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La gomera tenerife. La gomera images. La gomera island weather. La gomera facts. This article or section does not match our manual of style or needs other editing. Please plunge forward, give it your attention and help it improve! Suggested fixes: None specified. Please use the article's talk page to ask questions if you are not sure why this tag was added and whether it is safe to remove it. La Gomera is the second smallest island of the Canary Islands. Regions [ edit] La Gomera is divided in several municipalities or regions which might seem to have little logic but whose division was inherited from the former aborigines' tribal kingdoms. Nowadays these are: San Sebastian (where the main seaport and island's capital are located) Hermigua, Agulo, Vallehermoso, Valle Gran Rey and Alajeró. Towns [ edit] San Sebastian de la Gomera - Capital and main port. Columbus set sail from here. It has several nice black sand beaches and some historic buildings like the Count's Tower or the Church of La Asunción. Throughout the years it has grown over the hills and inside the valley. Hermigua - The first stop of the north route departing from San Sebastian. Formerly a wealthy agricultural valley, it still has many banana and exotic fruits plantations, and due to this bucolic landscape it now has become a destination for exclusive travelers. The town is stretched out down the valley. It features the island's only natural swimming pool, several charming beaches with views to Tenerife and is a great trekking base to discover Garajonay National Park and the island's green north due to it's proximity to San Sebastian and El Cedro Forest. Agulo - Compact small town by Hermigua divided in two parts, it is surrounded by massive mountains. It has a charming town center and great views to Tenerife. On the rainy season you can get to see waterfalls from each mountain. Vallehermoso - Much improved small town, it is the last stop of the northern route. It's symbol is the Cano Rock, the largest eroded volcano chimney remaining in the island. As Hermigua and Agulo, it has evolved from agricultural-based economy to a slow tourism destination linked to trekking. Valle Gran Rey - Main tourist resort, thanks to its beaches. Formerly a hippie hangout retaining an alternative feel in places. It is located in the westernmost part of the island. It's named after the "Great King" who ruled for a brief period over all the kings of the island. Playa de Santiago - Small tourist resort dominated by large hotel complex owned by Fred Olsen, the ferry company. Formerly a fishing port with a canning factory, it has become the island's second largest touristic area thanks to the large hotel Tecina. The island's only golf course sits here. Other destinations [ edit] Garajonay National Park - World heritage site. It protects the largest laurel rainforest remaining on Earth. This environment extended all around the Mediterranean Sea in the Tertiary Era, so the National Park is considered a living relic. Crisscrossed with footpaths of several difficulty levels, it is known as the green heart of La Gomera. Los Organos Cliff - A landscape only visible from the ocean, this cliff is located by Vallehermoso, in the north of the island. Boats departing from Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey offer weekly trips around the island to visit it. It's name is because of the rocks, shaped by water and lava as church organ tubes. An impressive view from the ocean. Understand [ edit] Undeveloped, unspoilt, beautiful island just 35-60 minutes by ferry (it depends which ferry you take) from Tenerife. Ideal for walkers. Contrast between lush forests around the summit and in the National Park with dry vegetation on the flanks of the island. Of real interest to botanists for its variety of plant life and number of endemic species. Good climate all year round, especially in the south. La Gomera is still one of two Canary Islands without direct tourist flights from mainland Europe, the other being El Hierro. Talk [ edit] Spanish is the main language. English is widely understood in Valle Gran Rey, where German is easily the second language after Spanish. Most menus are printed in three languages. Famous for El Silbo - whistling language which was used to communicate across the deep valleys. The local council are trying to revive El Silbo; it is now a compulsory (and popular) subject in schools on the island. Get in [ edit] By plane [ edit] The airport near Playa Santiago is served only by local planes from Tenerife Nord Airport. Most people fly to Tenerife South, then get a ferry from nearby Los Cristianos. By boat [ edit] By ferry from Los Cristianos in Tenerife to San Sebastian de la Gomera Since the smaller company Garajonay Express was forced out, Fred Olsen Fares have rocketed. During the boat-war, fares on both were around 25 return from Los Cristianos. Now, even an advance day return costs around 80 for the short 40-minute crossing. Although residents of the Canary Islands have a discount of 50% many on La Gomera consider these fares to be destroying visitor numbers and their small economy. Two ferry companies are providing service: Naviera Armas. 32 Euros one way, 64 Euros return, travel time ~60 minutes. Large ferry, taking around an hour to San Sebastian. Very nice ship with a big terrace on the upper deck and a lot of bars and saloons inside. Fred Olsen. 34 Euros one way, 68 Euros return, travel time ~35 minutes. A ferry/catamaran named Benchi Express. The boat 40 metres in length and can carry more than 300 people with a speed of greater than 30 knots. Bus connection to/from Santa Cruz de Tenerife is available for no extra cost. Please notice, La Gomera is situated in the Atlantic. This means that even in moderate windy weather the waves may become pretty big and crossings can be rough. In that case the catamaran may even not be able to sail. Both ferries sail onwards at least once a day (except on Sundays) to La Palma, leaving in the evening on most days. Be warned, some of the return journeys depart La Palma in the early hours of morning. There are plenty of companies offering day trips. The prices started at 49 Euros and went up to 64 Euros. The day trips include pick-up and drop-off wherever you're staying, transport to and from the ferry dock in Los Cristianos, a 5 hour or so coach tour of La Gomera with a guide, and lunch with wine. Get around [ edit] By bus [ edit] Public transport has improved in recent years with regular bus services (4 or 5 per day Mon - Sat; fewer on Sundays) to the main centres (Valle Gran Rey, Vallehermoso, Santiago) from the capital San Sebastian. Note that departures don't usually coincide with the ferry arrival times. Journey time to Valle Gran Rey is around one and three quarter hours. These buses are popular and it isn't always possible to get on especially at the port when boats come in. Buses returning to the tourist centres late in the afternoon tend to get full of walkers and likewise the ones heading into the mountains early in the mornings. Fares are very reasonable. Drivers do not like to pick up or set down between stops for tourists even though you may see them do it for elderly locals. The public buses are a blue/turquoise colour and are run by Servicio Regular Gomera S. L. Tickets are purchased from the driver. There are many other private coaches darting about the island which will not stop for you. The timetables do change and tourist offices will have up-to-date versions. Plenty of websites reproduce these but they may not be up-to-date. By car [ edit] Reputable car hire companies include CICAR or. One of the companies that accept debit cards is Pluscar. Most companies have their office right next to the San Sebastian ferry terminal. Since the amount of cars at the pier is limited (compared to e. g. TFS airport) it's probably best to book upfront. Petrol is relatively cheap - about 1/10 less than in mainland Spain. However, bear in mind that the roads are very winding indeed, so driving is slow - don't expect to go faster than 50km/h most of the time. For example, air distance is only about 22km across the island from San Sebastian to Valle Gran Rey, but the distance by road is over twice that, and it will take you an hour and a half to drive it. Many people combine walking with hitchhiking. Taxis are not prohibitively expensive especially if there are several of you sharing. See [ edit. add listing] Wildfires in the summer of 2012 have burned over 3000 hectares on the island, including over 1/10th of Garajonay National Park. Officials estimate that it will take at least three decades for the burned areas of forest to recover. Garajonay National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - extensive forested area on the top of the island. Trees are irrigated by the mist which sometimes covers the top of the island, especially in winter. The trees are covered in mosses and lichens. The forest has an amazing atmosphere in the mist. Highlights include: Alto de Garajonay - The summit of the island, at 1487 metres above sea level with a stunning 360 view Visit when the mist clears. Good views across to Mount Teide (Tenerife) and to El Hierro and La Palma. ' El Cedro Forest - Despite the name, these are not cedar woods (the name refers to a long gone lone cedar tree. But the forest here is densest with tall trees and a beautiful calm. There are many walking routes around the forest here. Don't miss the water tunnel through the mountain (take a torch and mind your head! And boots as the water can be six inches deep or more. The waterfall on the path between El Cedro and Hermigua. Laurisilva Forest, between Las Hayas and Las Creces. Very eerie in the mist if the trees are creaking. Beautiful carpets of pink flowers in spring. La Fortaleza - An outcrop of rock looking like a fort, or a bit like table mountain. El Magro (the lion) and El Sombrero - two rocks resembling a lion and a sombrero. Los Roques - five or six volcanic plugs at the center of the island. Benchijigua, the valley to the south of Los Roques. Amazing changes of vegetation as you drop into the valley. Valle Gran Rey - Stunning terraces in the upper valley. Lower valley still showing some influence (in places) of the time when this was a hippie hangout, but creature comforts widely available. In the upper part of the valley, there are several good paths up in the mointains. Los Organos - striking basalt columns, similar to the Giant's Causeway, but only visible from the sea. Trips leave from Valle Gran Rey. Mirador Cesar Manrique - on the road between Arure and Valle Gran Rey, marked by a metal, kinetic sculpture, is a restaurant and bar cut into the mountainside by the Canaries most famous artist. Stunning views into the valley through the huge windows in this strangely formal establishment. Very hard to spot this place from the road below except at night when the lit windows float eerily in the darkened mountains. The restaurant was closed in 2009, but there is still a nice well-kept garden and a beautiful view. Do [ edit. add listing] Walking [ edit] Most visitors come for the top class walking. There are many paths all over the island, from gentle strolls through the rainforest to all day treks. Signage has improved dramatically over recent years, making self-guided walks much simpler. Normal precautions regarding walking on your own apply on La Gomera, too. Always make sure that somebody knows where you are headed and when you can be expected to return. Pack rain and windproof warm clothing in your daypack even it it's nice and sunny when you leave. Also, don't forget to take a cellphone and a torch with you, drinking water and something to eat. However, there are also many shorter walks (such as up one side of Valle Gran Rey and down the other) that need no more than sandals. Walking in heavy rain might be dangerous (as well as unpleasant) due to rockfalls and landslides. Organized [ edit] Several firms offer guided walks, which can be useful if you don't have transport or want to do a point to point walk. One of these companies is Timah. They offer guided walks at around 30 EUR each (including the transportation to the starting point of the walk as well as the trip back) with English and German speaking guides. Visit the tourist office in Valle Gran Rey (Calle Lepanto, s/n. La Playa) or the various travel agencies in Valle Gran Rey for information about other providers of walks. Agencies can usually make the booking for you, but at least Timah has an office in Valle Gran Rey (La Puntilla) and you can book your walk there as well. Guided walks can be recommended not only because they include transportation and free you from the infrequent bus service, but the guides will tell you all sorts of interesting tidbits about the island. Self-guided [ edit] A good map will come handy, recommended ones are by - DWG, Kompass and Freydag & Berndt. Each shows slightly different information, so consider buying two different ones. Maps and guide books are readily available in San Sebastian and Valle Gran Rey. Electronic sources include: Openstreetmap project also provides fairly detailed/complete maps of the island, including hiking trails wikiloc with hundreds of possible trails Several books offer detailed descriptions of available routes such as The Landscapes of Southern Tenerife and La Gomera by Sunflower Books and Walk! La Gomera by DWG. Mountain biking [ edit] La Gomera is a good biking destination as it offers mountaineous paved roads as well as single trails and dirt roads for the mountain bikers. In Valle Gran Rey there are three mountain bike tour operators and bike rentals available in the villages of La Playa, La Puntilla and Vueltas. Be careful when riding down as the roads are steep and have tight bends. There are also two tunnels when coming down to Valle Gran Rey. The second and longer one can be circumvented by using the old road instead which goes by the mountain side. It starts on the right hand side of the tunnel entrance. However, extreme care is required as the railings on the old road are not in good condition (or missing altogether in places) and there are also big rocks and other debris on the road. When you drive in the tunnels make sure you have a headlight and a backlight (or at least a red reflector) so that cars can see you well ahead. Never ride without a well-fitting helmet. Relaxing [ edit] The slow pace of life is contagious, the perfect antidote to stress. If you lack transport to Garojonay, walking in Valle Gran Rey (playa Del Ingles to bevond Vueltas) is easy and relaxing. Beaches [ edit] There are beaches at the end of most valleys, of varying quality. Valle Gran Rey has safe sandy beaches at Vueltas and El Charco (literally 'The Puddle. Swimming can be challenging and even dangerous on the open beaches around the island. Playa la Caleta, near Hermigua, has a bar/restaurant on the beach. There is a semi-nude beach (clothing is optional) called Playa del Ingles behind La Playa in Valle Gran Rey. However, it's rocky and very dangerous for swimming especially when the sea is rough. There is a warning sign on the beach saying that the latest (fatal. accident happened in the end of 2005, so keep this in mind if you think about taking a dip there. San Sebastian has two good beaches, Playa Santiago (as the name suggests) also has a beach. There is a public pool at Playa de Vallehermoso (near El Castillo) and there is a swimming tank-thing by the remains of the embarcadero in Hermigua. If you don't mind the long, steep, winding drive, there is a lovely little beach at Alojera. Flora [ edit] Fascinating sub-tropical vegetation abounds with the unique Laurisilva rainforest in the national park, Garajonay, which is situated on the highest part of La Gomera. Laurisilva has a very special property in that it makes clouds into rain: Due to the pressing upwards of the trade winds, there are often clouds on the top of La Gomera; but the leaves of the trees of Laurisilva have pores that catches the small drops from the clouds. The surplus water absorbed is secreted so that the trees are raining, which increases precipitation from 50-100. Of the remaining Laurisilva is 50% growing on La Gomera, which makes Garajonay unique from a nature conservation point of view. Laurisilva has in earlier periods covered large areas surrounding the Middle Sea, but disappeared due to climate changes. The National Visitor Centre at Juego de Bolas, above Las Rosas, has a selection of native and endemic plants, as well as various artesanal artefacts. There are plenty fine walking paths in Garajonay and the surrounding landscape. There is also a Botanic Garden of sorts near Vallehermoso. This could be excellent if better maintained, but has the air of somewhere abandoned. Photography [ edit] La Gomera is so beautiful that photo opportunities are everywhere. Most main roads have clearly signed viewpoints, including parking for a short stop. Diving [ edit] There are a couple of diving schools on La Gomera, one in Valle Gran Rey [1] and one in Playa Santiago [2. Whale watching [ edit] Boat trips run from Valle Gran Rey with Excursiones Tina or Oceano Gomera. Eat [ edit. add listing] Watercress soup with gofio (maize flour) Palm honey (Miel de Palma) palm tree syrup is boiled up to produce this delicious liquid that features in many Gomeran dishes, especially deserts. Mojo sauce comes in red or green - red is for meat and can be quite spicy, green for fish, based on garlic and coriander. Mojo in restaurants is usually home-made and quite variable, but always interesting. No burger chain uniformity here and all the better for it! Papas arrugadas (literally wrinkly potatoes. Exquisite if done well with small, black potatoes, but price rises often mean that now cheaper potatoes are used. Eat with red or green mojo. Drink [ edit. add listing] Excellent freshly prepared fruit juices and milkshakes are widely available. If you are feeling brave, try parra, the local firewater (similar to Italian grappa) or a Gomeron, which is parra mixed with palm honey. Local wine has recently been awarded DOC status. Try Garajonay white wine. Great coffee, but remember that many locals take it with condensed milk (leche condensado. Try a 'leche y leche. an expresso with a squirt of condensed milk and a splash of hot milk - much better than it sounds! Sleep [ edit. add listing] Most tourists head for Valle Gran Rey, with its stunning terraces and selection of bars and restaurants. These give a good balance between facilities and getting away from the stresses of western life. But the upper parts of this valley and all the beautiful rest of La Gomera remain unspoilt. There is also a push for more rural tourism, if you want to get completely away from things. However, it's worth remembering that the higher villages can be much cooler than the coast. Vallehermoso has some Airbnb's springing up, and is an ideal base from which to hike. There are several hotels in San Sebastian, including the Parador. Playa Santiago has the Jardin Tecina complex, run by Fred Olsen - expensive, but worth a visit to see the impressive flora and the 'James Bond' lift down to the beach! While Valle Gran Rey has the Hotel Gran Rey on the seafront and the Hotel Playa Calera in La Playa. The three villages, of which " Valle Gran rey" is comprised, offer man private rooms to rent. Walk around! The official web of the Canary Islands: La Gomera Island has a nice system for locating hotels and offers in La Gomera.

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I rate 2/10 just because of the beauty of Catrinel. La gomera maart 2020. La gomera españa. La gomera pictures. La gomera island map. Me: whistles hot cross buns Them: wonders why Im saying that camels are superior to all. La gomera canarias.

La gomera flag. Pick Up Drop Off. Saumega. Habe es Gestern gesehen, wunderbar! Ein andere drone website wie deines. La gomera jardin tecina. La gomera islas canarias. La gomera african party. La gomera boy. La gomera beaches. Los Roques Viewpoint Impressive views of nature This icon of La Gomera consists of five blocks of rocked formed from magma that never reached the surface. They guard the entrance to the Garajonay National Park and their viewpoints offer superb views. Agulo La Gomera's jewel Just over half an hour's drive from the capital this little village is known as the “jewel of La Gomera”. Its old core, one of the best preserved on the island, sits up on a natural platform giving you expansive views of the ocean and of Teide volcano on next-door Tenerife island. Los Órganos Natural Monument A musical cliff This fascinating natural monument on the north coast of the Vallehermoso municipality is a volcanic sea cliff made up of vertical lava pipes that look like a giant church organ. A spectacular geological formation that has to be seen by boat trip. Valle Gran Rey The green of a landscape full of palms The mouth of this deep, verdant valley, one of La Gomera's main tourist destinations, has black sand beaches and vivid blue water and the valley is full of palm trees and little white houses.

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La Gomera har ett behagligt klimat året runt, utan alltför stora temperaturskillnader. De kallaste månaderna, januari och februari, är det runt 20 grader på dagtid. Under den varmaste månaden augusti är det cirka 29 grader på dagtid. Solen skiner de flesta dagarna, men störst risk för regn är det under vintern. Detta behagliga klimat råder nere i dalarna. Uppe i nationalparken Garajonay, mitt på ön, är det fuktigt och svalare. Här ligger temperaturen ofta på mellan 8 och 14 grader på vintern. Två anledningar att åka till La Gomera är naturen och människorna. Både lokalbefolkningen, säsongsturisterna och de mer tillfälliga besökarna är snälla och hjälpsamma, och stölder och annan kriminalitet är mycket sällsynt. Eftersom La Gomera är en vulkanö består den av berg, och många av turisterna kommer hit för att vandra i dem. Det finns gott om möjligheter till bad och sol på La Gomera. Men du kommer att trivas allra bäst på La Gomera om ditt mål inte bara är bad och sol utan du även är intresserad av vacker natur. För dig som vill se mycket av ön är det bäst att hyra en bil. Men det går bra att befinna sig på ön utan bil också; det finns flera busslinjer. Bussarna går dock bara några få turer om dagen, så ett tips är att kolla upp i förväg när bussarna går. Här hittar du tidtabeller för bussarna på La Gomera. Klicka på Horarios.

What a beautiful place. Thanks for the video. La Gomera is the second smallest island of the Canary Islands. Undeveloped, unspoilt, beautiful island just 40 minutes by fast ferry from Tenerife. Ideal for walkers. Wikivoyage Wikipedia Popular Destinations Landmarks in the Area La Gomera La Gomera is a Spanish Denominación de Origen Protegida for wines that covers the entire island of La Gomera comprising the six municipalities of San Sebastián de la Gomera, Hermigua, Agulo, Vallehermoso, Valle Gran Rey and Alajeró. Wikidata Wikimedia Commons OpenStreetMap Google Maps Here WeGo Bing Maps MapQuest Location: Canary Islands, Spain, Iberia, Europe Population: 21, 200 Latitude: 28. 1179 or 28 7' 4. 3" north Longitude: 17. 2327 or 17 13' 57. 9" west Also Known As French: La Gomera German: La Gomera Portuguese: La Gomera Spanish: La Gomera Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going.   - Your World is Without Borders Popular Destinations in Canary Islands Escape to a Random Place Deutsch Español Français Português.

Die Aufnahmen sind sehr schön und ruhig aufgenommen. Sehr schön. Gruß Kanal Rainer Romberg. 4MIN 24m. You are interested in La Gomera and would like to spend your holidays on this beautiful island, right? This is the right site for you! With more than twenty years of experience on La Gomera, we offer a full-scale handling including numerous services. We supply accommodation in Valle Gran Rey and all other parts of La Gomera. Moreover you can reserve your rental car with us! We can advise you in our office during your whole stay. Here you will receive information and can also book one of the numerous excursions or the ticket for the return by ferry. Hopefully soon you will be one of our customers, visiting this beautiful island La Gomera regularly. Your team La Paloma.

La Gomera Flag Geography Location Atlantic Ocean Coordinates 2807′N 1713′W. 28. 117N 17. 217W Archipelago Canary Islands Area 369. 76 km 2 (142. 77 sq mi) 1] Coastline 100 km (60 mi) 1] Highest elevation 1, 487 m (4, 879 ft) 1] Highest point Garajonay Administration Spain Autonomous Community Canary Islands Province Santa Cruz de Tenerife Capital and largest city San Sebastián de la Gomera (pop. 8, 945 (in 2018) Demographics Demonym gomero/ a Population 21, 136 (2018) 2] Pop. density 57 /km 2 (148 /sq mi) Languages Spanish (specifically Canarian Spanish) and Silbo Gomero Ethnic groups Spanish, other minority groups Additional information Time zone WET ( UTC00:00)  • Summer ( DST) WEST ( UTC+01:00) Volcanic valley of La Gomera Volcanic plugs in the centre of La Gomera La Gomera ( pronounced  [la ɣoˈmeɾa] is one of Spain 's Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. With an area of 370 square kilometres (140 sq mi) it is the third smallest of the eight main islands of this archipelago. It belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. La Gomera is the third least populous of the eight main Canary Islands with 21, 136 inhabitants. [2] Its capital is San Sebastián de La Gomera, where the cabildo insular (island council) is located. Political organisation [ edit] La Gomera is part of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is divided into six municipalities: Name Area (km 2) Population (2001) 3] Population (2011) 4] Population (2018) 5] Agulo 25. 36 1, 127 1, 148 1, 067 Alajeró 49. 43 1, 465 2, 005 2, 006 Hermigua 39. 67 2, 038 2, 076 1, 805 San Sebastián de la Gomera 113. 59 6, 618 8, 943 8, 945 Valle Gran Rey 32. 36 4, 239 4, 547 4, 484 Vallehermoso 109. 32 2, 798 2, 961 2, 829 Totals 370. 03 18, 285 21, 680 21, 138 The island government ( cabildo insular) is located in the capital, San Sebastián. Geography [ edit] The island is of volcanic origin and roughly circular; it is about 22 kilometres (14 miles) in diameter. The island is very mountainous and steeply sloping and rises to 1, 487 metres (4, 879 ft) at the island's highest peak, Alto de Garajonay. Its shape is rather like an orange that has been cut in half and then split into segments, which has left deep ravines or barrancos between them. Ecology [ edit] The uppermost slopes of these barrancos, in turn, are covered by the laurisilva - or laurel rain forest, where up to 50 inches of precipitation fall each year. The upper reaches of this densely wooded region are almost permanently shrouded in clouds and mist, and as a result are covered in lush and diverse vegetation: they form the protected environment of Spain's Garajonay National Park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. The slopes are criss-crossed by paths that present varying levels of difficulty to visitors, and stunning views to seasoned hikers. The central mountains catch the moisture from the trade wind clouds and yield a dense jungle climate in the cooler air, which contrasts with the warmer, sun-baked cliffs near sea level. Between these extremes one finds a fascinating gamut of microclimates; for centuries, the inhabitants of La Gomera have farmed the lower levels by channelling runoff water to irrigate their vineyards, orchards and banana groves. Natural symbols [ edit] The official natural symbols associated with La Gomera are Columba junoniae (Paloma rabiche) and Persea indica (Viñátigo. 6] Culture [ edit] The local wine is distinctive and often accompanied with a tapa (snack) of local cheese, roasted pork, or goat meat. Other culinary specialities include almogrote, a cheese spread, miel de palma, a syrup extracted from palm trees, and "escaldón" a porridge made with gofio flour. The inhabitants of La Gomera have an ancient way of communicating across deep ravines by means of a whistled speech called Silbo Gomero, which can be heard 2 miles away. [7] This whistled language is indigenous to the island, and its existence has been documented since Roman times. Invented by the original inhabitants of the island, the Guanches, Silbo Gomero was adopted by the Spanish settlers in the 16th century and survived after the Guanches were entirely assimilated. [7] When this means of communication was threatened with extinction at the dawn of the 21st century, the local government required all children to learn it in school. Marcial Morera, a linguist at the University of La Laguna has said that the study of silbo may help understand how languages are formed. [7] In the mountains of La Gomera, its original inhabitants worshipped their god, whom they called Orahan; the summit and centre of the island served as their grand sanctuary. Indeed, many of the natives took refuge in this sacred territory in 1489, as they faced imminent defeat at the hands of the Spaniards, and it was here that the conquest of La Gomera was drawn to a close. Modern-day archaeologists have found several ceremonial stone constructions here that appear to represent sacrificial altar stones, slate hollows, or cavities. It was here that the Guanches built pyres upon which to make offerings of goats and sheep to their god. This same god, Orahan, was known on La Palma as Abora and on Tenerife and Gran Canaria as Arocan. The Guanches also interred their dead in caves. Today, saints, who are worshipped through village festivals, are principally connected with Christianity. But in some aspects, the Guanches god-like idealising of Gomeran uniqueness plays a role as well besides their pre-Christian and pre-colonial implication and shows strong local differences. [8] Christopher Columbus made La Gomera his last port of call before crossing the Atlantic in 1492 with his three ships. He stopped here to replenish his crew's food and water supplies, intending to stay only four days. Beatriz de Bobadilla y Ossorio, the Countess of La Gomera and widow of Hernán Peraza the Younger, offered him vital support in preparations of the fleet, and he ended up staying one month. When he finally set sail on 6 September 1492, she gave him cuttings of sugarcane, which became the first to reach the New World. After his first voyage of Discovery, Columbus again provisioned his ships at the port of San Sebastián de La Gomera in 1493 on his second voyage to the New World, commanding a fleet of 17 vessels. He visited La Gomera for the last time in 1498 on his third voyage to the Americas. The house in San Sebastián in which he is reputed to have stayed is now a tourist attraction. Genetics [ edit] An autosomal study in 2011 found an average Northwest African influence of about 17% in Canary Islanders with a wide interindividual variation ranging from 0% to 96. According to the authors, the substantial Northwest African ancestry found for Canary Islanders supports that, despite the aggressive conquest by the Spanish in the 15th century and the subsequent immigration, genetic footprints of the first settlers of the Canary Islands persist in the current inhabitants. Parallelling mtDNA findings (50. 1% of U6 and 10. 83% of L haplogroups. 9] the largest average Northwest African contribution (42. 50% was found for the samples from La Gomera. [10] According to Flores et al. (2003) genetic drift could be responsible for the contrasting difference in Northwest African ancestry detected with maternal (51% of Northwest African lineages) and paternal markers (0. 3–10% of Northwest African lineages) in La Gomera. Alternatively, it could reflect the dramatic way the island was conquered, producing the strongest sexual asymmetry in the archipelago. [11] Festivals [ edit] The festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of the island, is the Monday following the first Saturday of October. Every five years (most recently in 2013) is celebrated the Bajada de la Virgen de Guadalupe (the Bringing the Virgin) from her hermitage in Puntallana to the capital. She is brought by boat to the beach of San Sebastián de La Gomera, where several people host her, and transported throughout the island for two months. Notable natives and residents [ edit] Antonio José Ruiz de Padrón (1757–1823) Franciscan priest and politician. José Aguiar (1895–1975) painter. Pedro García Cabrera (1905–1981) writer and poet. Tim Hart (1948–2009) English folk musician. Manuel Mora Morales (born 1952) writer, filmmaker and editor. Oliver Weber (born 1970) German photographer, physician and professor of visual arts. References [ edit] a b c "Estadística del Territorio" Territory Statistics] in Spanish. Instituto Canario de Estadística (ISTAC. Retrieved 14 August 2019. ^ a b "Real Decreto 1458/2018, de 14 de diciembre, por el que se declaran oficiales las cifras de población resultantes de la revisión del Padrón municipal referidas al 1 de enero de 2018" Royal Decree 1458/2018, of 14 December, by which the population values resulting from the review of the municipal register of 1 January 2018 are declared official] PDF. BOE (in Spanish. 29 December 2018. Retrieved 14 August 2019. ^ Census of 1 November 2001: from Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Madrid. ^ Census of 1 November 2011: from Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Madrid. ^ Estimate of 1 January 2018: from Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Madrid. ^ Ley 7/1991, de 30 de abril, de símbolos de la naturaleza para las Islas Canarias ^ a b c Laura Plitt (11 January 2013. Silbo gomero: A whistling language revived. BBC News. Retrieved 13 January 2013. ^ Jaehnichen, G. (2011. Steps into the future: San Isitdro's procession dance. In: Jaehnichen & Chieng, eds. Preserving creativity in music practice. Universiti Putra Malaysia Press. 2012 ^ Fregel et al. (2009) The maternal aborigine colonization of La Palma (Canary Islands) Euro J Hum Gen 17:1314-1324 ^ Pino-Yanes M, Corrales A, Basaldúa S, Hernández A, Guerra L, et al. 2011 North African Influences and Potential Bias in Case-Control Association Studies in the Spanish Population. PLoS ONE 6(3) e18389. doi: 10. 1371/ Flores, C., Maca-Meyer, N., Pérez, J. A., González, A. M., Larruga, J. M. Cabrera, V. 2003 A predominant European ancestry of paternal lineages from Canary Islands. Ann Hum Genet 67, 138–152. 1046/j. 1469-1809. 2003. 00015. x External links [ edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to La Gomera. La Gomera travel guide from Wikivoyage Cabildo de La Gomera La Gomera - Official Canary Islands Tourism Coordinates: 2807′N 1713′W. 28. 217W.

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La gomera imdb. La gamerama. Where the man was playing golf the hotel in the background is where I am right now. Want to go hiking in La Gomera to explore more of this corner of Canary Islands? In this guide, weve reviewed our full collection of hikes and walking routes in La Gomera to bring you the top 20 hiking routes in the region. To see which of our walks in La Gomera is the right one for you, browse real tips and photos uploaded by other hikers—and see what they had to say about each walk. Top 20 best walks and hikes in La Gomera Map data OpenStreetMap contributors Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required. Map data OpenStreetMap contributors Intermediate Hiking Tour. Great for any fitness level. Sign Up To Discover Places Like This Get recommendations on the best single tracks, peaks. plenty of other exciting outdoor places. Map data OpenStreetMap contributors Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required. Discover More Tours around La Gomera 's best walks and hikes on the map Weather Forecast around La Gomera Discover the most popular attractions in La Gomera.

The landscapes are beautiful but your work is really awesome! thank you for sharing with us. Great job. La gomera-film. My Island 😊❤ arriba España 😂🇪🇸. Great Videos. Google Translate Ran in Swedish = Robbery in English. Is that correct. D. La gomera location.

Ta druga co do wielkości, najmniejsza kanaryjska wyspa jest nazywana ekologicznym rajem, a w 2011 roku UNESCO przyznało jej status Rezerwatu Biosfery. Widok na miasto San Sebastián de La Gomera (wschodnia część wyspy) – w tle wulkan Teide, najwyższy szczyt Hiszpanii. La Gomera, nazywana często “magiczną wyspą”, ma do zaoferowania wiele atrakcji, których nie znajdziemy w innych częściach archipelagu Wysp Kanaryjskich. To co zaskakuje w pierwszej chwili to niezwykle zielony krajobraz wypełniony głębokimi wąwozami, w którym szczególne miejsce zajmuje Park Narodowy Garajonay. Rejs dookoła wyspy odkrywa kolejne osobliwości przyrody – niezwykłe formacje skalne ( Los Órganos) a przy odrobinie szczęścia pływające w pobliżu wyspy delfiny i wieloryby. La Gomera – atrakcje turystyczne na wyspie La Iglesia de la Asunción – zabytkowy kolonialny kościół w San Sebastián de la Gomera Nie znajdziemy tutaj zbyt wiele plaż, a te które są zdecydowanie nie zachwycają aż tak bardzo, jak te które możemy znaleźć na Lanzarote czy Fuerteventurze. Nie oznacza to jednak, że wizyta na tej wyspie będzie nudna. La Gomera kryje w sobie wiele tajemnic i uroku, które szczególnie docenią miłośnicy spacerów i dzikiej przyrody – na wyspie znajduje się około 600 km pieszych szlaków i ponad 30 punktów widokowych pozwalających dostrzec piękno natury z całkiem innej perspektywy. San Sebastián de La Gomera San Sebastián de La Gomera – stolica wyspy La Gomera Miasto San Sebastián de La Gomera to stolica wyspy, która zachwyca przede wszystkim urokliwą zabudową. Niewielkie, kolorowe domki, mnóstwo kawiarni-cukierni i klimat zdecydowanie bardziej spokojny niż na pobliskiej Teneryfie sprawiają, że czas płynie tutaj dużo wolniej. Torre del Conde (wyspa La Gomera) Ciekawostką dla wielbicieli historii może być fakt, że La Gomera była ostatnim przystankiem Krzysztofa Kolumba przed wyprawą, podczas której odkrył Amerykę. W stolicy wyspy, miasteczku San Sebastián de La Gomera, znajduje się budynek, w którym przypuszczalnie zamieszkiwał odkrywca ( Casa de Colón.  Choć jego wnętrze nie kryje zbyt wiele eksponatów, to warto zobaczyć to miejsce chociażby ze względu na ciekawą architekturę. W tym samym mieście odnajdziemy także pozostałości po XV-wiecznym forcie, a mówiąc dokładniej – jedną z jego wież (Torre del Conde. WARTO WIEDZIEĆ:  Krzysztof Kolumb i jego załoga traktowali Wyspy Kanaryjskie jak punkty zaopatrzenia, z których czerpali pitną wodę, pożywienie i inne zapasy niezbędne podczas wypraw. Wizyta w Parku Narodowym Garajonay Wybierając się do Parku Narodowego Garajonay, przygotuj się na takie widoki. To miejsce to najlepsza wizytówka wyspy La Gomera (Wyspy Kanaryjskie) Utworzony w 1981 r. Park Narodowy Garajonay, już zaledwie 5 lat później został wpisany na listę światowego dziedzictwa UNESCO, stając się tym samym jedną z największych atrakcji turystycznych La Gomery. Teren parku rozpościera się na powierzchni blisko 4000 ha, co stanowi około 10% powierzchni całej wyspy. Mówiąc inaczej, odwiedzając La Gomerę nie sposób go przeoczyć… Oprócz tego, że Garajonay jest azylem dla rzadkich gatunków zwierząt, znajdziemy tam też niezwykłe gatunki roślin i formacje skalne charakterystyczne tylko dla tego obszaru.  Największe wrażenie robi jednak jeden z największych na świecie lasów wawrzynowych, w którym nie sposób znaleźć prosto rosnące drzewa… zamiast nich, czeka na nas plątanina konarów oraz pokryte mchem, uginające się pod ciężarem liści pnie. Całość położona na górskim masywie, często jest spowita gęstą warstwą mgły, co szczególnie wieczorem – może przypominać scenerię rodem z najstraszniejszych horrorów. Oprócz pieszej wędrówki po parku, możemy też wspiąć się na znajdujący się tam najwyższy szczyt La Gomery (Alto de Garajonay o wysokości 1487 metrów) lub punkt widokowy na skałach Los Roques. Łatwo stąd zobaczyć szczyt wulkanu El Teide  z sąsiedniej Teneryfy. Warto odwiedzić też interaktywne muzeum znajdujące się wewnątrz parku oraz ogród botaniczny, w którym znajdziemy endemiczne gatunki roślin. A jeśli wybierzemy się na wycieczkę po parku z przewodnikiem, możemy też liczyć na garść legend, którymi oprowadzający chętnie dzielą się z turystami. Los Órganos Los Órganos – Majestatyczne klify na wyspie La Gomera To jedna z najbardziej nietypowych formacji skalnych na Wyspach Kanaryjskich. Jej nazwa nawiązuje do wyglądu, który kształtem przypomina organy. Wysokie na 80 m i szerokie na 200 m klify są rzadko spotykanym pomnikiem przyrody, który swoją drogą – nie jest tak prosty do zobaczenia. Wszystko z powodu tego, że Los Órganos są widoczne jedynie od strony morza. Do dyspozycji turystów pozostaje więc rejs statkiem z jednej z gomeryjskich miejscowości turystycznych (np. Playa de Santiago. Punkty widokowe – Informacje praktyczne Punkt widokowy Mirador de Abrante Jeśli dotychczas wydawało Ci się, że punkty widokowe nie mogą mieć w sobie nic niezwykłego, to czas na wycieczkę do Mirador de Abrante, który znajduje się w niewielkim miasteczku Agulo. Siedmiometrowa szklana platforma jest przedłużeniem skał wznoszących się na wysokości 620 m n. p. m. Zrobienie wyjątkowego zdjęcia w tym miejscu to już zatem nie tylko kwestia aparatu, ale także opanowania lęku wysokości. Warto to jednak zrobić, bo krajobraz rozpościerającej się u naszych stóp wioski i zarys Teneryfy na horyzoncie to widok, którego nie sposób zapomnieć. Oprócz Mirador de Abrante na La Gomerze znajdziesz także kilka innych punktów widokowych, które powinny Cię zainteresować. Należą do nich: Mirador del Palmarejo (inna nazwa: Mirador Cesár Manrique) – zaprojektowany przez Césara Manrique w zachodniej części wyspy. Zobaczymy stąd tarasowe zbocza, gaje palmowe, Park Wiejski Valle Gran Rey oraz tradycyjne kanaryjskie domy. Mirador de San Juan – z tego punktu rozpościera się widok na góry, morze oraz wulkan Teide i znajdujące się u podnóża gór tradycyjne domy. Mirador de Igualero – zobaczymy stąd Chipude – najstarszą wioskę na La Gomerze oraz zarys sąsiedniej wyspy La Palma. Mirador Roque Blanco – usytuowany wśród gór, lasów i gajów palmowych. El silbo gomero – Język gwizdów Język gwizdany el silbo gomero pozwala na komunikację na odległość nawet kilku kilometrów. El silbo gomero to nazwa języka gwizdanego, którym mieszkańcy La Gomery posługiwali się jeszcze przed zdobyciem wyspy przez Hiszpanów i co więcej – robią to z powodzeniem do dziś! Choć w połowie XX wieku język ten był zagrożony wyginięciem, to dzięki odpowiedniej polityce kulturalnej (obowiązkowa nauka el silbo w szkołach) posługuje się nim obecnie około 22 000 osób. Hotele na La Gomerze Hotel Jardín Concha Casa Alpaca Apartamento 2 Cieno II Apartamento San Sebastián Casa Esperanza Inne atrakcje na Wyspach Kanaryjskich W archipelagu Wysp Kanaryjskich znajduje się siedem głównych wysp. Odkryj wszystkie atrakcje turystyczne, sprawdź co warto zwiedzić i wybierz się na odkrywanie Kanarów na własną rękę lub z przewodnikiem: Atrakcje turystyczne i Ciekawe miejsca Teneryfa Park zoobotaniczny Loro Park (Loro Parque) park zoobotaniczny Jungle Park, park wodny Siam Park, park wodny Lago Martianez, Monkey Park i inne parki rozrywki na Teneryfie.  Park Narodowy Teide, wulkan Teide  (Pico del Teide) klify Los Gigantes, wąwóz Masca, góry Anaga, Piramidy w Güímar, zabytkowy dom Casa de los Balcones, jaskinia Cueva del Viento, Smocze Drzewo, Muzeum Nauki i Kosmosu, wąwóz Barranco del Infierno, góry Teno, dolina Valle de la Orotava, naturalne baseny (Charco de la Laja, El Calerón de Garachico, Piscinas de Bajamar, Charco del Viento) ogród botaniczny Jardín Botánico de la Orotava, Jeep Safari. Popularne miasta na Teneryfie:  Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Buenavista del Norte, Garachico, Puerto de la Cruz, Puerto de Santiago, Costa Adeje, Taganana, Guía de Isora,  San Cristóbal de La Laguna, El Médano, La Orotava, Icod de los Vinos, Arona, San Miguel de Abona,  La Matanza de Acentejo, La Victoria de Acentejo, Santa Úrsula, Los Cristianos, Playa de las Américas, Los Realejos, San Andrés, Santiago del Teide, Playa Paraiso, Callao Salvaje, Playa Jardin. Fuerteventura Wydmy Dunas de Corralejo, ogród zoobotaniczny Oasis Park, park wodny Acua Water Park, wyspa Lobos  (Isla de Lobos) rezerwat przyrody Parque Natural de Corralejo, Ecomuseo La Alcogida. Popularne miejsca i miejscowości: Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo, Tarajalejo, El Cotillo, Majanicho, La Oliva, Morro Jable, Costa Calma, Caleta de fuste. Popularne plaże na Fuerteventurze: El Castillo, Playa de Esquinzo. Wybrzeże Costa Calma Gran Canaria Atrakcje turystyczne: Akwarium Poema del Mar, latarnia morska  El Faro de Maspalomas, dawny spichlerz Guanczów Cenobio de Valerón, Pueblo Canario, nekropolia Guanczów Necrópolis de Arteara, Dom Kolumba (Casa de Colón. Parki rozrywki:  Park rozrywki Holiday World Maspalomas, Park wodny Aqualand Maspalomas, Park rozrywki Sioux City Park, ogród zoobotaniczny Palmitos Park, park tematyczny Mundo Aborigen, park tematyczny Camel Safari Park.  Atrakcje naturalne: ogród botaniczny Jardín Canario, szczyt Pico de Bandama, wąwóz Barranco de Guiniguada, park naturalny Pinar de Tamadaba, wydmy Dunas de Maspalomas, święta skała Guanczów Roque nublo, wąwóz Barranco de Santa Brígida, kanion Cañon del Águila, Doramas Park (Parque Doramas) Parque de Santa Catalina.  Popularne miejscowości: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Playa del Inglés, Puerto de Mogán, Artenara.  Plaże na Gran Canarii:  Playa de Las Canteras (Plaża Las Canteras) Playa del Inglés, Playa de San Agustín, Playa de Taurito, Playa de Puerto Rico, Playa de Guayedra, Playa del Juncal, Playa Hoya del Pozo, Playa de Melenara Lanzarote Jaskinia Cueva de los Verdes, jaskinia Jameos del Agua, ogród kaktusów Jardín de Cactus, Park Narodowy Timanfaya  (Montañas del Fuego) park wodny Aqualava Water Park, podwodne Muzeum Atlantyckie, zamek Castillo de San Gabriel, Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej Castillo de San José, Plaża Papagayo Playa de Papagayo, Fundación César Manrique (dom-muzeum artysty) wybrzeże Los Hervideros, Mirador del río, wulkan El Cuervo, dolina La Geria. Popularne miejscowości: Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, El Golfo i laguna Charco de Los Clicos, Costa Teguise La Palma Popularne miejscowości: Santa Cruz de la Palma, Breña baja, Breña alta La Gomera Park narodowy Garajonay, klify Los Órganos, Dom Kolumba Casa de Colón. Popularne miejscowości:  San Sebastián de la Gomera, Chipude, Agulo, Playa de Santiago El Hierro Popularne miejscowości: Valverde, La Frontera Poznaj wszystkie archipelagi Hiszpanii: Wyspy Kanaryjskie, Baleary, Wyspy Cies Zobacz także: Kuchnia Fuerteventury, El Silbo Gomero, Fiesta los Indianos, Karnawał na Teneryfie, Pogoda na Kanarach, Pogoda na Teneryfie, Pogoda na Fuerteventurze,    Pogoda na Gran Canarii, Pogoda na Lanzarote.

¿Tiene ganas e interés de visitar y conocer La Gomera? ¿Quiere pasar unas vacaciones inolvidables en esta isla maravillosa? Aquí estamos! Somos Viajes La Paloma S. L., situada en Valle Gran Rey, isla de La Gomera, donde le ofrecemos un servicio global. Nuestra casa tiene el gusto de aconsejarles durante su estancia en la isla. También recibirán una variedad de servicios e información que a continuación le detallamos: Alquiler de alojamientos en Valle Gran Rey y otros municipios de la isla. Les ofrecemos la posibilidad de reservar billetes de barco con las líneas marítimas FRED OLSEN y NAVIERA ARMAS. No dudamos que en un futuro se conviertan en clientes fijos que visiten frequentemente esta fascinante y mágica isla, La Gomera. Viajes La Paloma.

La gomera holidays. : - - - - - . 378 ², — 16 . . , . . , , , . , . 17 , . - . , - - , — - . - - ( — 6200 ) — - , 1492 ., , . . — - - - — , . . , . - , - - , . 1490 1510 . , , 1492 . — , , . ( : — 10. 00—13. 00, 16. 00—18. 00, ) - . , , , . - , . - , - - , 1487 , . . — - - . - . , . « », , . — , . ( ) — - , . . . - . 1986 . . - - ( : 9. 30—16. 30) . . , 3984 , - . , , . — , , . , . — , , , ( , . - , , , - - . , . , , , , - - ( . , - , . . — , . , . , . ( . - . - , — . , . — , - . - . , , - . 300 . . , « », . - . . , . , , - . - , , . , - . - . — - . , , , .

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Beautiful. The Silbo Gomero whistle would sound really cool in music. The small Canary Island of La Gomera, with its wild landscapes, unique flora, and typical places, fascinates visitors. The green islands many faces make La Gomera a wonderful holiday destination. La Gomera Hotels & Accommodation 120 apartments, holiday rentals, studios, Gomera hotels & holiday homes. Gomeras Sights & Highlights Valle Gran Rey, Whale Watching, El Silbo, Los Organos, Hiking, Agulo & Garajonay. Places, Towns & Villages Lively towns and small Gomerian mountain villages wait to be discovered. Beaches of La Gomera Nice beaches invite you to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Valle Gran Rey Valle Gran Rey The legendary Valle Gran Rey, with its beaches and hiking trails, is the most popular holiday destination on La Gomera. More on Valle Gran Rey Towns & villages of the Valle Gran Rey La Playa (Valle Gran Rey) La Puntilla (Valle Gran Rey) La Calera (Valle Gran Rey) Beaches of Valle Gran Rey Valle Gran Rey pictures Accommodations in Valle Gran Rey Valle Gran Rey map Other popular holiday destinations Playa Santiago The beautiful harbour town Playa Santiago in the islands sunny south boasts a golf course and sandy bay. Hermigua Hike and relax in the green valley of Hermigua with its banana plantations in the islands north. Agulo Known as one of the islands most beautiful towns, Agulo is located against a cliff face, on a rock plateau above the ocean. San Sebastian The harbour makes the small, charming capital of San Sebastian the gateway to the island. Vallehermoso The town of Vallehermoso rests in a beautiful green valley in the north of the island. Overview of La Gomeras Places Holiday planning Plan and book your La Gomera holiday directly on Gomeralive: Your planning is made easier thanks to the vast information on the island, highlights, getting there, beaches, activities, weather, and best travel periods. Current deals, beautiful photos, and many tips on La Gomera complete the comprehensive information to ensure you have a great holiday. Individual holiday planning Holidaymakers wishing to travel independently will find plenty of information on Gomeras ferries and rental cars, apartments and holiday homes. Hire a car to discover the green island in the Canaries at your own pace. Holiday on the second-smallest Canary Island The second-smallest Canary Island is the ideal place for a holiday full of sun and sea. For unique hikes through breathtaking nature, whale watching, and great adventures on a green island: Holidays on La Gomera Gomera Activities Hiking on La Gomera Whale Watching La Gomera Cycling Gomera Golf Boat tours arround La Gomera Diving the Atlatinc Ocean Sailing arround La Gomera Gomera Wellness & Health Great offers Rent a car on La Gomera Rental car including fully comprehensive insurance, kilometres & hotline. Gomera Hotels & Accommodation More than 120 wonderful options on La Gomera. Hotels, apartments, holiday rentals & holiday homes La Gomera has an amazingly diverse selection of accommodation, which makes finding somewhere to stay a piece of cake. On Gomeralive you can chose from the best Gomera hotels, holiday homes, rentals, and apartments to find the holiday accommodation youre looking for. hotels & holiday resorts on La Gomera Gomera holiday rentals, apartments & studios Gomera holiday homes Accommodation by Region Accommodation by Places Accommodations for a Beach Holiday Accommodations for a Hiking Holiday Accommodation on La Gomera with Internet/Wi-Fi Accommodation in Gomeras towns & villages: Playa Santiago accommodation Valle Gran Rey accommodation La Playa accommodation La Puntilla accommodation La Calera accommodation Vueltas accommodation Borbalan accommodation Upper Valle Gran Rey (VGR) accommodation Hermigua accommodation Agulo accommodation Vallehermoso accommodation Overview of La Gomera hotels & accommodation Hotels & Resorts La Gomera has hotels to suit every taste and budget. All of the hotels on Gomeralive include detailed descriptions and many photographs. Simply book your Gomera hotel online. Hotels La Gomera Beautiful hotels on the island of La Gomera. The most popular hotels Hotel Jardin Tecina The beautifully decorated hotel in the sunny south has a golf course, beach club, and a wonderful sea view. Hotel Parador La Gomera Relaxation, stylish comfort, and a fantastic panorama await you in the Parador hotel. Hotel Playa Calera Hotel Playa Calera, located directly on the Valley Gran Reys car-free promenade, is the ideal place for a relaxing beach holiday. Hotel Gran Rey The popular Hotel Gran Rey is situated directly at the main beach in the holiday town, working well as a base for a combined beach and hiking holiday. Jardin del Conde The resort with a pool is centrally located at the baby beach in Valle Gran Rey, making it the ideal spot for a family holiday. Paraiso del Conde The beautiful, personally run apartments in this small complex by the sea have a pool and a wonderful ocean view. Las Tres Palmeras Popular apartment complex by the sea; La Playas beaches are only a few minutes walk away. More hotels in popular holiday areas Hotels in Playa Santiago Hotels & accommodation in Valle Gran Rey Hotels in La Playa (Valle Gran Rey) Hotels in La Puntilla (Valle Gran Rey) Hotels in San Sebastian de La Gomera Hotel overview & Gomera holiday resorts.

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