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45 Minutes; Ratings=9,3 of 10 star; Star=Matt Smith; info=The further adventures in time and space of the alien adventurer known as the Doctor and their companions from planet Earth; 190982 Votes. NuWho is amazing and Dr Who is my favourite show ever lets break down each era.
Christopher Eccleston era the era that started it all for me and were I started watching Dr who which makes this era so Nostalgic for me with great episodes like Dalek and Empty Child and Doctor Dances.
However this is my least favourite era overall in NuWho just simply because it hasn't aged that well and he only did one season so I find it hard to get attached to this Dr personally I do respect Eccleston alot for bringing back the show and without this season we wouldn't have it but I enjoy 10th 11th 12th era's overall just my opinion.
However there are some great moments in this season and the first time I ever saw a Dalek is a memory I will have forever and it scared me alot.
The first time I saw inside the TARDIS I've never been more thrilled and it still gets me every season.
I love the Badwolf story arc and it's definitely one of my favourites I also love the introduction to Captain Jack one of the coolest characters ever on Tv.
There are some underrated episodes in this season like Father's Day and I don't think Unquiet Death gets enough love.
However im not a big fan of the Slitheen two parter just abit to silly for me which didn't suit this era and I much prefer Boom Town.
My favourite episode is definitely Dalek some of the best acting in any of Dr who in my opinion and the first time we saw the Dr be scared and abit of his bad side which made me like this character more.
I was really disappointed that Eccleston left although the introduction for new fans to regeneration was very interesting and very shocking to see for the first time.
The David Tennant era of Doctor Who I love this era Tennant still remains my favourite doctor of all time and will always be my Doctor even though I do prefer more stories in Matt's era.
However this does have some great stories and some excellent moments in Dr Who history I love Season 4 it's definitely my season of NuWho and there isnt a single bad episode in that season.
It also sees the return of some classic Dr Who characters Like the Sontarans and I love the new design It also brings back Davros who is a Dr who legend and his amazing in this season finale in Season 4.
This era brings back the Master for the first time played by John Simm who I think is brilliant in the role and plays a really sinister Master.
However this era does my least favourite companion in Martha wasn't really an interesting character in my opinion.
The era also has some really bad episodes like Love and Monsters and Fear her.
I love the way they bring back the Cybermen in this season really interesting origin story for them and a cool design.
Very upsetting saying goodbye to Rose at the end of season 2.
This season also has my favourite companion of NuWho which is Donna such a cool character and the companion that in my opinion has the best story arc in Doctor Who.
We also meet my favourite character for the first time River Song in a two part story which is amazing.
I also love specials from David and these are he's best episodes such a great way to end his era and the first time a TV show had me crying when he left David will always be my favourite Doctor and just a great era.
My moment in Tennants run his definitely the Timelord Victorious scene in Waters of Mars such well acted moment by him.
My second favourite era in NuWho the Matt Smith era I love this era and this Doctor is my second favourite Doctor in all Dr Who after David Tennant.
The Stories in this era are just amazing and definitely think Matt has the best overall story arcs in the New series of Doctor Who I love the story of River Song and The Silence in Season 6 which is my second favourite season in NuWho.
Matt's era also has some of my favourite stuff in it I think he the best Sonic Screwdriver and his first TARDIS interior is my all time favourite I love it.
However I do think season 7 is definitely the weakest season in this era some episodes in that season I'm not a fan off like the Crimson Horror and Hide I've never really liked.
But I do think Asylum of the Daleks and Power of Three are very underrated.
My favourite episodes in this era is definitely Flesh and Stone and Time of Angels I love this episode and in my opinion it's better than Blink as it feels more like a Dr Who story.
There are so many great moments in this era my favourite being the Rings of Akkatan speech and the moment with Vincent Van Gogh in the meauseum is just perfect and really emotional.
The 50th anniversary episode is in this era and I think it's amazing I love everything about this episode love that we get to see stuff from the Time War and John Hurt as the war doctor is awesome and the Zygons came back and look incredible and the scene with Tom Baker is perfect for any Dr Who fan.
I also think Matt had the best acted regeneration scene his speech always gets me and it just make for a perfect end to a great era.
I also really like the twist that he is the last one in the first cycle really interesting twist and makes the overall story more complete for me.
The Peter Capaldi era of Doctor Who i love this era and think it is slightly underrated now i will admit that Season 9 is definitely the weakest season in this era and in NuWho in general and the Hybrid Story wasn't really that interesting in my opinion. However there some really great stories i love the whole of season 10 definitely one of my favourite seasons and i love the introduction of Bill and the fact they brought back the Original Cybermen which made me go back and watch the Tenth Planet.
i also really enjoy season 8 and thought it was a great way to kick off the era with great stories like Into a Dalek which is very interesting i also really enjoy Dark Water and Death in Heaven really like the idea with the Cybermen in thar story.
i love the introduction of Missy such a great twist on the character of the Master and she gets better each season in my opinion.
Now there things in this era which do my head in i hate the Sonic Sunglasses such a stupid idea which didnt work in my opinion, However i do love his Sonice Screwdriver he gets after Hell Bent.
Hell Bent is my least favourite episode of Dr Who ever just huge disappointment and the Doctor is way out of character in that and undermines Heaven Sent which is the best episode in this era in my opinion.
i also really love the the dalek two parter in season 9 just because the scenes with Davros and The Doctor are always great to watch and i love them.
Capaldi in my opinion had the best Christmas Special in the Husbands of River Song which ties in with when we first met her in a 10th doctor story and we get to see there last days on Delirium which was a great way to end the River Song story.
Verdict 9/10 great series and my all time favourite show a must watch for Sci-Fi fans.

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The score for 10 and 12's regenerations are magnificent.

0:47 Ah! Ah! He said it! He said it. Peter Griffin

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Imagine if Wonder Woman transformed into a man an then went around saying it was an upgrade. You can watch it all day. Content is easy to watch and very fantastic. Watch doctor who online free movie.


Doctor who movie online free. I love the vein on the left side of your forehead that pops up when you get perturbed. This is not Dr. Who... You guys should post the Stormaggedon scene 😂 no, he's not your no-mama. Doctor Who Free movie database. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Type the characters you see in this image: Try different image Conditions of Use Privacy Policy © 1996-2014,, Inc. or its affiliates.

I loved the Cybermen... unless theyre about to turn you into them yeah no not that part. Free movies on twitch doctor who. Doctor who movie free. Free movies doctor who. Doctor Who free movie downloads. The first doctor who free movies on youtube. Doctor who movies streaming free. That was the episode I've been waiting for. Something where we can connect with these companions and learn their fears. It makes them human. And as the Doctor said, fear is actually good. It keeps you fast. Let's you jump higher. So be afraid, everyone. Because you'll always jump through your problems! And when you do, you can give me 50p for telling you so. :D.

Network free doctor who movies. 123 free doctor who. After seeing the first episode, which was quite dire IMHO, I noted that I'd give this series time to get going and I wasn't disappointed. It's almost over now and some of the episodes have really had an effect, particularly the ones with the Daleks. The characters are very ambiguous at times, adding that extra element of depth to the show not often seen today. An excellent blend of humour, frights, wit, tension and romance prevail in this mostly positive series, and the action and special effects are decent as well, considering that this is the BBC.
* Pseudo-Spoiler Warning. One problem I have is that the twists throughout the series are spoiled by the BBC and they have themselves to blame. How do they do this? At the end of each episode they show a preview of the next, giving the game away quite often. Particularly in the case of the episode previewing "Bad Wolf" where the twist is given out of context, but when the episode actually shows, we remember what we saw before and piece it all together before we actually see it. Also all that stuff about Eccleston leaving gives the end of the series away totally - well done guys.

It's a Chinese bioweapon made to target chinese men. Maybe series 12 episode 4 river kills the doctor or he regenerates again or series 26. Doctor~Who~espanol~es~Film Watch~ Online~Boxofficemojo Doctor Who mkv. This isnt the doctors greatest is the “make me cry from doctor who” video. Copyright © All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Doctor Who Free movie. Doctor who the movie free.

When I finished the IMDB Top 250 I thought why not widen my perspective to include a more global selection. This is my personal diary & guidebook. The IMDB list is heavily slanted towards American movies and many of my favorites come from countries like Guinea-Bissau, Japan, Burkina Faso, Argentina, Taiwan, etc. So why not see at least one movie from every country in the world. I think it will be inspiring and perhaps even insightful, especially looking at films from the small countries like my own Estonia. There’s 193 countries at the UN so this is my geographic definition — but obviously I’m open for movies from other areas and here I’m already including places like the Gibraltar and Greenland that are not countries per se but do have a distinct (film) culture. I'm also including short films and documentaries because features were never made in a bunch of countries. So here goes my list in an alphabetic order. Others have attempted to select the best film from each country you can Google. I'm including at least one or more that I like. Where I have not seen a film yet (but you have) why not leave a suggestion on Twitter. The List Afghanistan Emaan (2011; Dir. Haris Yosufi) Albania The Forgiveness of Blood (2011; Dir. Joshua Marston) Dear Albania (2012; Dir. Eliza Dushku) Algeria Rachida (2002; Dir. Yamina Bachir) Yema (2012; Dir. Djamila Sahraoui) Andorra Amor Idiota (2004), a Spanish co-production, Dir. by Ventura Pons. Angola Love Angola so I’ve tried to see everything that’s coming out of the country. It’s not that much. Hollow City (Na Cidade Vazia) (2004; Dir. Maria João Ganga) O Grande Kilapy (2012; Dir. Zézé Gamboa) Cartas de Angola (2011; Dir. Dulce Fernandes) Alambamento (2011; Dir. Mario Bastos) Rostov-Luanda (1998; Dir. Abderrahmane Sissako) O Miradouro da Lua Angola: Saudades de Quem te Ama (2006; Dir. Richard Pakleppa) Antigua & Deps Nothing yet. Looking for a copy of The Sweetest Mango (2001; Dir. by Howard Allen) Argentina As a 17 year-old exchange student in Argentina, I spent a lot of my time watching Argentine movies. I love most of them for the heart-warming, human stories. Bombón: El Perro El mismo amor, la misma lluvia El secreto de sus ojos Tan de repente Caballos Salvajes Una noche con Sabrina Love Diarios de motocicleta Martín (Hache) Nuts for Love (Nueces para el amor) Avellaneda’s Moon (Luna de Avellaneda) Intimate Stories (Historias mínimas) Passionate People (Apasionados) It’s Not You, It’s Me (No sos vos, soy yo) Kamchatka Valentín A Less Bad World (Un mundo menos peor) El método Clouds (La nube) Garage Olimpo (Garage Olimpo) Armenia Sunrise over Lake Van Aruba Abo So (2013; Comedy; Directed by Juan Francisco Pardo; Language: Papiamento). Available for rent on Vimeo. Australia I know Australia more for the TV-series Farscape than for movies but here’s a couple I’ve seen. Rabbit-Proof Fence Dark City Samson and Delilah (2009; Dir. Warwick Thornton) Austria Darwin’s Nightmare (2004; Dir. Hubert Sauper) Azerbaijan Sahe (2010; Dir. Ilgar Safat) Bahamas I know Kareem Mortimer is making movies in the Bahamas but I haven't seen any. Eric & Coletta by Conrad Knowles is available on YouTube. Bahrain Nothing. Bangladesh Mor Thengary (My Bicycle) directed by Aung Rakhine Barbados Hit for Six (2007) dir. by Alison Saunders-Franklyn and Payday (2014) dir. by Selwyne Browne are the only local productions I know of but haven't seen. Hollywood studios have used Barbados as a location for various films, including Island in the Sun (1957) and The Tamarind Seed (1974). Belarus No. Belgium Hummm. Belize Nope. Benin Bhutan The country lends itself well for magical stories. Travellers & Magicians (2003; Dir. Khyentse Norbu) Phörpa (1999; Dir. Khyentse Norbu) Bolivia I've been to Bolivia but only in the Altiplano part so this only film I saw was a surprise for showing an urban story set in another part of the country. Dependencia Sexual (2003; Dir. Rodrigo Bellott) Bosnia Herzegovina No Man’s Land (2001; Dir. Danis Tanovic) Botswana I've only seen these... The Gods Must Be Crazy The Gods Must Be Crazy II Crazy Safari Brazil I speak Portuguese and Brazilian movies have always been a must to follow. City of God (Cidade de Deus) Central do Brasil (Central Station) Bruna Surfistinha Besouro Do Começo ao Fim Simonal — Ninguém Sabe o Duro que Dei Noel: The Samba Poet (Noel — Poeta da Vila) Nome Próprio Tropa de Elite Waste Land A Suprema Felicidade Pixote, the Law of the Weakest (Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco) Carandiru Brunei Nothing yet. Bulgaria Burkina Faso Love Burkinabe films. Yaaba (1989; rissa Ouedraogo) Samba Traoré (1992; Dir. Idrissa Ouedraogo) Tilai (1990; Dir. Idrissa Ouedraogo) Wend Kuuni (1983; Dir. Gaston Kaboré) Buud Yam (1997; Dir. Gaston Kaboré) Yeelen (1987; Dir. Souleymane Cissé) Moolaadé (2004; Dir. Ousmane Sembene) Sankofa (1993; Dir. Haile Gerima) Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Probably a bunch more I can't remember and many US movies are shot in Canada. Lie with Me (2005; Dir. Clement Virgo) Cabo Verde Cabralista (2011; Dir. Valerio Lopes) Nha Fala (2002; Dir. Flora Gomes) Central African Rep Chad Un Homme Qui Crie (2010; Dir. Mahamat-Saleh Haroun) Chile Machuca (2004; Dir. Andrés Wood) No (2012; Dir. Pablo Larraín) China 人再囧途之泰囧 (Lost in Thailand) House of Flying Daggers (Shi mian mai fu) Hero (Ying Xiong) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo Hu Cang Long) Colombia Los Colores De La Montaña Maria Full of Grace El Páramo Comoros Congo Congo, D. R. Viva Riva! (2010; Dir. Djo Munga) Benda Bilili! (2010) Congo in Four Acts (2010) Juju Factory (2007; Dir. Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda) Kinshasa Symphony Costa Rica Del amor y otros demonios Croatia Nada. Cuba Would love to see more. 7 Days In Cuba Guantanamera Soy Cuba (1964; Dir. Mikhail Kalatozov) Cyprus Probably somehthing.. Czech Republic Closely Watched Trains (Ostre sledované vlaky) — (1966) Denmark Manderlay Melancholia (Dir. Lars Trier) Dancer in the Dark (Dir. Lars Trier) Dogville (Dir. Lars Trier) Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic As DR was influential in my youth, I’ve made a point of watching every movie that comes out of the country. East Timor A Guerra da Beatriz Ecuador Probably.. Egypt Yes, but what? El Salvador Equatorial Guinea I don't think so. Eritrea I guess not. Estonia My home country, here's a selection of a few. Mandariinid (Tangerines) Püha Tõnu Kiusamine Disco and Atomic War (Disko ja tuumasõda) Klass (The Class; Dir. Ilmar Raag) 1944 (2015) The Fencer (2015) Ethiopia Town of Runners (2012; Dir. Jerry Rothwell) Adwa (1999; Dir. Haile Gerima) Fiji That First Glide (2011; Dir. Mike Waltze, Duwayne Dunham) Pear ta ma ‘on maf (2004; Dir. Vilsoni Hereniko) Finland Even though I’m from Estonia, and have lived for years 80km from the Finnish capital Helsinki, go there various time per year, the Finnish cinema tradition has bot been my cup of tea. One-Way Ticket to Mombasa (Menolippu Mombasaan) Iron Sky (2012; Dir. Timo Vuorensola) France France I’ve seen far too many to mention. Here’s just a small selection of the most remarkable ones. The Dreamers Irreversible (Irréversible) Paris, je t’aime The City of Lost Children (La cité des enfants perdus) Amélie (Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain) Léon: The Professional (Léon) The Fifth Element Colombiana L’auberge espagnole I Stand Alone (Seul contre tous) The Intouchables Breathless (1960) Au hasard Balthazar The 400 Blows (1959) The Girl on the Bridge (La fille sur le pont) Gabon Gambia Georgia Grdzeli nateli dgeebi (2013; Dir. Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Groß) Germany Downfall (2004) “Der Untergang” The Lives Of Others The Experiment Ghana Love Brewed in the African Pot (1981; Dir. Kwaw Ansah) Kwaku Ananse (2013; Dir. Akosua Adoma Owusu) The Nine Muses (2010; Dir. John Akomfrah) Gibraltar La Roca (2011; Dir. Raúl Santos) Greece Something but what? Greenland Nuummioq (2009; Dir. Torben Bech, Otto Rosing) Grenada Guatemala Granito (2011; Dir. Pamela Yates) Guinea Guinea-Bissau Flora Gomes is one of my favorite directors. Udju Azul di Yonta (1992; Dir. Flora Gomes) Mortu Nega (1990; Dir. Flora Gomes) Po di Sangui (1996; Dir. Flora Gomes) The Children’s Republic (2012; Dir. Flora Gomes) A Batalha de Tabatô (2013; Dir. João Viana) Guyana Haiti Lumumba (2002; Dir. Raoul Peck) Cristo Rey (2013; Dir. Leticia Tonos) Assistance mortelle (2013; Dir. Raoul Peck) Honduras Amor y frijoles (2009; Dir. Mathew Kodath, Hernan Pereira) Hong Kong Isabella (Yi sa bui lai) Yi dai zong shi (Dir. Kar Wai Wong) Yip Man Fa yeung nin wa (In The Mood For Love) — (Dir. Kar Wai Wong) Hungary Werckmeister Harmonies (Werckmeister Harmóniák) Délibáb (2014; Dir. by Szabolcs Hajdu) Iceland Yes, I guess, but what? India Gandhi Chennai Express Indonesia Merantau I think nothing else so far…:( Iran Turtles Can Fly (lakposhtha ham parvaz mikonand) Jodaeiye Nader az Simin Ta’m e guilass The Stoning Of Soraya M Iraq Syn Babilonu (2009; Dir. Mohamed Al Daradji) Ireland {Republic} In the Name of the Father (1993) Israel Broken Wings (Knafayim Shvurot) Vals Im Bashir Italy In general I love Italian movies. Malèna L’Avventura Mediterraneo Nuovo Cinema Paradiso The Legend of 1900 (La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano) Ivory Coast This one comes highly recommended and you can rent it online (don't pay attention to the low IMDB score). Burn it up Djassa (Original title: Le djassa a pris feu; 2012; Dir. by Lonesome Solo) Jamaica The Harder They Come (1972; Dir. Perry Henzell) Dancehall Queen (1997; Dir. Rick Elgood, Don Letts) One Love (2003; Dir. Rick Elgood, Don Letts) Countryman (1982; Dir. Dickie Jobson) Shottas (2002; Dir. Cess Silvera) Japan Too many to mention but mostly Kurosawa and Hayao Miyazaki. Sukiyaki Western Django (2007; Dir. Takashi Miike) All About Lily Chou-Chou (リリシュシュのすべて; 2001. Dir. Shunji Iwai) Hana and Alice (Hana to Arisu; 2004; Dir. Shunji Iwai) Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru; 2000; Dir. Kinji Fukasaku) Howl’s Moving Castle (2004; Hayao Miyazaki) Jordan Lamma Shoftak (2013; Dir. Annemarie Jacir) Kazakhstan Tulpan (2008; Dir. Sergei Dvortsevoy) Kenya Soul Boy (2010; Dir. Hawa Essuman) Nairobi Half Life (2012; Dir. David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga) Something Necessary (2013; Dir. Judy Kibinge) Pumzi (2009; Dir. Wanuri Kahiu) From a Whisper (2009; Dir. Wanuri Kahiu) Ikiru (1952; Dir. Akira Kurosawa) Kiribati There's very little local film production (if at all), however a few short films an documentaries have been produced by international teams. I've seen the films available online: Levita (2013; Dir. Victoria Burns) Paradise Found: The Phoenix Islands (2008; Dir. Kate Raisz) Global Conservation Fund: 3 Stories Looking forward to see: Hangs Upon Nothing (2014; Dir. Jeremy Rumas) La Horde (2014; Dir. by Colin Jerome) Korea North Korea South 3-Iron (Bin-Jip) Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (Bom Yeoreum Gaeul Gyeoul Geurigo Bom) The Way Home (Jibeuro) Oldeuboi (2003; Dir. Chan-wook Park) Bakjwi (2009; Dir. Chan-wook Park) Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Yes... Lebanon Sukkar Banat (2007; Dir. Nadine Labaki) The Prophet (2011; Dir. Gary Tarn) Lesotho Liberia Johnny Mad Dog (2008; Dir. Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire) Small Small Thing (2013; Dir. Jessica Vale) Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania I guess maybe I've seen something. "Aurora" also knowns as "Vanishing Waves" (2012) Luxembourg Macau A Última Vez Que Vi Macau (2012; Dir. João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata) Macedonia Jas sum od Titov Veles (2007; Dir. Teona Strugar Mitevska) Before the Rain (1994; Dir. Milcho Manchevski) Senki (2007; Dir. Milcho Manchevski) The Piano Room (2013; Dir. Igor Ivanov Izi) Bal-Can-Can (2005; Dir. Darko Mitrevski) Treto poluvreme (2013; Dir. Darko Mitrevski) Majki (2010; Dir. Milcho Manchevski) Madagascar Malagasy Mankany (2012; Dir. Haminiaina Ratovoarivony) Malawi William and the Windmill (2013; Dir. Ben Nabors) Malaysia Would love to see something. Maldives Sazaa (2011; Dir. Hussain Munawwaru) Ingili (2013; Dir. Ravee Farooq) Mali Bamako (2006; Dir. Abderrahmane Sissako) La Vie Sur Terre (1998; Dir. Abderrahmane Sissako) Finye (1982; Dir. Souleymane Cissé) Waati (1995; Dir. Souleymane Cissé) Baara (1978; Dir. Souleymane Cissé) Den muso (1975; Dir. Souleymane Cissé) Malta Adormidera (2013; Dir. Raymond Mizzi) Marshall Islands Ainikien Jidjid ilo Boñ (2012; Dir. Suzanne Chutaro, Jack Niedenthal) The Undiscovered Country: A Tale of Color and Development (2012; Dir. Peter Sutoris, Nuith Morales) Martinique Passage du milieu (2000; Dir. Guy Deslauriers) Biguine (2004; Dir. Guy Deslauriers) La ultima rumba de papa Montero (1992; Dir. Octavio Cortázar) Mauritania Soleil O (1967; Dir. Med Hondo) Sarraounia (1986; Dir. Med Hondo) West Indies (1979; Dir. Med Hondo) Mauritius Les Enfants De Troumaron (2012; Dir. Harrikrisna Anenden, Sharvan Anenden) La cathédrale (2006; Dir. Harrikrisna Anenden) This year looking forward to see Lonbraz Kann by David Constantin. Mexico Very respectable film industry, a bunch of great films. Y tu mamá también Amores perros Alamar Frida Biutiful Voces Inocentes (Innocent Voices) El laberinto del fauno Micronesia Moldova Tabor ukhodit v nebo (1976; Dir. Emil Loteanu) La limita de jos a cerului (2013; Dir. Igor Cobileanski) Monaco Mongolia Mongolian Ping Pong (Lü Cao Di) Price of Gold (2012; Dir. Sven Zellner, Tschingunshaw Borchu) Big Fish (2012; Dir. Banzragch Batbold) A Pearl in the Forest (2008; Dir. Agvaantseren Enkhtaivan) Mongolian Bling (2012; Dir. Benj Binks) State of Dogs (1998; Dir. State of Dogs) The Men with Blue Dots (2012; Dir. Dorjsuren Shadav) Montserrat Montenegro Doktor Rej i djavoli (2012; Dir. Dinko Tucakovic) Morocco Le Sac de Farine (2012; Dir. Kadija Leclere) And there's one recent international production I haven't seen. Atlantic. (2014; Dir. Jan-Willem van Ewijk) Mozambique Kuxa Kanema: O Nascimento do Cinema (2003; Dir. Margarida Cardoso) Terra Sonâmbula (Sleepwalkers Land) — (Dir. Teresa Prata) Virgem Margarida (2012; Dir. Licinio Azevedo) O Último Voo do Flamingo O Gotejar da Luz (2002; Dir. Fernando Vendrell) Myanmar / Burma Kayan Beauties (2012; Dir. Aung Ko Latt) Qiong ren, liu lian, ma yao, tou du ke (2012; Dir. Midi Z. ) Gui lái dí rén (2011; Dir. ) Namibia Taste of Rain (2012; Dir. Richard Pakleppa) Nauru Nepal Soongava (2012; Dir. Subarna Thapa) Netherlands Episode 3: ‘Enjoy Poverty’ Only Decent People Tula: The Revolt (2013; Dir. Jeroen Leinders) New Caleodonia Les deux pirogues de Salomon (1992; Dir. Marc-Arnaud Boussat) New Zealand I haven’t seen indie productions from NZ, just the blockbuster American co-productions. The Hobbit Nicaragua La Yuma (2009; Dir. Florence Jaugey) Niger Agadez, the Music and the Rebellion (2010; Dir. Ron Wyman) Nigeria The latest productions coming out from Nigeria and directed towards International markets are very good. Love it. Last Flight To Abuja (2012; Dir. Obi Emelonye) Phone Swap (2012; Dir. Kunle Afolayan) Black November (2012; Dir. Jeta Amata) Half of a Yellow Sun (2013; Dir. Biyi Bandele) The Lost Number (2012; Dir. Kester Nsirim) Niue Niue: This Is Your Land (2005; Documentary; Dir. Mella Lahina). Check it out for free on Vimeo. Norway Kon Tiki Limbo Oman Al-boom (2006; Dir. Khaled Abdul Raheem Al-Zadjali) Pakistan Hum... I guess I've probably seen something I've forgotten. Palau Again, very little local film production. Foreign productions: You can see the Palau seas in the 40min 1995 IMAX documentary The Living Sea Dir. by Greg MacGillivray. There's also 1968 WW2 drama Hell in the Pacific Dir. by John Boorman. Palestine Paradise Now (2005; Dir. Hany Abu-Assad) Shilton Ha Chok (2011; Dir. Ra’anan Alexandrowicz) Panama Chance (2009; Dir. Abner Benaim) Papua New Guinea Mr. Pip (2012; Dir. Andrew Adamson) Sun Come Up (2011; Dir. Jennifer Redfearn) Marabe (1978; Dir. Alan Harkness) Paraguay 7 Cajas (2012; Dir. Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schembori) 18 cigarrillos y medio (2010; Dir. Marcelo Tolces) Peru Mariposa negra Pantaleón y las visitadoras No se lo digas a nadie Dioses Contracorriente La Teta Asustada Días de Santiago Philippines Captivve (2012; Dir. Brillante Mendoza) Metro Manila (2013; Dir. Sean Ellis) The Road (2011; Dir. Yam Laranas) Poland Trois couleurs: Bleu (1993; Dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski) Trois couleurs: Rouge (1994; Dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski) Trois couleurs: Blanc (1994; Dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski) Portugal O Fatalista (2005; Dir. João Botelho) Viuva Rica Solteira Nao Fica (2006; Dir. José Fonseca e Costa) Mistérios de Lisboa (2010; Dir. Raúl Ruiz) Puerto Rico 200 Cartas (2013; Dir. Bruno Irizarry) Qatar Cruel Summer (Dir. Kanye West) Romania 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007; Original Title: 4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile; Dir. Cristian Mungiu) Beyond the Hills (2012; Original Title: Dupa dealuri; Dir. Cristian Mungiu) Russia Many Russian movies have a certain grittiness to them. It’s an aquired taste but cool. Man With a Movie Camera (Chelovek s kino-apparatom) Bumer (Бумер) Rwanda Grey Matter (Matière Grise) — (Dir. Kivu Ruhorahoza) Munyurangabo (2007; Dir. Lee Isaac Chung) Rising from Ashes (2012; Dir. T. C. Johnstone) Réunion The Monkeys Island (2011; Dir. Emmanuel Dinh) Bienvenue au Paradis (2011; Dir. Emmanuel Dinh) FB Trailer St Helena Sathima’s Windsong (2010; Dir. Daniel Yon) St Kitts & Nevis St Lucia Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Not yet. Samoa O Le Tulafale (2011; Dir. Tusi Tamasese) San Marino Scuderia Filibusta (2012; Dir. Francesco Ceccoli, Jeffrey Zani) São Tomé and Príncipe Little Fruit (1998; Dir. Herbert Brödl) Sea & the Jungle (2009; Dir. Angelo Torres) Contract (2010; Dir. Guenny Pires) Saudi Arabia Wadjda (2012; Dir. Haifaa Al-Mansour) Faisal, Legacy of a King (2011; Dir. Shems Friedlander) Senegal Ceddo (1977; Dir. Ousmane Sembene) Xala (1975; Dir. Ousmane Sembene) Borom Sarret (1969; Dir. Ousmane Sembene) Hyènes (1992; Dir. Djibril Diop Mambéty) The Pirogue (2012; Dir. Moussa Touré) Touki Bouki (1973; Dir. Djibril Diop Mambéty) Aujourd’hui (2012; Alain Gomis) Grand Comme Le Baobab (2012; Dir. Jeremy Teicher) Serbia Black Cat, White Cat — (1998; Original Title: Crna macka, beli macor; Dir. Emir Kusturica) Parada (2011; Dir. Srdjan Dragojevic) Karaula (2006; Dir. Rajko Grlic) Profesionalac (2003; Dir. Dusan Kovacevic) Krugovi (2013; Dir. Srdan Golubovic) Klip (2012; Dir. Maja Milos) Srpski Film (2010; Dir. Srdjan Spasojevic) Seychelles The island served as a location for a few international productions. Can't wait to see something locally-produced though. Amore libero - Free Love (1974; Dir. by Pier Ludovico Pavoni) Sierra Leone Cry Freetown (Dir. Sorious Samura) Ezra (Dir: Newton I. Aduaka) The Language You Cry In (1998; Dir. Ángel Serrano, Alvaro Toepke) Singapore Singapore Dreaming (美满人生) As I’m moving to Taiwan, I’ll be sure to watch some movies from Singapore as well. Slovakia Probably something I've forgotten. Slovenia Slovenka (2009; Dir. Damjan Kozole) Solomon Islands As with most of the small island countries, there's next to no local film production. However, as it's an attractive location, we have a couple of films by foreigners. A Passage to Anuta (2014; Dir: Jacob Ells) -- Made by a dude from California this is short film of a passage from Majuro in the Marshall Islands, to Anuta, the eastern most island of the Solomon Islands. Broken Wind Chime (2014; Dir. Regina Lepping) Le Test, chronique d'une initiation (2015; Dir. Adilah Dolaiano) Somalia Dan Iyo Xarago (1973; Dir. Idriss Hassan Dirie) Godka Cirka South Africa Tsotsi Alive in Joburg District 9 South Sudan Ten Minutes Is Two Hours (2010; Dir. Patrick Kennelly) The World’s Youngest Nation: South Sudan (2010; Dir. Viktor Pesenti) Spain There’s a bunch of Spanish movies that I love. Volver Map of the Sounds of Tokyo Bad Education (La Mala Educación) The Sea Inside (Mar Adentro) Abre Los Ojos Butterfly (La Lengua de las Mariposas) Sri Lanka Vazhakku Enn 18/9 (2012; Dir. Balaji Shaktivel) Sudan There's 2 recent documentaries made by international teams. I haven't seen them yet. Beats of the Antonov (2014; Dir. by Hajooj Kuka) Madina's Dream (2015; Dir. by Andrew Berends) Suriname Paramaribo Papers (2002; Dir. Ger Poppelaars) Wan Pipel (1976; Dir. Pim de la Parra) Lost in Hustle (2012; Dir. Didier Chabi) Between Two Worlds (2012; Dir. Ruud Lenssen) Swaziland Never a Neverland (2010; Dir. Ricky Norris) Sweden Jagten (2012; Dir. Thomas Vinterberg) Lilja 4-ever (2002; Dir. Lukas Moodysson) Mammoth (2009; Dir. Lukas Moodysson) Persona (1966; Ingmar Bergman) Show Me Love (1998; Original title: Fucking Åmål; Dir. Lukas Moodysson) Switzerland Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky Night Train to Lisbon War Photographer (Dir. Christian Frei) Syria Dimashq ma’a hobee (Damascus with Love) Ladder to Damascus (2013; Dir. Mohamed Malas) Taiwan You Are The Apple Of My Eye (那些年, 我們一起追的女孩) Cape No. 7 (海角七號) Many-many more. Have to update this one:) Tajikistan Sokout (1998) Written & Dir. by the Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf but shot in Tajikistan. Tanzania A Lot Like You (Dir. Eliaichi Kimaro) Thailand Ong-bak Togo Ashakara (1991; Dir. Gérard Louvin) Tonga Tongan Ark (2012; Dir. Paul Janman) Trinidad & Tobago Between Friends (Dir. M. Omari Jackson) Girl from India (1982; Dir. Harbance Kumar) Tunisia Asfour Stah (1990; Dir. Férid Boughedir) Le chant des mariées (2008; Dir. Karin Albou) Le Fil (2009; Dir. Mehdi Ben Attia) Turkey Gegen die Wand (2004; Dir. Fatih Akin) Eskiya (1966; Dir. Yavuz Turgul) Turkmenistan Karakum (1994; Dir. Arend Agthe, Uzmaan Saparov) Tuvalu ThuleTuvalu (2014; Dir. Matthias von Gunten) Uganda Call Me Kuchu (2012; Dir. Katherine Fairfax Wright, Malika Zouhali-Worrall) Ukraine La terre outragée (2011; Dir. Michale Boganim) Feathered Dreams (2012; Dir. Andrew Rozhen) United Arab Emirates City of Life (2009; Dir. Ali F. Mostafa) Sea Shadow (2011; Dir. Nawaf Al-Janahi) Djinn (2013; Dir. Tobe Hooper) United Kingdom Obviously a huge film country. Here just a selection of my personal favorites. My Summer of Love United States Obviously there ‘s hundreds or eventhousands of American movies we’ve all seen. So I’m just going to list a couple that I really like and deserve more attention. The Bling Ring (2013; Dir. Sofia Coppola) An Oversimplification of Her Beauty (2012; Dir. Terence Nance) Uruguay Whisky La casa muda (2010; Dir. Gustavo Hernández) Uzbekistan The Desert of Forbidden Art (2010; Dir. Tchavdar Georgiev, Amanda Pope) Vanuatu There's very little film production in Vanuatu and the movies that have been produced are foreign productions like Randal Kleiser's 1980 drama The Blue Lagoon, french 2007 pseudo-anthropological documentary God Is American (Dir. Richard Martin Jordan) and Australian 1990 drama Till There Was You (Dir. John Seale). I'm waiting for movies from local writers, directors and producers. Vatican City Venezuela Secuestro Express (2005; Dir. Jonathan Jakubowicz) Vietnam The Scent of Green Papaya (Mùi du du xanh — L’odeur de la papaye verte) Mua he chieu thang dung (2000; Dir. Tran Anh Hung) Western Sahara Wilaya (2012; Dir. Pedro Pérez Rosado) Yemen A New Day in Old Sana’a (2005; Dir. Bader Ben Hirsi) Janapar (2012; James Newton) Zambia The Cola Road (2013; Dir. Claire Ward) Mwansa the Great (2011; Dir. Rungano Nyoni) Zimbabwe Jit (1992; Dir. Michael Raeburn) That's it! If you remember any film I should watch, don't forget to email me or send a tweet. ∎ Back to Index.

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A poorly made easy to get rid of character with a good actor

Youre assuming Chinball cares about canon more than agenda. Damn, Ive never watched it or thought this show was cool when my friends talked about it. But now Im inspired to watch it...


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