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rating: 8,1 of 10 Stars 116 minutes genre: Documentary audience Score: 41 Votes Director: Michael Pack 2020. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words release. Released January 31, 2020 PG-13, 1 hr 56 min Documentary Tell us where you are Looking for movie tickets? Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words near you. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO Sign up for a FANALERT® and be the first to know when tickets and other exclusives are available in your area. Also sign me up for FanMail to get updates on all things movies: tickets, special offers, screenings + more. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words: Trailer 1 1 of 1 Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Synopsis With unprecedented access, the producers interviewed Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia, for over 30 hours of interview time, over many months. Justice Thomas tells his entire life’s story, looking directly at the camera, speaking frankly to the audience. Read Full Synopsis Movie Reviews Presented by Rotten Tomatoes More Info Rated PG-13 | For Some Sexual References and Thematic Elements.

Did I just like a video uploaded by CNN. Created equal 3a clarence thomas in his own words ff.

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Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own wordsmith. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words watch online. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words showtimes. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words to eat. Reverse that I had the professional stand there with m16s for the person to get there someone me. Thomas is one the worst of our country. Check his record over the years. He votes according to Scalia. Check into his conflicts of interests. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words of wisdom. Thank you for speaking to us! Both you gentlemen! When you didnt have a father figure in your life its great to hear how a good father would speak to you. Great interview. Thanks for your Service to this Country Justice Thomas! 👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

Women were waiting to testify who did not get called.
So good to hear an intelligent and considered interview. Admirable man.
Truly, one of the greatest and most important speeches ever given before a committee of any government. Speaks so many facts that we know to be true. How his wife (in the background) held it together during this, God only knows.

Created equal 3a clarence thomas in his own words with friends cheat. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words netflix. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own wordstream. Lady Justice had the last word. Created equal 3a clarence thomas in his own words reaction. We love Clarence Thomas. A great man and great Justice. Created equal 3a clarence thomas in his own words html. Butterfly Effect! Her little sacrifice will cause ripples that manifest into waves which bring about change. Reminds me of Jeshua. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words reviews. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words pbs. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words (2020) full movie.

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Brash, unrelenting, iconic, undeniable and inspirational. Not just his Grandfather's son, but America's son. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words directed by michael pack. A twist in the plot could have had Tom applying to join the Priesthood. Good old Uncle Thomas. He does not disappoint. The one thing he is. is consistently disappointing. Zionist puppet. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words release date. Democrats are now using this exact same tactic against Brett Kavanaugh. Not even surprised. Absolutely savage. Created equal 3a clarence thomas in his own words list. Ted Kennedy, Biden among the hangmen. Justice Thomas has more Integrity then the whole democrat party and it's members in the senate or congress combined. What a circus the democrats have become.

These plp make it as if its all about them. its not... Created equal clarence thomas in his own words review. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words website. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words locations. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words trailer. My God what strength that man has, what an amazing soul. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words by manifold production. Voting information! The Brennan center sued Trump's DOJ in August for refusing to turn over documents on State and National election practices. This is close to the election and the voter rolls are being purged. Check registration be sure to vote. Good thing Christ nor God have anything to do in man made places of worship anymore.

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words without. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words videos. I love him and pray for him, a true giant of our time, his impact on the country is hugely positive and will be recognized in due time. Created equal 3a clarence thomas in his own words cut off. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words of love. I see tactics haven't changed. Clarence Thomas has a valid point and a great opening speech. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words documentary. One of the truly great speeches! He couldn't have been more succinct or forceful. You could see the level of discomforture within the committee itself.

I love that last piece about not being afraid to do something if it is right. "That is such bullshit I can't hardly stand it. "— Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) on Republicans claiming they’ve done everything they can to accommodate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Ford to Testify Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week, provided she and Senate Republicans “agree on terms that are fair and which ensure her safety, ” her lawyer wrote to Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley on Thursday. Though she has ruled out the Monday appearance Republicans have insisted upon, Ford is not demanding that the committee request a completed FBI background investigation of her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh before her appearance. Such an investigation, according to her lawyer, is merely “her strong preference. ” Ford’s agreement to testify, demanding only security and a few extra days to prepare, is not what some Republicans were hoping for: “[S]everal top GOP lawmakers have told colleagues that they hope Ford declines to show up for the hearing even as they issue statements urging her to do so, ” reported the Washington Post ’s Robert Costa, “helping the GOP avoid a risky televised drama and making it easier for Senate leaders to hold a vote next week. ” Still, the terms Ford is proposing remain tilted against her. Republicans refuse to request a background investigation or invite witnesses to testify. They are making the truth as hard as possible to discern, and have made it clear that no matter what, they want to charge ahead with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. From Brian: The hearing taking shape is actually more tilted against Ford than the one Anita Hill testified at in 1991. The FBI investigated Hill’s accusation that then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, and the committee accepted testimony from multiple witnesses. The one thing Ford has working to her advantage is a crystalizing public sense that Republicans are trying to sabotage her. They haven’t taken any obvious steps that would help the Senate get to the truth. Multiple Republican senators have already impugned her and her motives. Late on Thursday, Grassley’s chief counsel for nominations Mike Davis tweeted “Unfazed and determined. We will confirm Judge Kavanaugh. ” Davis deleted the tweets and took his account private briefly, once he realized he’d given away the game. But the fact that Republicans have rigged the process to reach the outcome they want, at Ford’s expense, should be a key theme of news coverage of this story, Democratic questioning, and her testimony. What Else President Trump’s former fixer/confessed felon Michael Cohen has reportedly given multiple interviews to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team focusing on Trump’s financial and business ties to Russia, cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia, and whether Trump ever tried to buy his silence by dangling a pardon before him. Cohen later tweeted a message praising and tagging himself for cooperating, which he quickly deleted, presumably because he meant to send it from a burner account. Savvy lawyer! The Department of Health and Human Services is reallocating up to $266 million in funding from other government programs to pay for detention of immigrant children. In addition to money from other refugee programs, funding will also come from the budgets for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, Head Start, Ryan White HIV/AIDS program, and the National Cancer Institute, as well as mental and maternal health programs, women’s shelters, and substance abuse programs. Meanwhile, ICE officers have arrested dozens of undocumented immigrants who have offered to take care of the children the government has detained. Brett Kavanaugh reportedly liked female clerks who looked a “certain way, ” according to a Yale law student whose professors told her how to dress ahead of her interview for a judicial clerkship with him. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson gave promotions and raises to five political operatives with no experience in housing policy during their first months on the job, indicating that he cared more about loyalty than his subordinates’ ability to do their jobs. Is anyone surprised? The raises brought the appointees’ salaries to between $98, 000-$155, 000, though three of the five don’t list bachelor’s degrees on their resumes. At least 24 people without relevant experience have been hired to the department’s highest paying political positions. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has reached an agreement with the NBA to pay $10 million to women’s leadership and domestic violence organizations, following seuxal harassment and conduct violations by his employees in the team’s front office. These were unearthed in a months-long investigation of several employees, which found Cuban’s oversight to be “severely lacking. ” The payment is larger than any fine ever levied by the league. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Homeland Security’s investigative office is “clearly rife with offensive and racially hostile behavior. ” The Hollywood Reporter removed Les Moonves from its 100 Most Powerful People in Entertainment list, and replaced him with Ronan Farrow —the journalist whose work exposed Moonves’ widespread abuse. Verizon is denying allegations that have spread on social media accusing the company of slowing wireless service for customers in North Carolina affected by Hurricane Florence. After facing criticism last month, the company lifted data speed restrictions it imposed on first responders and firefighters on the west coast fighting California’s largest-ever wildfire. Look No Further than the Crooked Media We're coming to your TV! On Fridays starting October 12, you can catch Pod Save America on HBO talking with candidates and activists, encouraging people to vote and volunteer, and potentially making fools of ourselves! Lots of reasons to tune in. Pod Save America on Twitter: " Pod Save America is coming to @HBO. Fridays starting October 12. Last call for democracy. " Hey Miami, Austin, Philadelphia, and Irvine! Get your tickets to catch the tapings for the show LIVE in your towns (did I mention they're free?! ) → You've Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman (R) thought it would be funny to make light of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh by saying "Did you hear the latest news from the Kavanaugh hearings? Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out and said she was groped by Abraham Lincoln. ” a) Keep her name out of your mouth. b) VOTE HIM OUT → Also, the Internet is already on a mission to create the worst Halloween costume of all time. Ben McDonald on Twitter: " Slutty Handmaid Tale Costume was the natural progression of things " Bad Punditry The award for the grossest and most irresponsible Brett Kavanaugh take goes to his friend Ed Whelan, a prominent conservative and founder of the inaptly named Ethics and Public Policy Center, who suggested that someone who looks like Brett Kavanaugh might be the real culprit. He did this on Twitter. He used floor plans, maps, and yearbook pictures. We won’t link to it. But the Washington Post, which should have higher standards than a right wing activist, gets an honorable mention for publishing Kathleen Parker’s column ”Is there a Kavanaugh doppelganger? ” “Could there have been another, Kavanaugh-ish-looking teen at the house that night, who might have attacked Ford?, ” she asks. “In a case without evidence, witnesses or corroboration, mistaken identity would provide a welcome resolution to this terrible riddle. ” Parker isn’t subtle about why she’s speculating so wildly—she seeks a “welcome resolution” to Republicans’ Kavanaugh woes. But it’s insulting to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to insinuate that she is mistaken in her allegations, it’s insulting to readers who turn to the Post ’s opinion section to be exposed to ideas that meaningfully contribute to discourse, and it’s insulting to me (Priyanka), who had to waste precious minutes of my life reading this trash. From Brian: Parker apparently did not stop to ask herself why, when Ford came forward, Kavanaugh didn’t say “I’ve never met Dr. Ford, ” but rather ‘I wasn’t there. ’ The reason? Ford and Kavanaugh knew each other before the night of the alleged incident. She didn’t just put forth an irresponsible theory without evidence behind it, she put forth an irresponsible theory that the evidence points against. The Post should never have run this. What A Sponsor! When was the last time you read a good book?.. ’t answer that. If you’re looking to re-enter the world of ~literature~, you have come to the right place. Rising Out of Hatred tells the story of how a prominent white nationalist who grew up in the epicenter of white supremacy with his very own radio show on the topic had an improbable change of heart and mind. Too good to be true, you say? Well, IT’S NON-FICTION, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Eli Saslow, who uses the story to show how this kind of hatred moved from the fringe into the White House. Guys, honestly, read a book. You and your broken brain need it → Did You See That Thing? Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James is officially happening, and that’s not the only big film news for James this week. His basketball documentary, ‘Shut Up and Dribble, ’ will be narrated by former ESPN NBA analyst Jemele Hill, whom President Trump attacked and ESPN punished after she called attention to Trump’s white nationalism in the aftermath of Charlottesville. Enjoy Sara Valentine on Twitter: " Everyone hates millennials until it’s time to convert a PDF into a Word document ".

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Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words to say. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words streaming. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words (2019. As many of us know now, the threat of women in positions of clerical power would reveal the abuses that male priests have inflicted upon their young female & young male congregations children, revealing the threat of exposure to child abuse that is rampant in the Catholic Church. This movie made it clear to me how the abuse of power was a very political & criminal attempt at covering up that sexual abuse. Wow. Joining the dots is heartbreaking, however, necessary for our sanity in a godless world of infidels! God Bless us All who dare to expose these horrific truths. 🤗❤️🙏✌️.

Created equal 3a clarence thomas in his own words design. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words near me. Clarence Thomas one of the realest ever. Pauline Kael famously said she couldn't believe Nixon won because nobody she knew voted for him. Herein please find the viewpoint of the right. You should know this to know what you're up against. The key is to know your enemy. Too many educated elites are in a bubble and don't know what others think. Furthermore, very few of these people interact with regular folk, except for opinion writers in newspapers, they don't get the contrary feedback. But if you're online, like me, you get it each and every time you write something even vaguely political, that's why I knew Trump had a chance in 2016. You need to read these. Love you man, but you are missing a big point here, one you've written about many times. Re: Biden, yes he is toast and yes, he did nothing illegal. Repeat, nothing illegal. Neither did Hunter. BUT..... it stinks. You know it. I know. The public knows it. The Chinese could invest 1. 5B with best investors in the world, Sequoia, Benchmark, you name it. They were all my competitors. They are without equal. But they invested in Hunters bullshit fund to curry favor with a possible, yet unlikely, President to be. Ditto, Clinton Foundation, Ditto Chelsea's first job at NBC. Nothing illegal, but simply our version of the Chinese Communist Party's sons and daughters, the Pricelings. " who magically become multi millionaires because the Party Leaders dole out their largess to them and them alone. Hunter is our American Priceling. Nothing illegal. But very very bad judgment from Joe. Elites in both parties do it. Dems don't have a corner on this. The public is sick of it. Lori Loughlin adios. It's all the same. We can't wait to see her in an orange jump suit. What Hunter should do but cannot is stand up, show his investment record and say, "this is why the Chinese invested in me. " But he can't. They invested in him because of his last name. Come on man, you know this. All the best, buddy. Hope to see you sometime in LA. Sorry about typos or autocorrect..... John Hummer This battle Bob is about the Constitution. Is it a Written in stone Constitution? (yes) or a Living Constitution (No Constitution at all) It's also about the wealth of the country. When you work, is it your money or not? The Conservative says it's yours, you earned it. The Democrat says, no, it's not yours. It's unfair you have it, so we're gonna force some of it from you (51% force against the 49%) I have trouble understanding how you can vote for force against your neighbor the way you do??? I also wonder how you can believe some bureaucrat knows better than you how to allocate the wealth you produce? Lastly, you can always write a check to do all those things you believe are right. No one's stopping you from handing over 70% of what you earn ya know? You don't have to force anyone else. You do it. Rich Case Why can't you be fair & balanced plus deal with facts? Or stick to why we all love Arts? Thank-you... Michael K. Clifford VentureCatalyst "guilty of something"? His son received billions of dollars from foreign governments only while he was VP. There was an entire expose published by the Hill called "Biden Money" three years ago exposing his questionable finances from foreign sources. And he had a quid pro quo arrangement with Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating the company his son was on the board of (ON VIDEO). This is highly specific stuff and more than "guilty of something" your cribbing the Democrats when the said "some people did something" on 9/11 Russ Motta So, Bob, you think that impeachment - or whatever the Hell Pelosi is doing without a formal vote of the House - is about a straight nullification of the 2016 election. No "high crime or misdemeanor", no problem. We won the House so we can Impeach. It is difficult to fathom how dumb this view is. But at least you are passionate about it and that has to count for something. Trump is going to win so big his big old orange head will explode. Cheers, Jay Currie Trump 2020 Haley 2024 The Nation will be back on track. Clarence Jay Lefty sore loser of 2016. If Dems thought they’d win 2020 they wouldn’t try to impeach the President of the USA now and let the election play out. James Davis If Eric Trump went on Air Force One with Donald and came back with a Board seat on some company in Korea you would have a fit. But Bidens done nothing wrong Balrama Balrama Trump landslide 2020. The Democrats are a mess. I was one for 30 years. Never again. Thanks Thomas Ryan ask yourself one simple question: if it was don trump jr with the same $$$ deal as hunter biden if he had traveled to ukraine and russia on air force one with his father to secure these deals... would the LEFT have their hair on fire? Ira Transport Change the narrative to "Democrat" and you can write the same story. Except the majority of all types of media are onboard with them, not just a few sites. smh,.. Craig Nickman "And at least Warren said that nobody likes their health insurance company. A truism we all know. " Another truism we all know: whatever the government does, it will always do it worse than the private sector. Cheers! Steve Hurlburt If you stopped right here, you'd finally be correct, Watch news from something other than what you watch,,, You're not getting the whole story. You never do. You just don’t. John Warden The United States is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. The two political parties are the Republicans and the Democrats. The REPUBLICAN party and the DEMOCRAT party. NOT the "Democratic" party. Bob Askey Bob, you blame 'politics' but really your party betrayed you and the rest of America a long time ago. Wake up! Ax Hayssen Everything you say is probably true. However, it must be acknowledged that everywhere that the democrats have total control, California, Chicago, NYC. etc. all have major, major problems the rest of the country does not have. I live in LA, as you do, we don't need to go into these issues. People in the rest of the country see these problems and say "Hell no, I don't want the democrats in charge". They have a point. Regards Thaddeus Graham Bob, Thanks for the always. I'm voting (again) for Trump in 2020 because his administration is making progress in many areas, despite the stalling in Congress. This administration is serving "us" while doing what we asked (before we knew how bad it really was)... "clean up the government. " And when both sides realize that once the stink on the Hill is at least under some control, perhaps both sides can actually work together again. It's so simple, yet seems impossible sides have ideas worthy of consideration. However, you can't hear another's story or idea when all you do is receive and vomit the morning talking points, created by a group of out-of-touch, greedy, narcissistic, and sophomaniac fucks. While I'd like to say "we are the government and via the elections, we employ those to serve us and the country, " I cannot with a straight face. However, this administration is as close to what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Perhaps after a few drinks, but close. I have to remind myself that those on either side are not all geniuses. Hardly any in fact! And for those who are, that doesn't qualify them to not represent who got them to the dance. Nor does it provide in any way, shape or form, a right to be an outright, disrespectful, idiot that in the real world would fail or be ostrasized. Or at the very least, made to spend his/her career as CNN's White House side the current genius. Thanks again Bob. I hope this article goes viral. Bill in Indy When the Democratic party starts respecting our constitution, which has laws we agreed to, then people will take the party more seriously. Taxes - the dems have consistently raised taxes, with little regard to budgets. It’s embarrassing to watch Pelosi talk about ANYTHING other than taking care of her district, that 'elected' her; yet she has failed them. Homeless people crapping on public streets, in front of businesses, and she is going to talk about problems". Does she just drive past that and pretend it doesn’t exist? She’ll proudly fight for illegal immigration, yet ignore her own people? And that is really the microcosm of the problem. When Obama was in office, it just fine to stand up to our immigration laws, but when it comes from big bad Trump, it’s racist? The democratic party’s double standard and proof of lack of actual progress is starting to catch up with them. People are getting tired of excuses and nice speeches with little progress. Democrats are more focused on finding ANYTHING to impeach Trump, that they are unfocused on doing the job they were "elected" to do; which is serve the people. In fact, if they are such a stand-up group of people, why are they not for term-limits? While both parties are lacking efficiency and focus; the democratic party is so far out there, that they really are disconnected from America. They don’t even realize that many of the speeches they give are speaking to the wrong group of people. Just look at Illinois, where the democratic taxes are driving people out of the state to move out. Or Chicago, a democratic controlled city that is a war zone. There is even a analytical website built on the daily crime in Chicago: But the dems want to tell you it’s all about gun control. Never mind judicial responsibility and accountability. Neverminf addressing mental health. Never mind standing up for the police. Never mind the HUGE debt. They want to spend $500 million on a Obama library and focus on great drawings. Never mind focusing on REAL problems. It’s kind of like Hollywood, the rich and famous drive past the highest level of homeless people on the streets, then arrive the award show to posture themselves and their egos; and then say 'we need more equality'!! Really???? And then they blame Trump for that? The word is seeing thru the bullshit. See the ratings? See who won the presidency? How’s the ratings for CNN doing? See the attendance at Trump rally’s? I don’s recall a single democratic candidate say "America first"; I hear it from Trump all the time. And as much of a jackass of the mouth/twitter he is, I can see many positive things he has accomplished. Think about all the time and money we (the tax payers of costs they spend) have lost for investigations, hearings, trials, speeches, interviews, stories and social media/media on things that are UNFOCUSED at our needs. I will not be surprised to see Trump win again in 2020. And I would say it’s more because of the behavior of the democratic party than the positive accomplishments Trump achieves. If I was a democratic candidate, I wouldn’t even bring Trump into my pitch to gain votes. I would focus on solutions to AMERICAN problems. The debates next year will be the best drama TV the world has ever seen. I bet ratings will be higher than the Super Bowl. Richard Hofherr.

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words on the page. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words where is it playing. Ah! Another movie with an agenda. eek. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words. Looks good. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words watch. Created equal: clarence thomas in his own words youtube. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words theaters.

Created equal clarence thomas in his own words online. Movies | ‘Created Equal’ Review: A Justice of Few Words Finds His Voice Clarence Thomas is usually silent on the Supreme Court, but he had plenty to say to some friendly filmmakers. Credit... Manifold Productions Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Directed by Michael Pack Documentary PG-13 1h 56m The most obvious selling point of “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” also happens to be its most conspicuous deficiency. Thomas has distinguished himself with his silence on the Supreme Court; in 2016, he asked his first question from the bench in a decade. (Three years later, he asked another. ) Speaking directly to the camera in “Created Equal, ” Thomas is veritably chatty, reminiscing about his childhood, extolling the work of Ayn Rand, smiling wryly at his own quips. The producers, Michael Pack and Gina Cappo Pack, spent more than 30 hours interviewing Thomas and his wife, Virginia. Simply getting to watch Thomas expound on his thoughts for an extended length of time constitutes its own kind of novelty — a surprise that begins to wear off when it becomes clear that Thomas will mostly be rehashing the life story he already recounted in his 2007 memoir, “My Grandfather’s Son. ” That memoir was a fascinating document — shrewdly evasive yet occasionally revealing. This new film, by contrast, is about as revelatory as a campaign ad. The only talking heads are Thomas’s and Virginia’s; no other perspectives are offered. Funders for the project include conservative foundations belonging to the Kochs and the Scaifes. Michael Pack, who also directed the film, has written in praise of Stephen K. Bannon’s cultural production efforts. “Documentaries, ” Pack wrote in 2017, “have been the almost exclusive playground of the Left. ” Thomas recounts the major moments in an undeniably eventful life. He supported the black power movement in the ’60s and ’70s and voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980; his conservative turn, he says, was the inevitable reaction to liberal hypocrisy. Clips of Anita Hill testifying at Thomas’s confirmation hearings in 1991 appear in the second half of the film, after the filmmakers have taken care not to disturb their admiring portrait of Thomas as a faithful Christian and doting family man. Hill’s recollections of sexual harassment get predictably cast as part of a feminist smear campaign designed to destroy him. But the overriding tenor of this documentary is triumphant and upbeat. Thomas’s journey is intermittently visualized by footage from inside a boat as it makes its way through marshy wetlands before arriving, just as the sun is setting, at a sturdy dock. If “Created Equal” is trying to promote the conservative cause, it does so gently, and blandly. The only moment of mild discomfort occurs when the filmmakers ask Thomas about the end of his first marriage. The otherwise voluble Thomas signals that he’ll be having none of it, turning momentarily awkward and taciturn: “Yeah, it was, you know, you live with it. ” Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Rated PG-13 for the unavoidable segment on sexual harassment. Running time: 1 hour 56 minutes.

I want DVD! Where can I get.

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Created equal 3a clarence thomas in his own words excel. I'm wondering,if he just take it upon himself crazy.

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