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Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle youtube.


Watch Online Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea miracle

Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle project. I've the feeling that people don't really read the Bible. This claim that the Torah was written by Moses is completely false and it contradicts with Genesis 26:5. Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle tree. Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle video. Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle reviews.

Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle movie. Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle plant.

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Nice one! Such common sense. and yet I didn't even think of it haha. Watch online patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle funk. Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle house. I've watched so much of Ron Wyatt I feel like I know him. When God said knowledge will increase and prophecy in end times, I'm sure he was thinking of Ron Wyatt, RIP Ron, WELL DONE.

Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle water. Im so grateful to God and Ron for showing the truth about Sinai. May God bless you.

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Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle band. When I think about God's unimaginable miracles like this it makes me wonder why I ever have trouble with faith. Michael Foust Contributor 2020 13 Feb COMMENTS In the 1956 classic movie The Ten Commandments, filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille depicted millions of Israelites crossing the desert, only to get stuck between an Egyptian army and the Red Sea, which God miraculously parted so they could survive. Many modern-day liberal scholars, though, doubt that’s the way it happened – and their disbelief has led some Christians astray.  Modern-day filmmaker Tim Mahoney is one of these Christians who formerly had a crisis of faith about the biblical narrative. But instead of living a life of doubt, Mahoney set out to find archaeological evidence for the Old Testament story. His latest movie, Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1,  will land in theaters for one night only, Feb. 18, and examine the archaeological evidence for the Israelites’ crossing of the desert. ( The Red Sea Miracle, Part 2  will appear in theaters May 5. ) Here are three reasons to watch The Red Sea Miracle: Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 1. It Will Strengthen Your Faith The Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea are well-known stories among Christians. But among many scholars, such stories are viewed with skepticism. Did the Israelites cross a massive sea that would have required a miracle from God (as depicted in movies by Cecil B. DeMille), or was the body of water far more shallow (and easily crossable by foot)?  This debate also involves the route the Israelites took out of Egypt. Scholars who doubt the biblical narrative claim the Israelites couldn’t have survived a lengthy walk through the desert. They also say there likely were thousands, and not millions, of people on the journey.   The Bible tells us (in Exodus 13) that God led the people out of Egypt along a “desert road toward the Red Sea. ” It is on this journey that God guided them with a “pillar of cloud” and a “pillar of fire. ”  “The big miracle, some people would say, is the parting of the sea, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk. “But the other miracle is the journey – and that God provided for them. ” Mahoney travels the globe and interviews experts in both camps, but lands on the side of Scripture. Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 2. It Simplifies the Complex The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1  is the latest in a series of documentary films by Mahoney about the Old Testament narrative. In each one, he takes a complicated subject involving archaeology and ancient history and simplifies it for the average person, using plain language and graphics.   “It's something that I'm called to do, ” said Mahoney, who recently screened the film at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  In Patterns of Evidence: Exodus (2014), he examined the archaeological evidence and the timeline for the Egyptians owning and then releasing millions of Hebrew slaves. In Patterns of Evidence:  The Moses Controversy (2019), he looked at the authorship of the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy) and the question of whether Moses wrote it.  The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1, examines the various routes the Israelites could have taken and which body of water could have been crossed. Red Sea Miracle, Part 2 (May 5) will spotlight the actual Red Sea miracle itself.  In each film, Mahoney is searching for “patterns of evidence” that match the biblical events. “The Scriptures tell us that they're divine and that we can trust them. And I agree with that, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk, explaining his purpose behind the films. “But even with the disciples, it helped that Jesus showed up after the resurrection – even though he told them certain things were going to happen. Jesus understood that the human nature needed to sometimes see with your eyes and touch with your fingers. ” Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 3. It’s Fascinating … and Well-Done The Red Sea Miracle is like sitting in a college classroom and learning about an intriguing subject. Yet this class involves the greatest story ever told: God’s story. “Millions believe this was a supernatural act revealing God’s glory to the nations, ” the narration tells us at the beginning of the film. “Did this event take place as recorded in the Bible, and if so, where did it happen? ” Like a good college professor, Mahoney puts a little doubt in your mind before solving the puzzle.  “There's a tension between a naturalistic view of the Scripture and what the scripture is actually saying, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk.  Mahoney began tackling the subject when he was facing a crisis of faith. “I feel as if I have been guided providentially to information to help others, ” he said. “I'm taking people on a personal journey of discovery, but I found out that a lot of people are asking the same questions. ” Visit  Related:  4 Reasons to Watch Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney Michael Foust has covered the intersection of faith and news for 20 years. His stories have appeared in Baptist Press,  Christianity Today,  The   Christian Post,  The   Leaf-Chronicle,  the Toronto Star and   the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

It is not Ron discoveries we arabs know that but the westerns are always drama and they think they discover everything. The old arab writers before and after islam talked about mount sinai, and Moses grave, and noah ark and the Solomon kingdom and they are all in arab peninsula. Our land is blessed by god and his prophets and angels.i always say this peninsula with its mystery desert sands and volcanos covered a lot of secrets.

Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle full. Watch online patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle karaoke. Watch Online Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea miracle contre. Come on people, I wish everyone would quit questioning the authenticity of the Bible, the Bible is the truth and the way.  Don't need proof if you ask me. Wow - very cool. thank you. I met Ron Wyatt in St. Louis in the nineties @ a Prophecy Club Meeting. He gave his presentation of discoveries, a very humble man. I spoke with him after the talk because I wanted the VHS tape he made available that showed all his findings. Well at that time I had no money, but he gave me the tape out of the goodness of his heart. I made copies and sent them to all my relatives as a witness to God's mercy in preserving all these sites for us today.

The background music is so loud it drowns out some of what is being said. “Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle” will be in theaters Feb. 18, 2020. | Patters of Evidence “Patterns of Evidence” filmmaker Tim Mahoney is gearing up to release the next installment in his series of archaeological and scientific investigations into historical biblical accounts. His latest film looks at the Exodus miracle of the parting of the Red Sea. The biblical account of the parting of the Red Sea is found in Exodus 14 and details the Israelites' escape from slavery led by Moses as the Egyptian army pursued them.  Following the success of Mahoney's previous award-winning "Patterns of Evidence" projects, he believes this film, like the others, will refute secular scholars’ claims that the Bible is mere fiction and do so in a way that is understood by people worldwide.     “ Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle, ” a Thinking Man Films production, will be in select theaters nationwide for one day only on Feb. 18 through Fathom Events.   The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post's interview with Mahoney who has been investigating biblical accounts for over 20 years. In the interview he detailed what it was like to retrace the steps of Moses and the Israelites as he searched for archaeological evidence to create “Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle” Part 1 and 2. The Christian Post: In the film you describe the Egyptian and Hebrew accounts of the parting of the Red Sea. Most Christians visualize the Charlton Heston version of that account, which you said you have also done. Can you explain the two positions? Mahoney: When we make a “Patterns of Evidence” film we look for a way to explain the different viewpoints that are being used to explain biblical events such as the Red Sea miracle. In this new film, we identified what we termed an Egyptian Approach which believes that the Exodus account borrowed Egyptian words to describe the crossing location. And they believe these words point to the crossing at one of the reedy lakes near the border of Egypt.   The other viewpoint we call the Hebrew Approach disagrees with a near Egypt location. They believe that the words used to describe the location where Moses and the Israelites crossed are Hebrew words and do not have a connection to Egypt. They also point to other biblical references that place the sea of the Exodus at the Gulf of Aqaba. CP: In the film you also explain the importance of the Hebrew and Egyptian translations of individual words when discussing the parting of the sea account. How revealing was the actual translation in your research? Mahoney: What we know is that the sea was first called “Yam Suph" in Hebrew. Centuries later it is translated into Greek as “Red Sea. ” Over time people also called the location “Sea of Reeds. ” What we would learn is that reeds don’t grow in saltwater, they grow in freshwater. The Egyptian approach believes that the word “Suph” might be a translation from the Egyptian word “Pa Tufy” which means “place of reeds. ”  Yet, the Hebrew Approach challenges this connection claiming that Moses was writing an eyewitness account to Hebrews using Hebrew words and Hebrew meanings, not Egyptian. CP: What were you most surprised to find out about the parting of the sea? Mahoney: This is the first film of a two-part film event. The Red Sea Miracle part 1 (in theaters on Feb. 18) really lays out two distinctly different ways people see God working in a miracle. The Egyptian Approach sees the parting as a naturalistic event where wind was the agent and it moved water naturally. The miracle would be in the timing.   The Hebrew Approach primarily believes that the miracle was not only caused by wind but that God miraculously parted the water. The depth of the water would not be a problem for the God of the Bible who created the universe. CP: What would you like for others to take from this new installment of Patterns of Evidence? Mahoney: We all are faced with difficult times in our lives, when we think we are not going to make it. We are trapped at the sea with the Egyptians behind us. But God wants us to call on Him and trust Him for the solution to our dilemma.  CP: Have your discoveries impacted historians' beliefs about these biblical accounts? Mahoney: I have learned that many historians don’t change their minds once they declare a position. But I am OK with that. I enjoy hearing what they believe and why they believe it. I couldn’t make these films without them. I do think I have help raise the awareness of these questions about the historical credibility and have shown a pattern of evidence that matches the biblical events. At the end of the day, it’s up to the viewer to decide if these films make sense. But it will give them a lot to think about. That’s why we call our company Thinking Man Films. CP: What's next for the "Patterns of Evidence" series? Mahoney: The "Red Sea Miracle" part 2 (in theaters on May 5), that’s when we look closer at the locations for the sea's parting. We will look at how the sea was parted [and] was it naturalistic or supernatural, which depends [on] where you place the crossing.  We will also look to see if claims of chariot wheels on the bottom of the seafloor have any merit.  And finally, we will explore the question of miracles. What is a miracle and do they still happen today?

Watch Online Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea miracle de la grossesse. Is it possible they just didnt go to judah, not bc it wasnt there but bc there was a plague. Watch Online Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea miracles. I so love the Yeshua-like character of each one of these witnesses. Thank you, Tim and Michael, so very much for your faithfulness and perseverance. YouTube. Watch online patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle man.

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