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Emily Beecham, Kerry Fox
Jessica Hausner
1h, 45 Min
Director=Jessica Hausner
Schönes Video linear und Abo haste dir verdient.

For anyone who's seen this: the shoes. The twist is the baby is real and everyone else is fake. That looks so much fun. Love this song for so many reasons🥃🥃🥃. Finally thanks a bunch. Pura Vida con Lil. Visually appealing but irritating. I don't know if that's what the producers of this were hoping for, and if so they managed to get on my nerves a lot. Everything from the music, to the main characters inability to register what's happening in front of her face. It's basically a film about a plant gaslighting a woman for two hours. I don't know what the film makers were going for and that makes this a bland and slow film.

The one and only little joe the legend. L. Oñate 8 y41811. Fox: We need something original. People are complaining about all the sequels. Taika: Hold my Bier.

Think they showed to much... I also get the feeling thats his dad 😐 thanks trailer.

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