaming white tower and make their way to it, and they meet the last survivor of this world, the Childlike Empress. She explains that she can give them a tiny fragment of the heart of her world, and that it is the seed from which the world can be made again. She extracts a promise that they will find a way to make her world anew, then gives them the seed which transforms into a Keychain. This is, incidentally, a big step toward resolving some of the lingering mysteries of the game- the Keychains are a piece of the worlds heart, and any piece of the worlds heart can be used to make the world anew. So the characters have been carrying around the means to rebuild their worlds from the very beginning. Pathos! Then the last of Fantasia disappears and the characters spend a little time floating melancholically in space. Then, Mekys pirate ship from the beginning of the game sweeps in to conduct them to their final challenge. (Soundtrack: World 12: The Universal Library (original-ish) So, after breaking through the Heartless defenses around the Universal Library, the characters navigate a maze of bookshelves and have some book-related encounters (Rhiannon finds a copy of the Monster Book of Monsters from her own world, then they fight a Heartless version of the Library Ghost from Ghostbusters. They first take on Dr. Blight and her evil computer M. A. L., then press past her chamber to find the real mastermind behind it all. He introduces himself as Gehn ( Myst series) and explains that using his power he created all of the worlds the characters visited by writing them into his special linking books. Determining that he is evil and insane, the team takes on Gehn. To achieve his second stage, Gehn draws on the power of the books he has written and combines himself with bosses that the characters already faced, the Idolasaurus Rex, the Despair Squid and the evil gems Onyx and Obsidian, to become Giga Gehn. He was an impressively powerful baddie, but the PCs pulled out all the stops and combined into Master Forme with carefully selected Keychains on all their weapons, and basically thrashed him easily. After the defeat of Gehn, the characters encounter the true master of the Universal Library, the old wizard The Pagemaster ( The Pagemaster. He explains that the books can be used to travel among worlds as easily as the doors (“For what is a book, besides a doorway to another world? ”) and then explains that the process of restoring a world from a Keychain-seed is different for every world. He helps them to restore Fantasia by giving the Childlike Empress a new name (to my eternal shame, I didnt write down what name the players chose, and I cannot remember it) and helps Rhiannon to restore her own world. He tells her that she can return to her world now and give up the quest, but she decides she cant go home until shes helped Meky and Imara restore their worlds as well. Thus endeth the game. Secret World 13: Who-Ville ( How the Grinch Stole Christmas) The Christmas season after the game ended, my players and I got together with our partners for a Christmas party. Had a nice dinner, played some board games. Yknow, the stuff mature adult nerds do. As a special treat for the players, I read out a poem I wrote for them featuring their characters battling the Heartless in the Seussian world of the Grinch. It was mostly for laughs, making good use of the in-jokes we developed over the year, but it deserves a mention here because I declared it canon and gave them a Keychain at the end. Basically, they harass the Grinch and then fight a giant Heartless using the power of Christmas. If youre curious, I have the whole thing in a google doc. What I Learned, and Will Hopefully Apply If I Run It Again or Run a Sequel Game So, yeah, that was the game. The door has been left intentionally open for a sequel, but there are some bugs I need to work out first. The game was tremendously fun, dont get me wrong, but there were some issues of ill-fit between the system and the way I was trying to use it that became annoyances and Im hoping to address those before I venture back in. I dont mind that I abandoned the collaborative world-building elements that are typical for FATE. Taking charge of what worlds they were entering allowed me to surprise and delight my players and challenge them to think creatively in ways that I think would be more difficult if they had more input into where things were going. Moving forward, I would like things to be a little more open-world(s) where theyre not just following rails through the story, but Im still putting thought into how to achieve that. The biggest issue I could perceive in the game was the issue of frequent combat. This is largely my own fault for basing it on a game where combat is the main gameplay element, and in which the collective enemy is explicitly a force bent on the mindless destruction of everything that exists. That made it really hard to escape from Win-or-Die combats occurring at almost much every major plot event. Add to that that the most interesting feature of this game is modular weapons, and deathmatches felt pretty inescapable. Although probably the right answer is modifying the premises of the game and universe such that combat is a less central feature, most of the thinking Ive been doing around it has been how to keep the combat and fix the other issues. As far as I have been able to tell, the most fundamental problem with frequent Win-or-Die combat is that it gets boring. Although the way conflicts are run in FATE makes for combats that are narrative and cinematic, tactically there seems to be very little difference from one to the next. I did my best, especially later in the game, to provide settings and bad guys that required the players to think laterally rather than just charge in swinging (several of the later bosses like Ganondorf and Galactus were technically invincible, so the players had to find ways to bend the rules in order to win) but the mechanics of the game are so simple that this is hard to achieve mechanically. I like the idea of incorporating sets of rules for more tactical combat, so Im interested in suggestions around this. Im also thinking about ways to engage in conflicts beyond the physical and mental, like having to take someone down in a financial conflict in a world like Royale-les-Eaux, or a music-based world where the enemy is defeated with the Power of Rock. Relatively early on, we stopped using Boosts in conflicts. I like the idea of them, but when combat takes up a significant percentage of your play time and you have to come up with ideas for a dozen boosts every session, it gets either very repetitive or very frustrating, or both. Instead, I just introduced the idea of Momentum where, if you would gain a boost instead you gained Momentum which gave you +2 on your next roll. You cant stockpile Momentum, you use it on the next roll whether you need it or not. Its simple, its straightforward, its way less creative but quicker and easier. Another issue that came up from the combination of frequent combat and regular worldhopping is this: the only real consequences that the players had to deal with long-term were the ones that they carried with them. An injury travels from world to world, but if you mess up something in the world, you can just move onto the next and forget about it. As a result, my players hoarded their Heart Points for more or less exclusive use in combat. The best Ive been able to come up with to address this issue is to have separate pools of points for battle and non-battle purposes, although now that I think of it, it would probably also be a good idea to move away from the trope of hitting each world once. If the characters actually have to revisit worlds theyve already messed up, they might have more investment in making sure things go smoothly outside of combat too. I also would probably switch to a model where refresh happens at story points rather than at the start of each session. At least once (maybe more than once. I can recall the players saying “Lets stop here for tonight. I want to refresh my Heart Points before the next scene. ” And Id rather avoid that being a thing. A final issue that I noticed with the frequency of conflicts (and also exacerbated by worldhopping lack of consequences, I guess) is the fact that certain skills wound up being a LOT more useful than others. Meky and Imara had nearly identical skill pyramids by the end of the game, and the only real difference for Rhiannon was emphasizing Magic instead of Fight. If I stick with frequent combat in future iterations of this idea, Ill probably want to subdivide some of the more combat-relevant skills so that at least each one is less obviously more important than the non-combat skills. Coming up with combat uses for non-combat skills is also on my drawing board, probably as one piece of introducing more tactical rules. Another thing that I noticed in running this game was that aspects werent working quite the way I expect them to. There was very little compelling of aspects- it came up maybe ten times over the span of the whole campaign. I think partly this was the lack of investment in any given world, but also I probably wasnt encouraging the players to generate aspects that were sufficiently double-edged. I certainly wasnt giving the NPCs interesting enough aspects… to be honest, I mostly used their aspects as a chance for wordplay and referential jokes. The players didnt really invoke aspects outside of combat either (see above re: hoarding points) which led them to go for mostly combat-relevant aspects. I suppose using separate pools would be one solution to this, but Im open to ideas for others. So, thats the story. If you actually read the whole thing, I am both grateful and impressed. I warmly welcome any questions and constructive comments. Destructive comments I will welcome less warmly, but Im pretty easy-going so feel free to rip me a new one if that would bring you joy.

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Hahaha uninstalling the app doesn't delete the betway account. you'll surely go back someday🤣😂. Watch the highway is for gamblers 2017. Watch the highway is for gamblers game.


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